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The new iOS 14 was just released, the problems always happen after new iOS update. AirDrop not working is one of the problems.'Why can't I send messages on WeChat? iPhone 12 in iOS 14.'

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This is the question posted inWeChat discussion forum.

Use WeChat for a few weeks and you’ll soon realise just how damn convenient it is to send a voice message instead of typing out a massive message. However, I will always stand by the fact that sending a voice message is the most convenient thing for the sender and the most inconvenient thing for the receiver. WeChat accesses no permission to use your microphone, and then you will not send voice messages via WeChat. WeChat cahce is full and there is no enough space on your phone. System problems from WeChat app. After learning why you fail to send messages on WeChat, you can easily fix the problem with the following solutions. If you long press the voice message in Wechat you can output it to text. Then you can just stick it into a translator or Pleco or wahtever. Provided the speaker doesn't have some fucked up accent that Wechat fails to transcribe.

WeChat, the Chinese instant messaging app, is heated in many countries.

However, for some reasons, some users complain that they are unable to send messages or voice messages on WeChat.

Here, we will explain the reasons for this problem, and gather 6 helpful solutions to fix this problem in minutes.

WeChat Cannot Send Messages


Part 1. Why you cannot send messages on WeChat?

There are many reasons that caused you not to send messages on WeChat, and we can conclude as below:

  • 1. Poor Wi-Fi network or hotspot connection on your computer or mobile phone.
  • 2. The receiver you will send the messages is not in your contact list.
  • 3. The receiver you want to send the messages has blocked you.
  • 4. WeChat accesses no permission to use your microphone, and then you will not send voice messages via WeChat.
  • 5. WeChat cahce is full and there is no enough space on your phone.
  • 6. System problems from WeChat app.

After learning why you fail to send messages on WeChat, you can easily fix the problem with the following solutions.

Part 2. 6 solutions to fix WeChat not sending messages

Solution 1. Check network connection

As mentioned above, WeChat is an online app that requires your network connection. Poor network connection may lead to failure of sending messages.

For fixing it, you just need to check your network connection on your computer or mobile phone.

1. Use other online apps to see if your device has been connected with the network.

2. Close and restart the router or disconnect and re-connect the wire cable to check the network on your computer; reset network settings on iPhone or Android phone to see if the network is normal.

Then just try again to see if you can send the messages on WeChat again.

Solution 2. Add the receiver into your friend list

When you and the receiver are in the same WeChat group, but he/she is not in your contact/friend list, you cannot send him/her the message directly by the person. For solving it, you have 2 choices after signing into WeChat (WeChat account lost? Recover it now.) on your device:

1. Add the receiver into your contact/friend list by sending him/her the adding friend request.

2. Send the messages in the WeChat group, and @ him/her, then the receiver also get the notification to see your messages.

Solution 3. Ask the receiver to unblock you

If the receiver has blocked you on WeChat, then you can find his/her in the contact list, and send the messages, but the messages will be rejected automatically.

For removing this trouble, just ask the receiver to unblock you, if you did it unintentionally.

On his/her mobile phone, open the WeChat conversation with you > Hit the three-dot on the right corner > Tap your contact image > Hit the three-dot on the right corner > Toggle off 'Block' to unblock you.

Then you can try to send the messages to him/her to see if the problem has been solved.

Embarrassedly, if the receiver purposely blocked you or deleted you from you're his/her contact list, then I think you should ask him/her by yourself.

How to check if the receiver blocked or deleted you on WeChat?

If you send the receiver the message, but Exclamation mark appears before the messages and pops up that, 'The message is successfully sent but rejected by the receiver', then you are blocked by him/her.

If the message pops up that, 'XX has enabled Friend Confirmation. [Send a friend request] to chat', then it shows the receiver has deleted you.

Solution 4. Access microphone permission to send voice messages

While you are using WeChat to enjoy all full functions, you need to grant permission for using.

While you send voice messages to the receiver on WeChat, you should enable microphone permission.

On iPhone, go to 'Settings' > Scroll down to find WeChat and tap it > Toggle on 'Microphone'.

On Android, go to 'Settings' > 'Apps' > Select 'WeChat' > 'Permissions' > Turn on 'Microphone'.

Then try to send your friend the voice messages to see if the problem has been solved.

Solution 5. Clear WeChat cache

When you use WeChat on your mobile phone, it will automatically store cache and data. The cache and data will take space on your phone. If WeChat takes a large amount of storage, and your phone storage is limited or full, it may lead to send WeChat messages unsuccessfully.

Clearing WeChat cache is the solution.

