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Wechat is one of the fastest growing messenger after WhatsApp for everyone especially teenagers. Wechat has mostly same features as WhatsApp, But some features are excellent and those features are making it better. A lot of people has started using WeChat now because of lots of amazing features and there are few Hidden Features of WeChat which I will tell you in this article. By using these tricks you’ll enjoy WeChat with maximum use.

WeChat users can now do everything from posting videos to filing for divorce on the app. They can also synchronize their posts, called “Moments,” with Facebook and Twitter—social networks that are still banned in Mainland China (along with Instagram and YouTube). Nearby competitors include Japan’s Line and South Korea’s Kakao Talk. After WeChat Article and WeChat Channels videos feed, le’ts dive into another form of content to broadcast within the WeChat ecosystem: live streaming on WeChat.Tencent provide 2 main options to do live streaming: Tencent live streaming existing solution and Wechat Mini Program live streaming integrated function. Mention @someone. When you are chatting in a group on Skype or WhatsApp and you want to.

1- Shake Your Phone and Chat with New Person

  • This the top one feature of WeChat, because of this feature WeChat is going much popular than other messenger of same type.

Wechat Nearby Function

  • Simply Shake your phone and get chance to get connect with other unknown friends, who are also shaking the phone at the same time.
  • In short, it gives you a random person (who is also using Shake) to chat with. You can choose to chat with the person or shake again to get another random person.

If you get annoyed by the people who keep sending you messages by finding you by shake or people nearby, you can disable by going to settings -> features -> select feature you want to disable -> disable

2- Change Name of Any Friend:

It is very easy to rename any contact in your wechat list. Just go to the contact whose name you want to edit. Then reach his/her profile. On right side, there will be three dots. Click that option, select ALIAS and enter the desired name. Enjoy!


3- What is Drift Bottle:

  • We all know about the drift bottle. In Drift bottle, Wechat allows users to leave a voice message or text note in a bottle and drift in the ocean.
  • When you do not have the time to do that, you can simply use WeChat and use a voice or text message and send it randomly.
  • You can also pick bottles from the ocean and if interested in the sender of drift bottle, you can message him/her.
  • If you just like the sending and don’t want to connect with a fellow tosser, go to Settings > Features and disable the feature.

4- What is Wechat Voice:

Wechat Nearby Doesn't Work

This one is the another funny trick to use Wechat. You can download Wechat voice for free from play store/app store. After installing it, you can send your voice with many cool effects. It’s really funny trick to enjoy with Wechat.

5- How to Use Web Wechat:

If You are using updated versions of wechat, you need to go to : ME -> SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> WEB WECHATYou can use web Wechat to access Wechat through your PC. To access web Wechat click on upper right magic wand and select web wechat. Now enter the URL web.wechat.com in your computer. Scan the QR code and you will be logged in by your account on PC. From PC, you can send large files also.

6- People Nearby You:

Be attention! even others can also find you if you have enabled this feature. To avoid being visible in people nearby feature, just off your location using settings.This one is the my favorite feature , because by this feature you can easily find out a person near by you. You can find the list of people in nearby proximity and send them a text and be friends.

Wechat Discover Nearby

I think, after reading this you’ll definitely apply these tricks into your Wechat. And you’ll enjoy it. These tricks will make different from others, who are following simply Wechat . So, use these Wechat tricks and share this article with your friends, if you like this.

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