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In Dropbox, create folders that match the Zotero collections and / or items that you have photographed. Copy the URL for the dropbox folder that contains your research images. Add the URL to the 'URL' field in the corresponding Zotero item.

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Zotero Dropbox

A nice overview from the folks at Zotero, making their case for Why Zotero?

Onedrive Zotero

What's with this guide?

Zotero's own website will tell you most of what you need to know to install and use Zotero. I created this library guide to supplement what it provides (you can also find some excellent tutorials and other how-to resources from other libraries on the Using Zotero... tab).

Apr 15, 2011 In order back up a new Zotero database with Dropbox you simply need to open Firefox, launch the Zotero add-on and open the Zotero preferences menu. Under the “Advanced” tab you’ll see the option to set a custom Data Directory Location. Click on the “choose” button (shown below) and navigate over to the Dropbox folder. Jun 15, 2020 Storing your Zotero data directory in a cloud storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc) is extremely likely to corrupt your database and shouldn't be done. The same applies to essentially any database-backed program.


3/24/2021: Considering moving to Zotero from Mendeley for...reasons? Here's how to Import your library into Zotero See also note below this one (Beta note-taking within Zotero; upcoming IOS app)

3/8/2021: Zotero 6 will be coming out some time this year, and it makes some major changes. You will now be able to view and annotate PDFs inside of Zotero, and have multiple tabs of PDFs open. This is *amazing* - its more integrated than Zotfile - and you can read more here and install the beta if you want to (I'm using it now). It makes one major change that will require some adjustment however - the Notes menu will look completely different, and offer some cool new functionality (i.e. embed citation in a note). However, its going to move from its current tool menu to something different, and to do things beyond basic things like bullets or numbered lists or blockquotes you will need to use a markup system called Markdown. It's actually not that complicated and some of it is built into Zotero Notes directly (i.e. control-I turns on italics) but other functionality is a bit hidden and more will take Markdown syntax. Markdown Cheatsheet example - here's another one (A side note - learning MarkDown will also open some additional opportunities to you in terms of note-taking software, etc. I'm going to be experimenting with this over the summer and will be offering workshops in late summer/early fall).

  • a review (not from me yet) - note, Zotfile would have solved some of his pre-Zotero problems!

Also, Zotero will be coming out with an iPad app at some time; it's also in beta now.

2/2021: In my classes I often have skipped over the part in Preferences -> Search regarding Clear and Rebuild Index. I was wrong. I now recommend clearing and rebuilding your indexes every week or so or after adding a lot of new items. I have found that it substantially increases the fully-indexed items, which means its more likely to surface a PDF or screenshot when you are using Everything Search.

6/17/19: Zotero is now also integrated with the amazing Retraction Watch and will now automatically check your database and documents for works that have been retracted.

move citations between Word and Docs.

1/25/19 - Also, Zotero is now integrated with Unpaywall (a free service that harvests open access articles from publishers and repositories - it has a nice browser plugin that I recommend installing), so that if your article is behind a paywall you don't have access to, it will search for an OA version.

1/25/19 - I keep forgetting to add that Zotero now works with Google Docs (beyond the old drag-and-drop) See Using Zotero with Google Docs. As of July 2019, you can also move citations between Word and Docs.

With the release of Zotero version 4.0, it is now possible to choose which directory Zotero uses when you attach links to files. If you use Dropbox (or another similar file-syncing service), you can now save your citations in Zotero, attach links to files in a Dropbox folder, and have both synchronize with every computer you use. By doing this, all of your citations and saved electronic documents will be easily available where you are working, as well as being backed up in the cloud and your hard drives. Here are instructions to set up the sync and link files:

Zotero Dropbox App

1) Sign up for a Dropbox account. 2GB of storage is free. 100GB is available for $99/year. [For cheaper options providing large amounts of storage, Google Drive offers 5GB free and 25GB for $30/year and SugarSync offers 5GB free and 60GB for $75/year. If you go with Drive or Sugarsync, just substitute them for Dropbox in the file examples below.]

2) Download or upgrade to Zotero 4.0. I recommend downloading the Standalone version and then installing the appropriate browser extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

3) Create a folder within Dropbox to store all of your saved digital documents such as PDFs of articles. (In my example, that folder is labelled 'Zotero.')

4) In Zotero, change the setting for the Base Directory to the Dropbox/Zotero folder. The path is Preferences/ Advanced/ Files and Folders. Here's what it should look like:

Free Dropbox

5) Move all your saved files and folders with digital articles and ebooks to the Dropbox/Zotero folder. You can keep whatever folder organizational structure you have already and just move everything into the Zotero folder.

6) In Zotero, right-click on a citation for which you have a saved digital file, then choose Add Attachment, then click Attach Link to File. Find the appropriate file in the Dropbox folder and attach it.

7) Once you've attached the link to the file, as long as the settings are correct and the same on each computer, Zotero and Dropbox should synchronize with whatever computers you use, and the file should be retrievable through Zotero.