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1 Billion Users

Digital 2020 Digital, mobile, and social media have become an indispensable part of everyday life for people all over the world. More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, while social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark. WeChat Mini Programs are sub-applications within the WeChat ecosystem that allow users to access any Web App by without leaving WeChat. There are plenty of ways to access these mini-programs. Whether it be through a direct search, scanning a QR code, or through links on a WeChat official account. Trump has signed two executive orders announcing that his administration will bar people and property within the United States from carrying out transactions with the WeChat and TikTok apps by September 20, an act that escalates an ongoing trade war that Trump has waged against China. Trump’s executive orders say that the apps capture “vast. Latest WeChat Features in 2020 In late 2019 and early 2020, WeChat has introduced some new features that testify to how the company is committed to offering its users a continuously improved service. Here are some of the brand-new WeChat features: New Look. WeChat Pay and Alipay can both be used for almost all of the same things, however, the main difference between WeChat Pay and Alipay is that WeChat Pay is an in app feature of the social media app WeChat whereas Alipay is a dedicated smart and mobile payment system.

Wechat is dominating not only in China but also globally, the marketing and social messaging app with almost 1 billion monthly active users

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Wechat Out 2020 Online

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Data Insights

How to insert an Official Account into your article with Business Card Style

WeChat officially releases a new feature, you can insert an official account into your article with business card style very easily. Just to login to your official account backend, create a new article, put the mouse somewhere in your article, and select the official account from the top quick menu bar as below: Preview your Read more about How to insert an Official Account into your article with Business Card Style[…]

New Version WeChat Supports 30s Video

On March 29, WeChat released a new version of iOS 8.0.3. The update details showed that “this update solves some known issues and updates several functions.” According to experience, in the update, Moments can support 30-second video upload, and the maximum number of WeChat emoticons added has been increased from 300 to 999. In addition, Read more about New Version WeChat Supports 30s Video[…]

WeChat official account adds free gallery feature

Tecent News On January 26, the WeChat official account backstage launched a low-key new feature “Public Image Library”, which means that when images are needed for WeChat articles, you can directly search for copyright through the official account free images library. After logging in to the backend of the official account, open the graphic editor Read more about WeChat official account adds free gallery feature[…]

WeChat internal test enterprise account entrance recommended WeChat public account article

Dec. 3 2020, there were reports that many users found that WeChat had started internal testing and added recommendations for WeChat official account content at the entrance of the enterprise account. The specific situation is that in the WeChat enterprise status reminder of the WeChat service notification, the content of articles that colleagues have read Read more about WeChat internal test enterprise account entrance recommended WeChat public account article[…]

WeChat Work Overseas version rebranded to WeCom

On August 23,2020, some netizens discovered that the overseas version of Enterprise WeChat had been renamed. Beijing-Beijing Toutiao reporter saw that the current corporate WeChat overseas version has been officially renamed WeCom from WeChat Work. It is understood that there is no official announcement of the name change of the Enterprise WeChat, and this rename is thought Read more about WeChat Work Overseas version rebranded to WeCom[…]

WeCom, WeChat Enterprise Version New Features

1. What’s WeCom WeCom is a communication platform for enterprises that includes convenient communication and office automation tools. Similar to Weixin and WeChat, it offers smooth communication experience, as well as various OA applications. In addition, WeCom is integrated with Weixin, providing unmatched connectivy that facilitates smart management, smart ecosystem and smart services for enterprises. WeCom Read more about WeCom, WeChat Enterprise Version New Features[…]

WeChat releases new capabilities such as mini-program live broadcast and small eCommerce store before “Double Eleven”

WeChat just released new capabilities such as mini-program live broadcasting and small eCommerce online shopping store, including one-click on-broadcasting on the mobile phone, linking in the live broadcast room, live broadcast member management, video account will be associated with small eCommerce stores directly, online small shopping store promotion and snap-up functions, and fully opening Access Read more about WeChat releases new capabilities such as mini-program live broadcast and small eCommerce store before “Double Eleven”[…]

Top 5 Chinese Music Apps

Top 5 Chinese Music Apps Spotify had reached 140 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide. This number fades in comparison to music streaming services in China: the most popular music app in China, KuGou, had almost double the number. What is interesting about China’s music streaming is that they are all free. Most of the apps make money Read more about Top 5 Chinese Music Apps[…]

WeChat Mini Program GMV increased by 115% at 2020

On the 9th September at the 2020 Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference, the WeChat team reviewed the commercial performance and key capabilities of the Mini Program for the first time this year. As of August, the GMV of small program commodity transactions increased by 115% year-on-year, and the self-operated GMV of brand merchants increased by 210% Read more about WeChat Mini Program GMV increased by 115% at 2020[…]

WeChat public account adds a new tag function at the bottom of the article

WeChat public account adds a tag function at the bottom of the article, which can be associated with keyword articles WeChat today launched a new feature for the public account article, supports adding small tags at the bottom of the article, and click on each tag to see the articles associated with the keyword. It is Read more about WeChat public account adds a new tag function at the bottom of the article[…]


What kind of WeChat content stood out the most for international museums in 2020? Based on Dragon Trail’s weekly WeChat Rankings data, we’ve put together a top-10 list for museum articles this year – they’re ranked by the number of views they received by the end of the week they were posted, but we’ve also included the total number of views as of mid-December.

