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  1. WeChat Mini-Programs are building on top of WeChat which is a smartphone app, so leveraging WeChat’s API, your developer will have more ability to work with smartphone functionalities that HTML5 won’t have (at least not without external framework support) because HTML5 is a hypertext markup language and is designed for the browser and not.
  2. They have taken China by storm. Learn more about WeChat Mini APP’s growth here: + WeChat data.
  3. WeChat is popular for the minimalistic approach and mini programs work with similar approach. Open WeChat app in your Android or iPhone. Simply swipe down from the top to open all your recently used mini programs. Recently Used and Search.
  4. What are WeChat Mini Programs? Mini Programs are “mini-applications” built within the WeChat platform. WeChat allows 3rd party companies to develop Mini Programs providing advanced features to users that can run within the APP. The technology support the objective of WeChat to provide its users with all-in-one experience.

WeChat Mini Programs, as a concept, was conceived on January 9, 2016, and after one year of development, officially released into the wild in January 2017. That’s just two years ago! At the time, Allen predicted that within two years, Mini Programs would replace 80% of the app market. In many ways, the program is still in an experimental.

We use many social media apps every day, but some of those are specific to certain geographical locations, and may only be known among people of those countries. A perfect example is China’s immensely popular WeChat.

You may never have heard of it, but it in China, WeChat is the lifeline of the social media buff.

What is Wechat? Why is it so important in China?

What started as a chat messenger, back in 2011, is now the most popular social media application in China. WeChat gives its users access to so many services – all in the one place – that they don’t ever need to leave. Everything is right there – in WeChat.

Almost one billion users are active on WeChat – every single month. The numbers are growing. Because…..

WeChat is so much more than a communication app. App users can order their food and play games. They can chat and message and make video calls. They can make an appointment with their doctor (or their hairdresser) and read the news. All without leaving WeChat.

We Chat offers Messaging, Official Accounts, Moments, WeChat Pay payment services, City Services, Heat Map, Friend Seek, News Search, WeChat Out. With the addition of WeChat Mini Programs, the list of services is growing daily – and the possibilities are endless.

So what are WeChat Mini-Programs?

Our phones are full of forgotten and unused applications, taking up valuable space and wasting resources.

WeChat mini-programs are different.

Launched in January 2017, Mini-Programs provide a platform for service providers to launch their own program, within the WeChat app. No further downloads – or storage space – required.

So, why do YOU need it?

Just imagine the possibilities for product sales and exposure.

App users can search and access each mini-program quickly and easily – using their existing WeChat account. It’s all there, waiting for them.

Think of it like this.

A WeChat user wants to order a burger from McDonalds – but they don’t have a McDonalds app on their phone. They don’t need one. All they have to do is search for the McDonalds Mini-Program – within WeChat. They order – and go back to whatever they were doing.

For the user – it’s perfect. There’s no need to waste storage with an extra app – and there’s no need to exit WeChat

For the provider – it’s ideal. Almost a billion users can access their product – or service – in the simplest possible way – every month. The product reach is enormous.

What about Mini-Programs for regular users?

WeChat Mini-Programs can even be developed for users to keep up with their daily lives. They can reply to comments, manage their account, check analytics, manage group profiles.

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of the Mini-Programs:

  1. No more installing multiple applications that users only access occasionally
  2. Save power and resources on your smartphone.
  3. No messy icons needed. Just one app icon on your smartphone (Wechat icon).
  4. Very easy to access – anybody can do it.
  5. You can access every service from your WeChat dashboard – without leaving WeChat.
  6. Product launch is easy. Communicate and introduce e-commerce platforms for users.
  7. With almost a billion WeChat users – currently – the target audience is huge.
  8. Super App is the future.

But nothing is perfect ….(yet)

  1. Push notifications cannot be sent from the Mini-Programs
  2. Mini-Programs cannot be shared on the WeChat timeline
  3. Development of WeChat Mini-Programs is limited to the JavaScript framework developed by Tencent.
  4. Updates must be passed by Tencent before they appear in the mini program.
  5. WeChat mini-programs do not perform on the web-app browser.

Those issues aside, Mini-Program providers are increasing every day – as are the WeChat users.

Who is using Mini-Programs, now?

