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Selling to China has never been seen so easy! Since the Chinese consumer is increasingly interested to buy foreign brands and special products there is a huge opportunity for exporters to sell online to China. When having a WeChat Mini Program Store selling can be done without having a Chinese entity and in a very cost effective, simple way.

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There are all types of Mini Programs, such as for travel, games and commerce (Stores).
Mini programs Stores function as a sub-apps within WeChat and run instantly without downloading separately. The Mini Programs store is linked to a companies’ WeChat Official Account (OA) and allows businesses to sell on WeChat directly to consumers, using WeChat Pay as the payment mechanism. Mini Programs can be inserted into articles published by OAs, and can also be shared with friends.

First step is to set-up a WeChat Mini Program Store. We can design the store with the right content and assist with the customer service and promote the store to your Chinese customers.

A New Feature for Mini Programs: Store Mini Program. On April 26th, WeChat launched a new Mini Program feature called the “Store Mini Program” which shows users basic information about an offline store, similar to a virtual business card.

Wechat Mini Store Locations

Set Up WeChat Store - Mini-program A High-End eCommerce Platform TLG Commerce offer a high-end WeChat solution for brands to reach Chinese customers anywhere and at any time. How do we do it? According to WeChat, mini-store was launched by the WeChat mini-program team, hoping to help long-tail merchants and individual entrepreneurs to have a free and fast mini-program for selling goods, and to achieve self-management of e-commerce business within WeChat. WeChat monthly active users grow 6.5% year on year to 1.206 billion in Q2.

> One System can Manage Two Versions’ E-shops(Web + WeChat Mini-Program Versions)
> Larger Market Share vs other similar E-shops(Overseas + China Market)
> More Customizable Development Environment(Design & Plugins)
> Various Payment Solutions including Cross Boarder Payment
> Local Warehouse and HK-China Cross Border Shipment
Nowadays, Chinese consumers are willing to pay for services and content on their mobile. As a result, WeChat is now incorporating payment options allowing users to buy items from directly from WeChat official accounts with just one-click.

WechatWechatWechat mini store ideas

> One Stop Cross Border E-shop Platform
> Sell your product in China market, cross border solution, exclusive offline distribution + online promotion
> Welcome foreign brands , FMCG, cosmetic, healthy goods, skin care, personal care etc. to enter China market
> NO barrier entering China market, by official cross border channel
> The lowest cost solution, lowest commission China marketing expert
> China Marketing Solutions including social media, KOL, KOC, E-commerce etc.

Wechat Mini Program Store

We helps businesses to set up online shop within the WeChat ecosystem. We help businesses setup and manage the WeChat online shop:

> Product upload
> Products and order management
> Mini-Program: Cross Boarder WeChat Pay (Hante Pay/ Motion Pay/ Royal Pay/ Alpha Pay/ Hipo Pay/ ePayments)
> Web Version: Bank Transfer/ FPS/ PayMe/ Credit Card/ Alipay
> Cross Broader Shipment
> WooCommerce English Backend