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Restore WeChat backup to iPhone/iPad or PC. Step 1: Connect the device to the computer. Download and run the dr.fone app on your computer. Make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod is connected to the PC. Then let’s start with choosing the “Restore Social App” option on the dr.fone homepage. Download WeChat App 7.0.21 for iPad & iPhone free online at AppPure. Get WeChat for iOS - Calls, chats, and more latest version. WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for one billion users across the world. WeChat has as of August 2014 had over 438 million active users around the world with only 70 million outside China. WeChat for iPad. Allow users to either call or text free with family and friends across countries. This version comes with many exciting features which includes.

WeChat is a communication tool used by several millions of users around the world. It is known for the fastest message delivery and the highest level of privacy. With standalone support, any iOS users can use this app to share instant messages at no cost. Apart from sharing standard messages, WeChat for iOS offers even more ways to chat with friends. For instance, you can share multimedia files like images, audio and video files.

WeChat is a fully functional social app which supports chatting over video and voice calls. WeChat for iPhone even helps in sharing real-time location with one tap. Expressing over messages is more convenient with a countless number of unique selfie and custom stickers available in WeChat iPhone app.

Further, you can use WeChat Out feature to make calls at the lowest rate to chat across the world. In addition to messaging, WeChat users can play games and compete with other WeChat iPad users. With WeChat, you can befriend anyone as the app supports 20+ languages. It will even translate your friend’s messages and stories.

Note: Currently, WeChat Mini Games are available only in select regions.

How to Download WeChat for iOS

The iPhone and iPad users can download WeChat directly from the App Store. Get download to know the procedure to install WeChat app for iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Firstly, press the App Store icon to launch on your iOS device.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and click the magnifier/Search icon.

Step 3: Enter in the search bar as WeChat by using the screen keyboard. Navigate down to click the Search button.

Step 4: Choose WeChat on the next screen that shows the search result.

Step 5: After that, hit the Get button on WeChat app info page.

Step 6: Enter the Apple ID password/touch id to proceed further with WeChat on iPad installation.

Step 7: Finally, click the Open button to start using WeChat on iOS device.

WeChat for iOS Alternatives

WeChat for PC/Desktop Windows XP,7,8/8.1,10 – 32/64 bit

Skype for PC/Laptop Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 – 32/64 bit

Telegram for Chrome Browser Download [Web Extension]

Telegram for PC/Desktop Windows XP,7,8/8.1,10 – 32/64 bit

WeChat is also available for

To Sum Up

WeChat iOS supports accessing third-party services within the app, and you need not install them.

Hope you have understood the procedure to download and install WeChat on iOS. Use the comments section to share your queries and feedback.

Summary: This article will show you 3 different ways to extract and save WeChat messages from iPhone on computer with ease.

Wechat For Ipad Mini

Nowadays, WeChat provides great convenience for users to communicate with work partners/family/friends, pay for bills, place orders and etc. Except for its various functions, sending and receiving WeChat messages is one of the most important features in WeChat. However, WeChat has its limitation, too, that is, once the chat window with friends is deleted, the previous chat record can not be found in WeChat.

Wechat Ipad Download

But as a social software, it should be an indispensable feature to check the chat history at any time, and it's also a pleasure to savor the conversation before. But now it's alright, because you can save WeChat messages from iPhone to computer for backup without hassle. Let's see how to make it together.

Method 1. Backup WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer via WeChat App Directly
Method 2. Transfer WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer via WeChat File Transfer
Method 3. Export WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

1. Backup WeChat Messages from iPhone to PC via WeChat Backup & Restore

Actually, the latest WeChat app has added the function of 'Backup and Restore', which allows users to directly transfer WeChat data to computer using WeChat app and restore WeChat backup file to your device easily. The Backup and Restore feature could be quite helpful to avoid losing the important WeChat chat history on your iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS/XS Max/X/8/8 Plus/7/6/5 and etc. You can follow the instructions as below to save WeChat messages from iPhone to computer step by step.

Step 1. Launch WeChat for PC on your computer and sign into it.

Please download WeChat for PC from App Store, install and run the WeChat for PC on your computer. After that, please log into your WeChat account with your WeChat ID and password.

Step 2. Click 'Backup and Restore' button on WeChat for PC.

Wechat Ipad Create Account

Then on WeChat for PC, please click the menu in the left corner, then choose 'Backup and Restore' option from the pop-up menu to move on.

Wechat Ipad Download

Step 3. Start to back up WeChat data on computer.

On the window of 'Backup and Restore', please select 'Back up on PC' option, and then click 'Backup All' option to start backing up WeChat chat history from iPhone to computer, including the WeChat messages.

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2. Sync WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer via WeChat File Transfer

Using WeChat's Backup and Restore feature, you will backup and save all WeChat data from iPhone to computer while using WeChat's File Transfer feature, you can selectively transfer WeChat messages from iPhone to computer one by one. If you want to save only a part of WeChat chat history, this way is suitable for you. Now, let's see how to make it.

Here's how:

Step 1. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and computer. Please make sure both of your iPhone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network. On your iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom on the Home screen to open Control Center, tap the icon of Wi-Fi, choose an available Wi-Fi network to connect with the right password.

Step 2. Launch WeChat app on iPhone and tap 'File Transfer' option on chat window. If you can't see the 'File Transfer' option on your WeChat app, please make sure your WeChat is the latest version and then search it using the Search Box.

Step 3. Now please return to the conversation window where contains the messages you want to transfer from iPhone to computer, then long press the WeChat message to copy.

Step 4. Then please enter the chat window of File Transfer, paste the copied WeChat messages and send it to computer via File Transfer. After that, you might check and save the WeChat messages on computer from iPhone.


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3. Save WeChat Messages from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

Actually, iTunes also allows you to backup and sync WeChat messages from iPhone/iPad. While backing up WeChat messages via iTunes, simply choose the location of iTunes backup files on your computer according to your needs. Below are the instructions you can refer to.

Wechat Ipad

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable.

Step 2. Click your iPhone icon on iTunes window when iTunes detects you automatically, then click 'Summary' option on the left panel.

Step 3. On the right panel, please click 'Back Up Now' option to create a backup for your iPhone. And the backup file will contain the WeChat messages of your iPhone.

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