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You’ve lost your phone. Oh no! What about your WeChat account? Personal messages, contact information, money in your WeChat wallet! What about my bank card that’s linked!?Don’t worry. Here we give you our simple guide for what to do with your WeChat when you lose your phone.

while using another phone number to verify Huh? Your question doesn’t make any sense. You can change your account’s number from the options and, if needed, you can even add a secondary account with a new number. The process for adding a new num. How to Create WeChat new account? How to Sign in to WeChat? WeChat New Account? WeChat Sign Up Create WeChat AccountTo Create.

First use someone else’s phone to see if you can login to your WeChat. There are 2 different procedures depending on if you can log or not.

  • WeChat is a fun app to use, but you can only talk to those who have the app as well. This is a disadvantage as there are some who might not know about the app. Text messages can be sent to one person at a time, or you can send a group text.
  • If you've changed to a new mobile phone, you can transfer chat history from your old mobile phone to your new device as the following method: Log in to your WeChat on your original mobile phone, tap Me Settings Chats Backup & Migrate Chats Migrate Chats to Another Device Select Chat History, and then you can transfer the chat history through the following three ways.
Situation 1
I can log in!

Great news! Your WeChat account hasn’t been compromised. Once you’ve logged back in don’t waste time checking messages. Unlink your old phone number as soon as possible. Unlinking is simple; go to Me > Settings > My Account > Phone

Now select the in the top right corner and chose Unlink Phone Number.

When you unlink you will receive a message from the WeChat team.

In China to get a new phone card (补卡 bu ka) you’ll need to take get your passport and go to your mobile phone network service provider’s service center.

Yay! A fresh Chinese SIM card

Log into WeChat and link your new phone number: Me > Settings > My Account > Phone again.

Situation 2
I can’t log into my WeChat!

This is a little bit more difficult. On your friend’s phone select more on the WeChat login page.

Move wechat to new phone

Go to WeChat help center and select retrieve account password. You can retrieve your password by email orQQ number if you’ve linked them previously to your account.

If you can retrieve your account password, follow the steps above to unlink your phone number as before. If you still can’t login, you need to freeze your account. From the WeChat Help Centre you choose freeze.

If you try to log into your frozen account you will get a message like this.

Once you’ve got your new phone card you can then unfreeze your account and link your new phone number. Don’t forget to change your password.

What about my WeChat wallet?

If you are concerned about the safety of your WeChat wallet and linked bank card then there is an extra layer of security for your WeChat wallet that we recommend all users set up. Surprisingly few people know that you can chose to set an extra pattern password. To set this up:

Me > Wallet > Password Management > Pattern Password

Above: Demo of the wallet pattern password

This will ensure that even if your phone is lost. No one can use your WeChat wallet to make purchases without knowing the pattern password. WeChat payments are also covered in China by PICC insurance company. It’s possible to claim back if your account is stolen.

What is WeChat? WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging and social media app which is prevalent in China and other countries and areas. But from time to time, we can hear such complaints from WeChat users that they can’t login WeChat on their Android, iPhone and Windows phone.

Wechat New Phone

Moving Wechat To New Phone


“WeChat won’t let me login!” Certainly it will drive you crazy if you can not login this Chinese chat app at the beginning of the day. If you encounter this issue too, what you should do is to calm down and work out what’s wrong with your WeChat. Here are some of the tips and tricks that can help you to do a quick check-and-repair for WeChat glitches.

1) Clear all the data of WeChat by going to Settings > Apps > WeChat > Clear Data, then uninstall WeChat and reinstall it.
2) Make sure you have downloaded WeChat from the official app store. If not, you have to uninstall the old WeChat app and download it from the official Google Play store or Apple App store.
3) Check if you are using an old version of WeChat. If so, upgrade the app to the latest version. If there is an error in updating the app, you can try clearing all the app data and uninstall the app. Then install the app from the official site again.

If these little tricks couldn’t save your way out of the problem, there may be other reasons of this error. And normally, the WeChat login problem can be summarized into 5 cases:

Case 1. Forget WeChat Login Password

If you have tried several possible passwords and you are sure that you have forgotten the WeChat login password, don’t worry and here are two ways for your reference.

1) If you have linked WeChat account with QQ account, email address and phone number, you can login WeChat via one of these account without entering the password.
2) You can reset your WeChat passcode. On the login page, hit Forgot password? > Request Retrieval, and then confirm it to submit your request. Then you will receive a SMS message with a new passcode. And then you can login WeChat with this new code.
Note: after logging in WeChat with the new passcode, you are required to link your phone number/email address/QQ account to your WeChat once again.

Case 2. Can’t Receive WeChat Verification Code

When you login WeChat with the linked account but never receive the verification code via SMS or email, you can check these:

1) Make sure you enter the right phone number or email address, otherwise you can never receive the verification code.
2) Check if the verification messages is blocked by your phone’s security app. If so, you should find the blocked message in the spam folder or close the security app and request for a new verification message.
3) Maybe you request for the code too frequently and enter the wrong code to verify. In this case, you need to exit the login page and wait for a minute. Then login and verify once again.
4) If your SIM card is placed improperly or is not working, you will not receive the code. Please insert the SIM card to another phone and check if it works.

Case 3. Filed to Login WeChat on A New Device

If you are unable to login WeChat on a new iPhone/Android mobile, you can attempt to:
Open WeChat on your new device, and tap “Unable to Login” on the login page. Then go with the instructions to retrieve a new password. Once your request is approved, you will receive a message telling you the new WeChat login passcode within 24 hours. Finally, login WeChat with the new code on your new phone.

Case 4. WeChat Login was Blocked

Wechat Transfer

When you can login WeChat because your account has been blocked, you can try these 3 methods.
1) Uninstall WeChat from your device, and download it again from the official app store.
2) Stop using Android emulator or unofficial plugins to run WeChat, instead, use it in a secure way.
3) Don’t spread prohibitive messages on WeChat, such as lewd contents, violent materials, scam, inappropriate rumors or annoying ads and etc.

Case 5. Can’t Login WeChat by Using QR Code

Some users may want to login and use WeChat without mobile phone. Yes, you can scan the QR code to login the web WeChat on computer, instead of logging in WeChat app with an account and its password. However, some may fail to scan the code for some reasons. To fix this, you can:

1) Update your browser to the latest version. If the version of the browser is too old, the QR code may not appear. So you have to check the version and upgrade it, in order to support the QR code.
2) Make sure your internet connection is in good condition. You have to connect you phone and computer to a good network connection, so as to login WeChat successfully.
3) Adjust the brightness of the computer screen. Neither the computer screen is too bright nor too dark, the phone camera has difficulty in scanning the code on it. So you should go to the computer brightness setting and adjust the screen brightness.

If your WeChat problem still can’t be solved after you have tried the methods mentioned above, you can appeal to the WeChat support. Any question or problem you can share with us in the comment section below.

Wechat New Phone Login

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