Multi-media content drove some of the highest views, including music and video content. Although short video is popular on Chinese social media, when it came to museums, longer, more in-depth videos were the ones that got the most attention. E-commerce is another excellent way for museums to drive engagement with WeChat users – posts on new collections of items for sale on the British Museum’s Tmall store grabbed two out of the top 10 article slots.

The British Museum stood out for consistently getting the highest views, with half of the year’s most-read content. New York City’s Museum of Modern Art also made a strong showing, and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco had one major hit. But the star for really capturing users’ attention was the Louvre Museum in Paris. After a break of nearly five months from the end of May, the museum returned in October with live streaming content that far surpassed the viewership of any foreign museum we’ve seen on WeChat over the past three years.

Here are the top 10 posts of 2020:

10. The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Independent, Brave, Responsible: This Is What Women Are
4,274 views for the week of 7-13 March (6,010 views as of 15 December)

MoMA’s International Women’s Day post on 8 March centered on the work of photographer Dorothea Lange, most famous for her portraits of life in America during the Great Depression. The article also paid tribute to other female photographers of the early 20th century.

9. The British Museum
New Collections for Spring
4,419 views for the week of 14-20 March (6,015 views as of 15 December)

The British Museum has been active on China’s e-commerce platform Tmall for years, and it’s proved to be both profitable and great for driving name recognition of the London cultural institution. New items for spring 2020 included jewelry inspired by ancient Egyptian and 16th century Italian designs, and an ancient Egypt Hello Kitty collection including portable phone chargers, coffee cups, and makeup sets.

8. The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Art-Inspired Song List
4,573 views for the week of 12-18 April (6,867 views as of 15 December)

This creative multi-media article introduced songs that were inspired by artworks, with musical tracks to listen to and the story of their links to artworks from MoMA’s collection, including Don McClean’s “Vincent” (inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”), The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” (inspired in part by artist Ad Reinhardt’s black phase), and Teenage Fanclub’s “Escher.”

How To Sign Up In Wechat 2020

7. The British Museum
Secrets of Dust
4,616 views for the week of 12-18 April (6,351 views as of 15 December)

This article looked at the cleaning process for artifacts at the museums, the kind of micro-organisms in dust that can settle and grow on these objects, and what harm they can do. The article ended with 9 tips for readers to dust their own art collections, including ceramics, textiles, photos and prints, sculptures, and paintings.

6. The British Museum
New Collections for Autumn
4,761 views for the week of 24-30 October (6,730 views as of 15 December)

New items from the British Museum’s Tmall shop included Egyptian cat-inspired clothing, toys, and glassware; humidifiers and water bottles featuring Katsushika Hokusai’s famous wave woodblock print; and fashionable scarves.

5. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Gao Xiaosong’s “Explore the World” Episode 1: The Asian Art Museum
5,740 views for the week ending 6/14 (6,280 views as of 15 December)

Wechat out 2020 date

Singer-songwriter, director, and Alibaba Entertainment Strategic Committee chairman Gao Xiaosong visited The Asian Art Museum for a guided tour and discussion with museum curator Xu Jie. The post included a 25-minute video, gifs, a Q&A with Xu Jie, and screenshots from the live-streamed session on Youku.

4. The British Museum
10 Unmissable Treasures in Our Collection
6,629 views for the week of 5-11 December (6,739 views as of 15 December)

This top-10 list included the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, a two-headed Aztec serpent made from precious stones, a contemporary installation from Mozambique called “The Tree of Life,” Canadian totem poles, and The Piranesi Vase.

Wechat Out 2020 Full

3. The British Museum
2020 British Museum Exhibition Guide
6,880 views for the week of 13-19 January (8,338 views as of 15 December)

The British Museum’s first WeChat post of the year introduced 2020’s special exhibitions, including “Tantra: Enlightenment to Revolution,” “Arctic: Culture and Climate,” “French Impressions: Prints from Manet to Cézanne,” and “Currency in Crisis: German Emergency Money 1914-1924.”

2. Louvre Museum, Paris
The Louvre’s First Chinese Language Tour Will Be Online Soon!
8,040 views for the week of 17-23 October (9,187 views as of 15 December)

Wechat Release Date

After a five-month pause from posting any content on WeChat, the Louvre made a triumphant return at the end of October. This post announced the museum’s Mandarin-language live streaming tour the following week, which proved to be an enormous hit.

1. Louvre Museum, Paris
Louvre Cloud Travel: Come with Us to Explore These Treasures
10,728 views for the week of 31 October-6 November (14.2k views as of 15 December)

Accruing more than 14,200 views since it was released, this is was an extraordinarily popular WeChat post for an overseas museum – the most-viewed we’ve ever encountered since starting to track museum accounts back in 2018. The post shared four videos from the museum’s live streaming tours, with a total of around 80 minutes of an expert-guided, Mandarin-language tour of the Louvre’s collection.