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Open WeChat tap Discover Live Streams & Nearby tap People at the top of the screen tap '.' In the top-right corner Clear Location. Note: The footprints icon displayed by People Nearby means that other people can find you. Ive been using WeChat since 2014. Unfortunately I have encountered issue regarding with my nearby. I can open my nearby and see people using WeChat around me but no one can see or add my WeChat account nor add their account. I already did follow the troubleshooting but still encountered the issue. Also i never made any violations.

Where Western social media is mostly blocked, WeChat and QQ are the giants of social messaging in China. To keep in touch with your friends and family, and new-found friends in China, send photos, and make video calls, WeChat or QQ should be your first choice.

WeChat and QQ are two convenient communication apps for travelers in China. You can use them to get in touch with your friends and family in your country, contact your tour guide in China, or meet new friends in China.

You can install them on your phone, computer, or tablet, and they are available for iOS or Android. The following introduction focuses on the app version for phones. Read on to find out what you can do with these two platforms.

Free Instant Messages — Text or Voice

These two apps provide the useful function of sending a text or voice message for free. This is useful for making new friends in China.

Free Instant Calls — Voice or Video

This is very useful if you have a tour guide or travel advisor in China. You can contact him/her in real time and talk with him/her for free. Note that this function charges for data transmission, but this is not a problem if you are in a Wi-Fi environment.

WeChat — More Convenient for Foreign Travelers in China

  • Chinese: 微信 Wēixìn /way-sshyin/ 'Micro Message'

Connecting Made Easy

While most of us use our phone's built in messaging app, WeChat is a one-stop connection portal. In China, most people only communicate through WeChat when messaging, making calls, planning events or organizing groups.

A plus associated with using WeChat is the connectivity. When you meet someone, ask them for their WeChat contact. It is as simple as scanning the other person's QR code. Once the request is accepted you have them in your contacts, and you can set a tag to rember them such as 'tour guide' or 'guy from bar.' This is an easy and free way to communicate since you may not have a SIM to call locally or internationally.

In addition to easily storing contacts, you can send and recieve contacts from others as well as group invites. There is a group for everything and everyone in China. Using WeChat you can create a travel group for you and your friends or join groups that will give you information on local art, music, food or activities.

With WeChat so integrated into everyone's daily lives in China, you will have a long list of connections in no time.

WeChat App Text Translation Function — Press and Select a Language

Long press the message and select 'Translate' to translate the message into the system's language.

Don't know any Chinese characters? No problem. The app features a translation function. You can press the text message for about 2 seconds and select a language for translation help.

Meet New Friends Near You — 'Shake' Your Phone

One useful smartphone-related addition is the 'shake' function. With this, you can find other users nearby. In a Chinese city, you're likely to find dozens of people within just a few hundred meters. You may find a Chinese tourist or student in your area who is happy to make your acquaintance and to prepare you for your travels to come.

Payment by WeChat Wallet

It's also very popular to pay via phone and QR code in China. Link your bank account details and you can make a 'Quick Pay' without cash.

As of November 2019, foreigners can use foreign bank accounts to fund WeChat Wallet.

Previously a Chinese bank account was needed and those on a tourist visa had difficulty finding a branch that would let them open an account.

To get a China bank account you would need to visit a bank on the mainland with your passport, documentation of residence (which could be a receipt from the hotel you are staying in) and a Chinese phone number, which you can get by purchasing a SIM card at the airport or at a China Unicom, China Mobile, or China Telecom shop.

Setting up the account could take between 45 minutes to a few hours. And once you got the account, you'd need to make sure you got a print out of how your name was entered as you would need this when setting up your WeChat Wallet.

WeChat Payment is taking over in China, and cash is almost obsolete as people use WeChat to pay for anything including restaurants, shops, bike shares, taxis, and street food. Using the WeChat Pay function, you can either scan a QR code and pay a vendor or have them scan your QR code to collect money. WeChat pay can be used almost anywhere you pay for something, as long as you have your phone, a signal and money in your WeChat wallet or on your bank card, you are ready to scan and pay with ease.

When paying, you are usually asked to enter your 6-digit WeChat Payment passcode to complete the transaction.

WeChat has also recently (2019) been verifying user ID for using the payment option. Entering the information, which includes uploading a picture of your passport or relevent ID you can take using your phone camera and a selfie, is completed in under two minutes, and you will be able to use the pay function again almost immediately.

