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In the WeChat ecosystem, the WeChat Official Account represents the first opportunity for brands and businesses to capture, engage and covert their target audience. This business account can be leveraged for different aspects of the marketing funnel. It is the cornerstone to build a (potential) customer base within WeChat to begin with. The two graphics below are a comprehensive deep dive into the entirety of the WeChat Official Account Platform features and developer interfaces. Not only should this help answer a lot of questions about the differences between types of OAs, it should also make clear the full breadth of everything that is currently possible with an OA. Registering a WeChat official account is the first step before you conduct any marketing activity on WeChat. There are three types of WeChat official accounts, namely Enterprise Accounts, Service Accounts, and Subscription Accounts. The Three Types of WeChat Official Accounts.

WeChat Official Accounts are an integral part of the marketing strategy for businesses entering in China. They are used as a multi-purpose tool and act as a complete marketing package for services like pushing online campaigns, gathering new followers, sending branded content, push notifications and service messages and redirecting followers to the company’s website or e-commerce store. Many WeChat Official Accounts appear under chats, which work in a similar fashion as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

WeChat Official Accounts are the tools the WeChat social network provides for companies to interact with their customers. WeChat Official Accounts can be compared to Facebook pages. Just as on Facebook, when a business opens their Official Account with WeChat, it has the possibility of acquiring followers.

These WeChat accounts grant basic features that let businesses interact with their followers such as sending group messages, managing comments, letting followers vote, drafting automated replies, customising menu, sending out official company statements and handling customer service.

The WeChat Official registration process is complex for overseas companies due to the laws and regulations pertaining to the media content, but it is an important marketing strategy to engage with the Chinese customers in an efficient way.


There are two options to register a WeChat Official Account for overseas company:

1. By using your overseas business licence: WeChat has a lengthy application procedure (takes about two to four weeks) with a $99 verification fee. This process lets loose of a third party structure.


Pros of option 1:

  • You shall be the legal owner of the account
  • The account will appear authentic since your name will be displayed under information
  • WeChat Advertising shall be enabled

Cons of option 1:

  • The annual verification fee ($99) will be higher than what Chinese companies have to pay (300RMB)
  • Setting up this account will take up to four weeks
  • Transferring to another legal entity is impossible
  • Only cross-border payments are allowed
  • Top-up fee for WeChat advertising is 50,000 RMB (and there’s a different application process for it)

2.By using a third-party Chinese license: The second option lets you have your own name, description and logo, however, the account will be associated with another legal entity.

This is a good way to step your foot in China. And if in future, you decide to create a company in China (and make another account associated with your company as the legal entity), then you can even transfer your followers from the old account to the new one.

Pros of option 2:

  • It only takes a week to create this account
  • You can transfer your account to other entities in Mainland China
  • The top-up fee for ads is lower (2000 RMB)

Cons of option 2:

  • The ownership belongs to a third-party Chinese company
  • This account shall not be able to run WeChat ads
  • Only Mainland China RMB payments are allowed

How to Register a WeChat Official Account with a local Chinese company

You can create a WeChat Official Account using WeChat’s website https://mp.weixin.qq.com.

Requirements to create an account:

  • Business license of a Chinese company
  • Access to their bank account
  • Chinese ID of a Mainland Chinese citizen. The ID needs to be linked with a WeChat Payment account and that needs to be linked to their bank card

How to Register a WeChat Official Account

What do you need?

  1. Your email ID
  2. A Chinese business license
  3. Your organization certificate
  4. Your company’s Chinese landline phone number
  5. A local account operator (who has a WeChat account with WeChat payment option enabled)
  6. The account operator’s Chinese ID number and phone number
  7. WeChat Official Account details such as Name, Short Description, Logo
  8. Your company’s Chinese bank account details such as bank name, bank address and account type. (These details should match the details on the Chinese business license you’ll be using.)

Registering a WeChat Official Account

Step 1.

Go to https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ and click on ‘Register Now’.

Step 2.

Choose the account type to register.

Which Account Type should you go for? Preferably, if the main part of your business is content (for example blogs), then choose the Subscription Account. Or if not, then go for Service Account.

Step 3.

Once you choose an account type, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and set a password.

Step 4.

You’ll get a verification email. Click on the link to verify. After verifying, you’ll be redirected to the website to choose an account type. (You’ll be given a warning that mentions the inability to change your account type afterward. But if you choose a subscription account, you can upgrade it to a service account later. However, vice versa is not possible.)

Step 5.

Select your company type and add details.

Step 6.

Lastly, verify WeChat bank account. You’ll get two options to do so.

Option 1:

Transferring some amount from your company’s bank to Tencent. With this option, you don’t have to verify your Official Account.

Option 2:

Tencent will transfer some amount to your bank account. Upon transferring, you will get a verification number in the note of the transaction. In this case, you will need to verify your Official Account within 30 days.

Still confused about How to Register a WeChat Official Account?

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Here is an overview for beginners to the WeChat platform on how to open an official WeChat account. This is one of the most frequent discussions we have with our partners. As a non-Chinese entity, it can be more difficult but here we will explore your options.

Register an Official WeChat Account for an Overseas Company:

  1. Creation depending on the country, brand awareness, and industry
  2. Registration between 1-2 months
  3. Provide a list of documents
  4. Have a business license
  5. Have certificates
  6. Pay the account, pricing starts at $500
  7. Creation of a menu

WeChat has hit 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2021

WeChat recently hit a record level of 1.2 billion monthly active users on the platform. The barriers to entry into WeChat are actually an advantage for savvy businesses that seize the chance to market themselves on China’s largest and most active social network.