Open WeChat app on your phone, tap 'Me' section at the bottom right corner > 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Storage' > 'Clear WeChat Cache' and then it will take some time to clear WeChat cache on your mobile phone.

If the space on your phone are still limited, just try to free up space on iPhone and Android.

Solution 6. Contact WeChat support

If none of the above solutions work, you can try to contact WeChat support team to ask for the details. Maybe the problem is caused by the WeChat system or server, so you just try to update your information from WeChat support team or WeChat discussion forums.

Voice To Text Free

Part 3. Tips of using WeChat to send messages

The above solutions are the general fixes to get rid of the trouble. Besides, you could try the following tips to fix the issue.

1. When WeChat fail to work, like not sending the messages or file, you can exit the app and log in to it gain to try.

2. Uninstalling WeChat and re-installing WeChat will also be another one universal solution to fix most common WeChat problems. Check here to uninstall apps.

3. Updating WeChat is another universal solution to fix most popular WeChat issues you encountered.

4. Do not backup WeChat data before uninstalling or updating this app. If you lost WeChat data accidentally while fixing it, use FoneLab to help you recover the lost WeChat data on your iPhone.

  • Recover deleted or lost WeChat from iPhone iPad and iPod.
  • Retrieve missing messages, photos, audio, videos, etc. from WeChat.
  • Work for iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7, etc. running in iOS 14/13/12/11.
  • Restore WeChat backup from iTunes and iCloud backup.


Here we mainly talk about the issue that WeChat cannot send messages. We gather the general reasons for this problem, and also provide 6 solutions to fix the problem easily. What's more, we also show some universal tips to fix WeChat problems.

Any suggestion about this issue is welcome to leave in the following comments.

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The WeChat voice recognition account “Chumen wenwen” (出门问问)- “Go out and ask” is carrying a simple function: you can ask him any kind of questions an he will answer (what is the weather in Beijing, what supermarkets are there around Zhongguancun, etc…).

This high-tech function is actually easy to develop. Indeed, few people know that WeChat certified service accounts come with integrated voice recognition abilities.

Let’s now take a closer look at the case of “Chumen wenwen”, what they did, why it was smart, and how you can apply it to your own business.

Innovating through recombining what’s already there

Chumen Wenwen looks like a high-tech prowess: an app that can answer any of your questions through WeChat voice recognition (and it’s actually pretty good at it: it can even understand the French accent of the author of this article)

They actually do rely on quite a bit of proprietary software: the company, created by a former Google engineer, developed a voice recognition called Mobvoi and secured funding from Sequoia Capital.

However, a similar result can be obtained by combining two existing and free solutions:

  • WeChat voice recognition: all certified WeChat service account benefit from a voice recognition feature: it can translate any spoken message in Mandarin in the corresponding chain of Chinese characters
  • WeChat auto-answering robot: a free api already exists which enables to give automatic answers to a wide range of messages such as weather, information about train tickets, flights, etc…

Wechat Voice To Text Extension

This is not to say that the result you will get will be exactly similar to what “Chumen wenwen” is doing: they have been developing their own software and database for a while. But developing similar applications is actually much closer to your reach than you might think.

The next step: from WeChat to native app

Wechat Voice To Text

Once proof of concept was successful through their WeChat public account, “Chumen wenwen” got to work and started developing their native app. The native app contains more information that the public account, and also more ways for “Chumen wenwen” to monetise. For instance they can display news or promotions in the front page.

This is an interesting case of what is becoming a major trend for app developers in China: developing a lite version of your app via WeChat, and lead them to your native app if they want to access the full version. This is a great way for game or service providers to leverage the extensive reach of WeChat.

Moreover, by leveraging modern technologies like PhoneGap, you can develop a single web-APP and use it on all WeChat, iOS, Android and Windows phone, thus considerably reducing development costs.

What about YOUR own version of Siri leveraging WeChat voice recognition?

Now you can start thinking of how these tools could be used for your own company: voice recognition, geo-localization and many other functions are integrated into WeChat public accounts or can easily be integrated to them. All that’s necessary is figure out how they can be leveraged to better serve your customers.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

There are two main mistakes made by agencies delivering WeChat platforms for companies: they overcharge for things which are already available off-the-shelf and are quick to implement. Or worst: they rebuild software from scratch when better open source versions are already available. This mixture of deceit and ignorance has huge detrimental impact on clients.

So whenever you are developing for WeChat, make sure you are not reinventing the wheel: there are a lot of open-source frameworks and tools out there which enable to keep projects on track and on budget. And ask WalktheChat if you want to know more.

Want a first consultation about Social Marketing in China? Contact us.

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