“I set up WeChat before we left the States. I used a Bank of America credit card to verify the account and activate WeChat wallet. Then had Lissy send me a token amount of CNY to my new account, to make sure it was able to accept and pay out funds. I then used Swapsy (theswapsy.com). After setting up an account with them, I was basically able to trade US dollars from my bank account to CNY into my WeChat account. With money in the account I was able to purchase items like a local. It was very easy and convenient and we needed very little cash from ATMs, if at all.”

— Victor and Mary Ann Cognato, China Highlights customers in 2018 (Our staff, like Lissy Xu, can help you with WeChat.)

Share Your Trip with Friends and Privacy Protection — Moments

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, a WeChat 'moment' is only visible to accounts on your WeChat friend list. There are no fan groups, only friends. So you can share pictures or short videos on your Moments screen. Your friends can comment, or give you a 'like'.

It's also special in that if two of your friends don't add each other, they are not able to see the comments between you. For example, A can't see the comments from B, if A and B are not friends on WeChat. So it has quite good privacy protection.

Also, your 'moment' can't be forwarded to another account's Moments screen.

How to Sign Up for WeChat

To sign up for a WeChat account, you can use a phone number. Download the app and input the information required. It's simpler than signing up for a QQ account.

QQ — Focuses More on the Chinese Market

The cute trademark penguin picture is as familiar to the Chinese as the Google logo is to foreigners. More than 200 million QQ accounts have been opened and, at times of peak usage, over 176 million people can be online. Nearly all of them are Chinese; that's a lot of possible new friends to choose from.

International QQ — 6 Language Interfaces


The international version of QQ offers several features that can be particularly useful.

It has an English language interface or French, German, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish if you would prefer to use one of those.

Translate Button on the Computer Version

Translate buttons of international QQ.

QQ's app is not that convenient for a translation function so we will explain how to use the translation function on computers.

At the bottom of any conversation window, you can open the 'Translate' button. Set it up to translate to and from your chosen language and Chinese, and — with some confusion along the way given the limitations of the automatic translation software — you're good to go. To translate replies, you have to copy-and-paste them into the 'Send message' window before hitting the button — a flaw in the design — but it's not difficult to do.

Apps Store in QQ

QQ comes packed with apps. There are the usual games, of course, but not all the apps are frivolous. Some link through to news sites and some to packages for learning Chinese. Another enables you to draw Chinese characters with your mouse, identify them, and learn their meaning.

Wechat Look Around Meaning

Thanks to these you may — as many Chinese users do — find yourself using QQ for far more than just getting to know people. You can use it to get to know the country and its culture.

Meet New Friends — 'Look Around'

Using QQ's user-search function you can find new friends by location, gender and age, or even with their star sign and (a very Asian phenomenon) their blood type. More than that, you can join one of the numerous QQ groups. Many students want the opportunity to practice their English online, and there are many groups dedicated to English practice.

It's a great way to meet people. If you want to be more adventurous, there are groups dedicated to anything in which you may be interested.

To get you started, here are some of the QQ numbers of our English-speaking team at China Highlights. We'll be happy to help you out with any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us for information, or even just for a chat.

Lily Guo (Expert tour designer): 2355711207

Steven Zhao (CEO): 2355711154

Share Your Trip with Friends — Q-Zone

Q-zone's function is similar to WeChat's Moments. But it's different in that everyone who is in your friend list can see the discussion and comments in your Q-zone. Your post can also be forwarded to another's Q-zone.

How to Sign Up for QQ

Wechat Look Around

To sign up for a QQ account, you can use a phone number or email account.

Becoming popular in China with incredible rapidity, WeChat is, in effect, QQ for mobile phones, but is well-adapted as an alternative means of communication. While most travelers are used to WhatsApp, WeChat's platform is much more convenient to use in China as it does not require a VPN to use. WhatsApp requires the use of a VPN, and even when the VPN is on and working properly, WhatsApp only works spradically at best and at times will not work at all. In order to save yourself from frustration or missing important calls and messages, WeChat will ensure smooth use and guanteed connectivity.

Pros and Cons for WeChat and QQ

QQ and WeChat both provide feature-rich ways to meet the locals and to prepare yourself for your journey to China. Both are worth getting to know and exploring.

On the down side, QQ continues to be targeted primarily at the Chinese market and, from time to time, you may find yourself linking through to Chinese-only web pages or apps. Moreover, some features — such as the ability to see other users' Q-zones and their profile pages — appear and disappear with each new upgrade of QQ International.

As already mentioned, WeChat, aimed at the international market, loses some of its features to Internet blocking when in China itself.