There is a clear division between how Chinese and non-Chinese operations are dealt with. For instance, if you have a CBL (Chinese business license) you can simply apply under your business name with a Chinese representative. On the other hand, if you are not a registered business in China there are a series of options that can be taken depending on budget, time frame, and business concept.

WeChat’s penetration of Chinese Netizens reaches 93% in China’s Top Tier cities.

Registering for a Wechat Official Account as a Chinese Organization:

In order to register an official account through WeChat’s self-service platform, you will need the following:

  • A Chinese ID (身份证 or shēnfèn zhèng)
  • A Chinese phone number
  • A Chinese business license if you have one (营业执照 or yíngyè zhízhào)
  • Chinese organization code (组织机构代码证 or zǔzhī jīgòu dàimǎzhèng)

The registration process is entirely in Chinese. Head to the WeChat public platform website for a step-by-step application. If you are not familiar with the process, you should request help from a local agency.

From here the procedure is simple for Chinese registered businesses. Ensure you have a Chinese representative to manage the set up as their id photo and number is required.


You will then have to wait for verification and select whether you want to open a service or subscription account. Typically, opening a service account is the preferable option for most businesses.

Registering for an Official Account as a Non-Registered Entity in China:

#1 Application via WeChat Directly

The honest truth is that the process for registration is a little unclear. Indeed, few guidelines have actually been provided and one gets the impression this is deliberate. The platform is selecting & prioritizing the most innovative concepts and adds opportunities through such a selection process.

WeChat has famously been reticent to discuss in depth how the application process works for foreign entities but here is the current protocol:

First, go to

Wechat Official Account Overseas

You will need to outline how you plan to use your account. You need to pitch to them the business concept; how you will use the account and what the use of you being on WeChat actually is. Can you bring anything interesting to WeChat users?

When it comes to proposals you can consider a number of factors:

  • Design (HTM5 format for WeChat)
  • Page layouts
  • Will the official account be connected to a WeChat store?
  • What is your promotional strategy?
  • And what is your ad spend?

Business credentials are important, you need to include:

  • A local phone number
  • Business email address
  • Documentation to prove the existence of the company (business license, tax form etc.)

To clarify, the more documents you can send, the better. Give copies of anything that further validates the existence of the business – even send business cards!

#2 Prepare an Investment of 3K RMB (500 USD)


Tencent team recommended a minimum of 200 000 RMB in ad spend which will also need to be detailed. This includes moments ads & display ads.

It seems the platform is seeking to be selective when handing out applications to companies. For instance, companies that are more likely to invest in innovation have more chances to succeed. WeChat is a hub of innovation, therefore presenting a strategy that demonstrates this is beneficial.

Similarly, in terms of accounts directly authorized by WeChat, larger companies are favored. Why? Because they are believed to have the marketing resources to promote WeChat as a safe and trustworthy platform. Bear that in mind when applying. After your account is approved, WeChat will send your WeChat ID and password, which you will need to log in on the admin WeChat platform

Meanwhile, you can check the progress of your application using your email address and application number here.

Alternatively, try to contact a WeChat representative for your country (a quick google search should pull them up!)

#3 Service Account or Subscription Account?

While registering, you will have to pick a type of account. There are 3 types: service, subscription, and enterprise account. Typically, a Service Account is best for most businesses.

Service Account (Recommended)

  • Access advanced WeChat public platform features
  • 4 broadcasts per month. Broadcasts are received from the business as a contact in the user’s message feed directly
  • The brand has a 48-hour window to reply to user messages
  • Push notifications
  • Custom menus for all service accounts
  • Payments (API) supported for all verified accounts

Subscription Account (for companies focused on content)

  • Better for businesses that want to put out content on a more regular basis (newsletters, e-mags, etc).
  • No Push notifications. Instead, your followers receive your content in a special section among other subscription account content.
  • The business has a 48-hour window to reply to user messages
  • Businesses must be verified and use WeChat API. No customization
  • No support for payments

It is vital to mention whether you wish to have access to WeChat’s advanced features and developer tools. If it is not in your proposal, it will more than likely be left out.

Setting up an account with a third party (avoid this solution)

The other strategy is to use a local third-party agent to set up an account, this would be hosted on your behalf. The plus is it is the most convenient and fastest way to get set up. You do not spend to much energy on paperwork and get started quickly. However, you do not own the account, it is owned by the party that set it up.

Furthermore, with a third-party account, there is also a small chance that it will be shut down as the process is not fully authorized. Businesses doing this have to be aware of that risk. You cannot transfer or merge an account with another one in terms of followers as they are linked solely to the initial account set up.

Can Hong Kong Company Register a WeChat Official Account?

Wechat official pages

Hong Kong companies can apply for official WeChat accounts at present (although like with anything in China there is a possibility this might change). In short, if an entity can be registered in HK it can be a lot easier to apply for official account registration through a mainland representative.

As with many processes, the barriers to entry have thus far restricted many international brands from entering the Chinese market.

Wechat Official Platform

WeChat Account Descriptions

Once an account name has been created it cannot be changed. So, be sure about your account name before starting the registration process. In the same vein, account summaries can be updated but only once per month. In addition, accounts cannot be attached or transferred to another account.

This highlights the importance of a proper initial setup.

Wechat Official

Wechat Official Account

To sum up on Wechat Official Account Registration:

WeChat is a great platform for marketing & business growth but it is one of many approaches that can be taken. It mainly depends on your budget and expectations. Baidu, E-Forums, PR & News Applications are also nifty ways of generating high levels of traffic, leads and for building your brand and reputation.

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Wechat Official Pages

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Wechat Official Account

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Wechat Official Account Registration

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