  1. Hangzhou Plus: This mini-program has been designed completely in the English language – aimed at helping expats make their lives easier in Hangzhou.
  2. McDonald’s Discount Coupons: McDonald’s Mini-Program is already famous among the residents of China, for good discounts while ordering food from this program.
  3. Tencent Surveys: This mini-program allows the user to create and share your surveys with their contact list.
  4. Mobile: A bike share app that works in sync with the actual app perfectly.
  5. Sleepy Sounds: Designed for those who like to listen to soothing sounds like birds or a purring cat while going to sleep.
  6. Bus Time Checker: This most practical Mini-Programs allows the user to scan a QR code and check the timing of the next bus on a bus stop.
  7. China Air Quality: Super simple and very effective, this Mini-Program provides information about the air quality in the user’s area.
  8. Apartment Price Checker: This mini-program allows you to check the expected cost of the apartment you are living in.
  9. Tencent Video: The video app by Tencent is quite heavy. This is the lighter version of the app with most of the features intact.
  10. Photo Filters: The Chinese version of the Prisma app – a light Mini-Program that allows users to play with the photographs in their camera roll.

To sum it all up …

WeChat Mini-Programs are applications within the WeChat ecosystem.

These highly successful programs not only help the users save space, power, and resources on the phone but also help the WeChat Mini-Programs to increase the user time on the main application.

WeChat is the biggest competitor to Facebook, with over a billion monthly users.

With almost limitless potential – and an enormous – and increasing – number of active users, we do hope you are ready to make some serious returns……

When Apple launched the App Store on July 10th, 2008, there were a mere 552 apps of which just 135 of which were free to download. 1 day after launch WeChat mini programs seem to have a similar number available with new ones continuing to pop up at a steady pace. Below is our list of the 10 ten mini programs we’ve found that can be useful and/or interesting for the international community living in China.

To search for these mini programs by name, go into the mini programs option and select the search icon in the top right.

Our Top 10

1. Hangzhou Plus

The world’s first full English language mini program is Hangzhou Plus designed to help make expats lives in Hangzhou a little easier. We’re sure Hangzhou based Jack Ma must be very happy.

Search for HZPlusin mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

2. McDonald’s Discount Coupons

McDonalds and KFC have both released mini programs already. We prefer Maccy D’s. This is the kind of mini program that in the near future will be discoverable not through search but by scanning a QR code instore or on a McDonald‘s flyer.

Search for 麦当劳优惠券 in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

3. Tencent Surveys

Easily create your own survey and post into a group with a preview of the results in the screenshot.

Search for 腾讯投票in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

4. Mobike

The classic. Mini program works almost the same as the app.

Left: Mobike’s mini program Right: Mobike’s app

Search for 摩拜单车 in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

5. Sleepy Sounds

Send yourself to sleep with a wide selection of sleepy soundtracks from the sounds of birds tweeting to cat’s purring.

Search for 小睡眠in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

Wechat Mini Programs Api

6. Bus Time Checker

This highly practical mini program allows you to check the time of the next bus. We expect to see QR codes for mini programs like this popping up at bus stops all across China very shortly.

Search for 车来了精准的实时公交in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

7. China Air Quality PM2.5 Count

Very simple interface. Can check based on location but also manually select another Chinese city.


Search for 实时空气质量 in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

8. Apartment Price Checker

Fancy finding out how much the apartment you’re in is worth? Use this mini program to check and compare the latest prices.

Search for 兔博士岂止是超好的查价值in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

9. Tencent Video

Light version of the Tencent Video app. Fancy a bit of Sherlock Season 4?

Search for 腾讯视频 in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

10. Photo Filters

This Chinese version of Prisma doesn’t require any language skills to operate. Simply go in, add a picture from your camera roll and start selecting the filters. Save the picture to your phone once you’re happy with the results.


Search for 名画滤镜APP in mini programs (long press the name to copy and paste).

Wechat Mini Programs Develop

Final thought

You’ve probably noticed that many of these mini programs are simply copies of apps already out there. There’s an obvious comparison to be drawn with the iOS App Store which when it first opened was filled with light versions of desktop applications.

The real value and purpose of mini programs lies in empowering O2O (online to offline) transactions and interactions (i.e. connecting WeChat and the real world in more powerful ways).

Above: a typical example of how mini programs can be used for O2O interactions.

Best Wechat Mini Programs

“ 用完即走 Use it and go ”

Wechat Mini Programs In English

Let us know in the comments if you’ve discovered any interesting mini programs you think should be on this list.