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Libreoffice 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial2 el-GR (el_GR.UTF-8)this states that :Zoom is stored in the document in LibreOffice. I have an odb with a 'switchboard' (simple form not connected to a table or so). From that I open (using macros in buttons) some reports. Reports are opened (as title in them states) as readonly. If I change the zoom in the report and close it (not saving anything), the zoom in the switchboard is not changing (which is OK). If after that I close the 'switchboard' (having the 'default' zoom) and reopen it the zoom has changed to the previously closed report (which was closed before closing the 'switchboard', which had a standard zoom).I use this for opening the switchboard:

Sub OpenMyForm(frmName As String)

clearthings: set ObjTypeWhat = NothingEnd Sub

LibreOffice tip of the day: Uncheck Tools Options LibreOffice Calc View Zoom: 'Synchronize sheets' so that each sheet in Calc has its own zoom factor. September 16 at 8:16 AM LibreOffice tip of the day: Need to present a report written with Writer? File Send Outline to Presentation automatically creates a slideshow.

And I have attached to open event of switchboard:

Sub HideAllMenuToolbars()

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. Go to Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and reset the Scaling option to 100%. Yours appears to be set at 22%. To quickly reset the scaling for any open sheet, double-click on the display percentage at the bottom-right of the window (next to the scaling slider) to bring up the Zoom & View Layout dialog. Go-to task manager, kill all firefox/chrome (shadow) instances, if any; Restart firefox/chrome, then remove the zoom launcher plugin; Click host a meeting from. This is a quick tutorial guide on how to change the view size in LibreOffice writer, version 6.4.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.Quick Guide:Step 1: After opening.

Dim xCurrentController as Object Dim xLayoutManager as Object' If Design mode, just exit the routine and display standard menu and toolbars' xCurrentController = thisComponent.CurrentController If xCurrentController.isFormDesignMode Then Exit Sub End If xLayoutManager = thisComponent.CurrentController.Frame.LayoutManager xLayoutManager.visible = falseclearthings: set xLayoutManager = Nothing set xCurrentController = NothingEnd Sub

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Warning: This Help page is relevant to LibreOffice up to version 6.0.
For updated Help pages, visit https://help.libreoffice.org.

Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice. The current zoom factor is displayed as a percentage value on the Status bar.

Choose View - Zoom

When in Draw: Zoom also with (+) (-) (×) and (÷) on the number keypadWhen in Impress: Zoom also with (+) (-) (×) and (÷) on the number keypad

Double-click or right-click the field on the Status Bar

Zooming is handled differently on Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. A document saved with a 100% zoom factor in Windows is displayed at a larger zoom factor on Unix/Linux platforms. To change the zoom factor, double-click or right-click the percentage value on the Status bar, and select the zoom factor that you want.

Zoom factor

Set the zoom factor at which to display the current document and all documents of the same type that you open thereafter.



When in Calc: Resizes the display to fit the width of the selected cell area at the moment the command is started.Resizes the display to fit the width of the text in the document at .

Fit width and height

When in Calc: Resizes the display to fit the width and height of the selected cell area at the moment the command is started.Displays the entire page on your screen.

Fit width

Displays the complete width of the document page. The top and bottom edges of the page may not be visible.

100 %

Displays the document at its actual size.


Enter the zoom factor at which you want to display the document. Enter a percentage in the box.

View layout

Zoom Libreoffice Impress

For text documents, you can set the view layout. Reduce the zoom factor to see the effects of different view layout settings.


The automatic view layout displays pages side by side, as many as the zoom factor allows.

Single page

The single page view layout displays pages beneath each other, but never side by side.


Libreoffice Writer Zoom In Shortcut

In columns view layout you see pages in a given number of columns side by side. Enter the number of columns.

Book mode

In book mode view layout you see two pages side by side as in an open book. The first page is a right page with an odd page number.

Zoom In Libreoffice

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