Woocommerce Shop Page Template

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  1. Go to WooCommerce Settings, open the Jet Woo Builder tab, and tick the Custom Shop Page and Custom Archive Product checkboxes; Go to the archive product template you created for the secondary layout and open it in the Elementor page builder. Click the “ Settings ” button at the bottom of the page and unfold the Template Settings submenu.
  2. WooCommerce Store Themes range from general purposes templates to niche specific ones for stores like beauty, fashion, wedding, electronics, cars, tools and equipment, healthcare, gifts, sport, education and books, and many others.

Fix an issue where a blank page was printed in WooCommerce 2.1; 3.4. Note: The template was modified. Please check your print-content.php if you copied it to your theme directory. Improved WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility; Fix an issue were shipping and billing addresses did not respect the WooCommerce settings; Better way to reset the invoice. The conditional tags of WooCommerce and WordPress can be used in your template files to change what content is displayed based on what conditions the page matches. For example, you may want to display a snippet of text above the shop page. With the isshop conditional tag, you can.

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Woocommerce shop page template

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Setting Up Page Templates ↑ Back to top

To use a page template:

  1. Go to Pages > Add New. Or edit an existing page.
  2. Add a title to your page.
  3. Go to Page Attributes panel in the right sidebar.
  4. Select a Template

Our themes come bundled with unique page templates which add additional functionality and layouts to your pages. These are our standard page templates included in most themes:

  • Blog – Displays all your blog posts which is useful if your front page is a custom page and you want a “Blog” page.
  • Archives – Displays all categories, monthly archives, popular tags and the 30 latest posts
  • Sitemap – A sitemap that shows all your posts and pages.
  • Full Width – A full width page template without the sidebar.
  • Image Gallery– Displays your featured images and links to the post.
  • Contact Form – A page with a contact form.
  • Timeline – A page that has a clean timeline view of all your posts.

Woocommerce Shop Page Template Generator

Additional page templates might be included in your theme. Read its documentation to see which ones it has.