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Jan 19, 2021 When Xiaomi was founded, its founder Lei Jun saw a business opportunity in the chat software market and released MiTalk for Android in December 2010. WeChat was born only a month later, on January 21, 2011. Xiaomi then launched MiTalk for iOS and Symbian to expand its user base. On the day when the wechat team was teaching the 2021 wechat open class in Guangzhou, the news that MI chat, a social product owned by Xiaomi, was about to close suddenly broke out on the social network. “Due to business changes, we will stop our services at 12:00 on February 19, 2021,” the official website of mitiao announced.

Sometimes, we want to know how to save WeChat text messages, audio messages, images, videos from Xiaomi phone to computer. It is not hard to do, we can backup all Xiaomi data by clicking “Backup & reset” in Settings. Then use Cok WeChat Recovery to view WeChat messages on Windows computer.

Transfer WeChat Messages from Xiaomi phone to Computer Video:

1. Click “Settings”, “My device”, “Backup & reset” on your Xiaomi phone.

2. Click “Local backups”, input your screen lock password and click Next button, then click “Back up” button.

3. Deselect “System” and “Apps”, click the small arrow after “Apps”, select “WeChat” and then Back up it.

4. Connect Xiaomi phone to your computer and then select “File Transfer” on your phone.

5. Access Xiaomi phone device on your computer, enter into “MIUIbackupAllBackupDate-time” folder and then copy “WeChat(com.tencent.mm).bak” file to your computer.

6. Right click “WeChat(com.tencent.mm).bak” file and then click “7-Zip”, “Open archive” menu. If you can’t find “7-Zip” menu, please install “7-Zip File Manager” software on your computer at first.

7. Enter into “appscom.tencent.mmr” path and then extract “MicroMsg” folder.

8. Rename “MicroMsg” folder to “database MicroMsg”.

9. Go back to your Xiaomi phone. Open “File Manager”, click “STORAGE”, enter into “tencent” folder and then Compress “MicroMsg” folder.
Notice: If you are using the newest version of WeChat(WeChat version>=7.0.16), you need to compress MicroMsg folder which is in 'Storage/Android/data/com.tencent.mm/'.

10. Access Xiaomi phone device on your computer again, enter into “tencent” folder and copy “MicroMsg.zip” file to your computer. Then extract it and rename this “MicroMsg” folder to “Resource MicroMsg”.

11. Install and Cok WeChat Recovery, set it as the following picture.

12. If Cok WeChat Recovery ask you to input IMEI number, please dial “*#06#” on your phone to get IMEI number. Notice: If it can’t decrypt WeChat messages after you input IMEI number, please try to input MEID number.

13. If you want to export WeChat messages to text or Word file. You can select WeChat messages and press Ctrl + C, then paste to text or Word document.

14. If you want to transfer all WeChat text messages, images, audio messages, videos from your Xiaomi phone, you can click “File”, “Export” menu to export it.

Usage steps of Cok Wechat Recovery:

1. To copy WeChat chat history in the phone to computer. You could click the interlinkage below to know more about steps in detail.
iPhone:How to export and recover WeChat chat history from iPhoneVideo Guide
Android phone:How to export WeChat chat history in Android phone to computer


2. Open “Cok Wechat Recovery”, choose WeChat type, set up data path, click “Read data” button and the software would read all WeChat ID in the target folder for you, then click the WeChat ID that you want to view and click the 'view chat history' button.
iPhone: Set data path as the exported 'Documents' folder
Android phone: Set data path as the exported 'data MicroMsg' folder, the resource path as the exported 'resource MicroMsg' folder.

3. This software could also recover the deleted WeChat chat history (messages) in iPhone. You just need to click 'File', 'Recover deleted messages' menu. FAQ: About Chinese Characters

4. You could also export WeChat chat history as html file, and thus at next time, you could view it without opening this software. If you want to export it as external file, please click“file” -> “export” menu, choose the WeChat contact that you want to export his/her chat history. The interface is like this:

Wechat Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Recovery principle: After the WeChat chatting records are deleted, the block data in the file are not deleted immediately. Only when there are new messages would new data randomly cover those deleted block data. If the deleted block data are not covered by new data, they could be entirely recovered.