However, with both programs these are only occasional frustrations. Overall, both can help you prepare for your trip to China, getting to know the country, its people, and its culture before you even leave home.

With Everything in China from an Itinerary to QQ... We're Here to Help

China Highlights' tour guide is teaching guests to use WIFI in China.

Wechat Look Around Location

Are you planning your first trip to China? Our China social media and tourism savvy staff and guides are just who you need to remove any hassles, from bookings to communication. See our top first-timer tours below or contact us directly to customize your trip.

  • The Golden Triangle — the classic first-timer's 8-day tour of Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai — your way
  • Classic Wonders — the above tour with beautiful Guilin, all in 11 days and fully-customizable

WeChat Nearby is a good way to add friends on WeChat. It allows you to meet someone who is located nearby. If you are new to WeChat, then you definitely need to know how to use People Nearby feature on WeChat. And make friends as much as you can. But you might find that People Nearby is not working well anymore. In this case, you will be frustrating as you don’t know how to add new friends. This article will show you how to fix Nearby issues.

Why People Nearby is not working?

Many users told me that they’re using Nearby pretty well. Suddenly, they’re not able to use nearby. When they send friend requests, nobody responds. Apparently, WeChat restricts your account to use People Nearby feature. Or your account has some error on Nearby feature. In this case, you need to figure it out why it’s not working. The reasons are various.
The issues including:

  • You can see People Nearby but they can’t see me.
  • You can’t see People Nearby.
  • You can see People Nearby but can’t go through message, they don’t reply to me.
  • You’re unable to access People Nearby.

How to fix WeChat People Nearby issues?

Did not violate the terms of WeChat.

If you didn’t violate the terms of WeChat, please check those things out below and try again. Sometimes, you might need to wait for a couple hours and then try again.
1. Check your internet or WIFI.
Check out your internet or WIFI to make sure it is working. If you got issues on internet or WIFI, that will cause you’re not able to use People feature.
2. Clear your location history and then try again.
It happens that People Nearby not working when you didn’t clear location history. In this case, you might not able to see people nearby. Or someone can’t see you or people can’t get your message on People Nearby.
3. Reset your phone location.
If it’s not working by clearing your WeChat location. Try to reset your phone location permission. Which means, making sure WeChat App has permission to use location service on your phone. If not, please reset it.
4. Update your information.
As I said, People Nearby issues are various. If your WeChat account is a newly-created account, you might not able to use Nearby due to your account information might be incomplete. In this case, you need to update your information. If you didn’t, WeChat might think your account is registered by bot.
5. Update avatar picture.
After creating a new account, the first thing you need to is updating an avatar picture. I saw so many users add me, and I found that they don’t update their avatar picture, they just use the default image.
6. Change your WeChat name.
Why you need to change your WeChat name, that’s because some users’ name is weird, like a random digital or letter. That’s not a good idea, how could someone recognize you by your random name?
Actually, there’s no need to use your real name. A nickname is acceptable. So what you need to is let your WeChat looks like a name, not a random digital or letter.
Note: You’re not able to use People Nearby feature without setting your WeChat name.
7. Change your WeChat ID.
As you can see WeChat ID is a random digital and letter by default. Apparently, this is extremely hard to remember. WeChat ID is not only for adding friends but also for getting WeChat back or reset password. So, you definitely need to remember your WeChat ID. Keep that in mind.
NOTE: WeChat ID can be changed only once. So you should think about it carefully before you change it. And for a new account, you might need to wait for about 3 days to change it. it’s ok, don’t be worry about that, all you need to do is try again 3 days later.
If you’re still not able to use People Nearby feature successfully after checking those things and have been waiting for a couple days. Then your account probably has violates the rules, the terms of WeChat. After following the above steps, you need to check below things out.

Do violates the terms of WeChat.

When you open your People Nearby, and it shows unable to access People Nearby. Then your account definitely violates the term of WeChat. You need to figure out why violates the terms and make some changes. Otherwise, your account could be blocked.
It could be you’ve sent too many requests, your People Nearby could be blocked. I mean, sometimes WeChat will block one feature not block your account. Then, why WeChat will block People Nearby feature? There’re two reasons, one is that you’ve sent too many requests, the other one is you’re reported by someone on People Nearby.
No matter people can’t see you or you can’t see them on people nearby or your message got no response, please read those steps carefully.
NOTE: Sometimes, you sent message on People Nearby and got no responses. It doesn’t mean your People Nearby is not working. Maybe it just someone does not interest in you and doesn’t want to reply to you.

