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When it comes to website creation, you can choose a wide range of side builder available in the market. To promote their product and service they have to build the most compelling and engaging e-commerce site. A well-designed website helps the marketer to attract more customers and increase sales. Therefore, every internet marketer tries their best to create the best e-commerce site possible. This is one of the most popular website builders that enable the marketer to create the most compelling e-commerce site instantly.

Wix templates – how to download it?

Wix Overviews

This is the best website builder available in the market. It is a cloud-based website builder that helps millions of internet marketers around the glove to create a beautiful e-commerce site they need. Created by Nadav Abrahami, Avishai Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan in Tel Aviv 2006 this site builder gains its popularity since it was launched. Wix becomes a new trend in the web building market. By October 2018, more than 110 million sites in 190 countries have been hosted by Wix.

WIX Blog Template - Website Design for Bloggers - Pretty WIX Blog - Wix Themes - Wix Templates - Feminine Blog Theme - Blog Pixie BlogPixie 5 out of 5 stars (1,299). This one among Wix website examples is a personal, resume-like site, built as a single page and providing a nice parallax layout. On this site, Linda Franzosi tells people about her competencies and skills by showcasing her best works and projects from throughout her content management/visual design career. Wix not only is easy to use but also is well-equipped with advanced functions and design solutions. Wix’s users are granted access to more than 500 themes, numerous specific characteristics such as their SEO whiz, photo effects, and video samples, as well as to useful help and support center.


What Should You Know about Wix Templates?

Creating a website has become easier with Wix. This particular website builder offers more than 500 design template for the marketer to choose from. These web templates are attractive and contemporary design equipped with many interesting features to make your site more compelling. The user can select many different templates available for free. However, some e-commerce templates are not free, and you have to pay a certain amount of money to use it.

However, Wix makes templates customizable enough to tailor to your needs. This template starts with a large image background behind a box tailormade for your tagline featured front and center. A ‘register now’ button easily transforms into a link to your product page.

Searching for a theme is easy as Wix offers wide range pre-design template for the user to choose from. You can select a specific based on specific industries and hobbies like:

Creative art

Online store


Blog and forum

Community and education

Single Page Wix Templates

Fashion and beauty


Restaurant and food


Online store


Many more

Wix Page TemplatesPageTemplates

The user can edit and customized the templates to suit their individual needs. All Wix templates have many different page elements like the logging page, blog post, static web page, and social media widget and button. All those elements are a very important element to create modern templates that you need.

Clickfunnels – the best alternative for Wix site builder

Clickfunnels is another site builder that offers many benefits for the internet marketer. This particular site builder is suitable to create a high-converting landing page, squeeze page funnels and many more. Clickfunnels was created by Rusell Brunson in 2014 Clickfunnel gains its popularity since it was launched. This particular funnel builder offers drag and drops mechanism the enable the user to create high converting landing page they need. Click funnels provide many useful features like Email marketing automation, powerful customer relationship management (CRM), affiliate marketing software as well as member site software. This particular site builder is suitable for the marketer who wants to create an e-commerce site for lead generation, sell product and service, email marketing, run a webinar and so on.

Clickfunnels is a popular site builder that offers many features to help the marketer to create the best site the needs. Clickfunnels is the best alternative for funnels builder.

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