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Please visit the link below on your PC: https://windows.weixin.qq.com. Joint Image-Text News Topic Detection and Tracking by Multimodal Topic And-Or Graph. Department of Computer Science, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

WeChat is a popular free messaging service, providing you with a convenient solution for sending and receiving mobile messages even while you're at a computer.

Message for free

WeChat is multi-functional, going beyond file sharing and messaging to give you the power of sending your latest selfies and pictures.

WeChat brings you a cost-effective messaging service. You'll never need to pay airtime for messages as long as you sign up for an account using your mobile phone number.

In one quick sync you can see who's already using it from your contacts. WeChat is excellent for sending files between friends and work groups but doesn't support video or audio files.

WeChat is available on PC as well, giving further use to the file sharing option as you're able to share any file type. On PC it looks and feels the same as the mobile version, meaning you don't get confused with how to use it. To use the service on PC, you need to have the mobile app accompanying it.

Syncing mobile and computer applications is easy. The computer version will display a QR code that you need to scan on to your mobile device. But once synced you'll be able to connect with the contacts available on your phone.


WeChat is multi-functional, going beyond file sharing and messaging to give you the power of sending your latest selfies and pictures or expressing yourself with emojis.


If you don't have the space to install the desktop version or if you're using a public PC, you can simply use a browser client and log in.

Where can you run this program?

WeChat is available for all mobile devices that operate on Android or iOS but also has desktop versions for Windows and Mac. There's also a browser-based client available.

Is there a better alternative?

When it comes to free messaging services, there are alternatives such as Line and WhatsApp, but you need to find out which one your contacts are using.


Our take

WeChat is a great app for messaging and file sharing, especially since it can be synced with a desktop version of itself, letting you share entire photo albums in one compressed folder.

Weixin Computer

Should you download it?

Yes, if you're looking for a convenient file sharing method, this application is perfect for you. Being able to sync it with your computer only makes it a better app.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful file transfer tool
  • Excellent screenshots


  • No audio support
  • No video support
  • Limited number of friends

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all of the bodies of social media were combined into one entity that everyone could use? Well, in China, a social networking app named Weixin (pronounced “way-shin”) was developed in 2011 as a means to do exactly that. Made for smartphones, Weixin was designed to offer its targets an “all-in-one” experience that combines the features of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and eBay. With unlimited media choices available to consumers today, audiences will do whatever they can to reduce “search costs,” a feat that is easily done when they can get all that they want from one platform. (Tang, 2016)

Weixin targets the young, urban smartphone owners, and is very easy to use. Its functions were designed to be convenient to users in the following ways:

  • Weixin allows its users to record messages by holding a button and talking, instead of texting. This saves the trouble of typing Chinese characters on the phone while also ensuring that people on the road don’t spend time looking at the screen while driving.
  • When surfing the internet, Weixin links them to the link’s URL with its own in-app browser, which is visually easier to read than a normal internet page on a smartphone.
  • When its user wants to open an online store in Weixin, it only takes a few clicks. It is not necessary to close out of the app to do so. (Tang, 2016)

Weixin also introduces new campaigns to satisfy consumer needs on a regular basis. Sometimes, they even take place during certain times or events. One example takes place in January 2014, just before the Chinese New Year. Weixin introduced a “Qiang Hongbao” campaign (translated to Red Envelope campaign) that allowed its users to send or receive red envelopes through their bank account virtually. (Tang, 2016) One way that Weixin made this exciting was that it allowed users to send a sum of cast to be distributed randomly toward a group of recipients based in the user’s choice. This made the idea of gifting money to others exciting, and the campaign ultimately encourages its users to spend more time and money on Weixin. Nearly 5 million people participated in the Red Envelope campaign, sending over 20 million red envelopes of cash to others. (Tang, 2016)

Weixin Computer

One big issue with Weixin that can’t be avoided is that its users have to make it a part of their everyday routines. Since Weixin is used on smartphones, it is always with people wherever they go; even at work, at a restaurant, or using the restroom. When social media becomes a part of someone’s life, even away from the computer, it can become the start of a huge behavioral change. Whether or not this change is a positive one, like being more open with others, or a negative one, like neglecting one’s home life, is dependent on the user.

Tang, L. M. (2016). Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

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