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The Knowledge Base has moved!

The official Second Life Knowledge Base is on the Community site!

Other useful pages:

Official Information and Policies Portal

Official information from Linden Lab on Second Life policies and related information.

Open Source Portal

Information about getting and using the Second Life Viewer source code.

Source Mailing List Issue Tracker Documentation

LSL Portal

A reference guide to Linden Scripting Language (LSL). Bring inworld objects to life!
Functions Events Types Operators Constants Flow Control Script Library Categorized Library Tutorials

Community Resources Portal

Resources to help you successfully promote your Second Life presence to both new and existing users.

QA Portal

Help out with quality assurance!
  • Issue Tracker - The basics of reporting bugs
  • Preview Grid - For testing new server software

News & Featured Pages

  • User Groups: Meet the Lindens and discuss Second Life developments

Creation Portal

Information about building and designing in Second Life

Clothing Machinima Music Textures Sculpted Prims WindLight Video Tutorials Good Building Practices

APIs and Web Services Portal

Official Second Life APIs:

  • Registration API - Register SL Residents from a web page.
  • Map API - Embed SL maps in your site.
  • Inventory API - Provides information on agent inventory.
  • Viewer Web Widgets - Flexible widgets to display current happenings.
  • Live Data Feeds - Data provided by Linden Lab.
  • Media Plugin API - Used by Viewer media rendering plugins.
  • Viewer Image Filters - Create filter scripts to modify images taken through the viewer

Unofficial APIs:

  • World API - Info about Residents, groups and places.
  • Search API - Search for events, groups, people, places.
  • Snapshot API - Info from snapshots sent from the Viewer.

Business and Education

Resources for businesses and promoting Second Life and your content.
  • Second Life Work • FAQ • Second Life Develop
  • Second Life Education • Institution Directory

Business Blogs Community Development Mailing Lists Periodicals Videos

Wiki Website TemplateWiki Website Template

Wiki Page Templates Free

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