What things could violate the terms of WeChat?
1. Delete your violative avatar picture or contents.
The picture or contents can’t be obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.
Some pictures will violate the term of WeChat, such as porn image, too sexy image will let WeChat think you’re doing something related to porn things. Ensure the picture you’re using doesn’t violate the law or the terms of WeChat. Please check it out and change that.
2. Delete your lewd content or illegal marketing.
WeChat is a great tool to make friends or doing market in China. Please make sure that your content without any lewd content and the marketing content is legal. Do not over market on WeChat.
As I said, WeChat is a great marketing tool, please make sure you’re not over market on that. The reason why you want to make so many friends is that you do want to make more friends or you just need to add more people to increase your marketing.
Important thing repeats one more time. Never over market on WeChat.
3. Uninstall the unofficial WeChat App.
I don’t know why users download the WeChat App from unknow website. I just don’t get it. if your phone is Android, please download the App from Google play store. As for iPhone, please download the App from Apple store. Or you can download the App from WeChat official website.
4. Do not use any Emulator or unofficial plugins.
Many users try to change their location by emulator(such as Andy, Bluestak, Youwave, etc). If you try to use an emulator to fool WeChat, then WeChat will not only block People Nearby feature but only block your WeChat account.
5. Do not use VPN to change your location.
For those users who try to change your IP or location by VPN, WeChat will not only block your People Nearby feature but only block your WeChat account.
6. Reported by others.
Of cause, you’ve tried so hard to figure out the reason but still no clue. In this case, it could be your account has been reported by others and you don’t even know what’s going on. When it comes to reporting by others, what you can do is make sure your account didn’t violate the terms of WeChat.
7. Send feedback to WeChat help center.
After you followed the tips above, and have been waiting for a couple days (One or two weeks) but still unable to use People Nearby feature. Then you can go to the last step.
If you’ve tried everything you can but People Nearby still not working then you can send feedback to WeChat support team(WeChat help center).
When it comes to WeChat support team, many users are frustrating that. Because WeChat support team may not reply to you at all. Many users have been waiting for a long time but got nothing. It happens, but many users fix their problem by sending feedback to WeChat support team.
There’re two ways to send feedback to WeChat support team. One is sending feedback via website page, the other one is via WeChat App on your phone.

Wechat Look Around App

How to send feedback to WeChat on a website page?
First, go to the WeChat help center. And then select you the platform you’re using, your Region. And the next step is very important, you need to select Broken feature on the Select Categories.
After that, you need to select the People Nearby to send feedback to WeChat help center. You’d better provide issues in details to WeChat, so they can quickly know what’s going on.
And please upload the screenshots of the issues. Before you submit feedback, please leave your contact info. Leave your WeChat ID or phone number and email.

How to send feedback to WeChat on mobile phone?
if you don’t want to send feedback from the website, you can choose to send feedback on your mobile phone. I think on App will be much easier. Besides, sending feedback from App will be more specific than website.
But sometimes you can pick both ways if your feedback didn’t get response after waiting for one or two weeks later.
Go to [Me] > [Settings]> [Help & Feedback]. And then, you need to click on the feedback icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
As you can see, there’re different features to send feedback. However, you might not see People Nearby on there. You need to tap [Other] and then you will find People Nearby.
After that, you need to select your issue, like “unable to send greetings”, “still receiving greetings after clearing location”, “unable to view photos of people nearby”, “unable to select gender”, etc.
Once you selected your issue, you can select the exactly crash time by clicking on [Crash Time]. And then do not forget to click on [Additional Details] to add more information about your issue with screenshots.
As for the last step you do not to skip, that’s entering your phone number, please enter your phone number. The number should be linked to WeChat account.
So, these are the solutions to fix the WeChat People Nearby is not working. Let me make a conclusion. If you’re new to WeChat, please update your information and wait for a couple days. If your account violates the terms of WeChat, please figure it out and delete that violative contents, commends, or images, etc. Uninstall any unofficial App, plugin, emulator, VPN, etc.
If all methods failed, please send feedback to WeChat help center. Any questions, please let me know and comment below, thank you!

Wechat Look Around Online

If you’re new to WeChat then you definitely need to know how to avoid your account been blocked and how to unblock account when it’s blocked.

Look Around Wechat Tidak Berfungsi

Also, the reason why you People Nearby is because you want to make more friends, so forward the post on how to add friends on WeChat.