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Top 10 WeChat accounts for foreigners in China.

Heya I am 25 male from India.CLEAN CHAT ONLY no sex chat please no older than 30 no younger 18 sorry about that forgot my name its suresh8761 for Wechat ID. Choose Share His Name Card, then you will have options to share selected name cards in WeChat with any friends, latest chats, new chats, WeChat chat groups, etc.After that, the recipient you sent the contact name card to will be able to view the name card in the chat or group chat window, he, she or they can tap on this name card in WeChat and add this person to his, her or their WeChat. Both leave me in the main conversation list. By WeChat ID, I mean the ID you are able to set yourself and by OpenID, I meant the one that is return on the webhook as FromUsername. Looks like this: ogc7Qwpp0cf9ewOJKjpsEhKlCIX Can't make it work with a regular WeChat user or an official account. – dannytranlx Jun 17 '16 at 17:58. However, WeChat ID is the key to get your account back when you lost the phone number. Or you forgot to unlink the invalid phone number. Besides, WeChat ID is the most efficient way to add friends, accept friend requests. I’m sure there’re some people didn’t use WeChat ID at all. What Do I Do If I Forget My WeChat IDStep 1:The quickest way to retrieve your WeChat ID is to ask your WeChat friends to send you your WeChat ID.Step 2:Your.

1. Shameless

WeChat ID: shamelesschina
Beijing based Shameless is the undisputed Queen of WeChat accounts for foreigners in China. Expect sharp and witty original content every friday.

2. China Wire
WeChat ID: ChinaWire
Daily lunch time updates of general news and articles of interest to foreigners in China taken from across the web.
3. Guide in China
WeChat ID: GuideinChina
Again general news and articles of interest to foreigners in China.
WeChat ID: RealTimeChina
The official English news account of the China Daily newspaper.
5. African Time
WeChat ID: africantime
Daily news and articles of interest with a focus towards China’s African community.
6. CCTV News
WeChat ID: cctvnewsbeijing
The official English news account of the CCTV team in Beijing.
7. ChCh
WeChat ID: China-Channel
China Channel. Expect quality WeChat information and articles, like this one 😉
8. Niubi Panda

WeChat ID: niubipanda

9. That’s Shanghai
WeChat ID: Thats_Shanghai
Event listings, restaurant openings and other Shanghai related news in English.
10. Jamie
WeChat ID: IELTSpro
Finishing off the list is Beijing based teacher trainer Jamie. His account delivers regular inspirational content of use to teachers across China.


Wechat Id List
  1. The above listing is for news feed type Subcription accounts only, it does not include service accounts or enterprise accounts.
  2. International WeChat accounts are not included as they cannot be viewed within China.
  3. The data is based on the month of November 2015 only.
  4. The China Daily account does contain occasional Chinese content, however the vast majority of thier content is English.

Nothing would be more frustrating than your WeChat account has been blocked when you have something important to share with your Chinese friend. Getting a WeChat account didn’t mean you can have the WeChat account forever. Sometimes, you will get your WeChat account blocked easily when you didn’t follow the rules of WeChat. Why is my WeChat account blocked? How can I unblock my WeChat account?

Why is my WeChat account blocked?

There are so many reasons that will cause your WeChat account been blocked. So, you need to know what you can do, what you can’t do with your WeChat. Check out some reasons below when your WeChat account is blocked.

  • A non-official version of WeChat.
    Make sure that you downloaded WeChat from official channels.
  • Android Emulator(such as Andy, Bluestack, Youwave).
    Do not use any Android emulator to run WeChat. Especially using a location emulator to change your location.
  • Unofficial plugins to run WeChat.Note: Stop to use unsanctioned plugins for WeChat which is in violation of WeChat’s Service Agreement and your account may be permanently blocked if you continue to use it.
  • violating the rules of WeChat.
  • You’ve been reported by others. Such as sending lewd content(files), violent content(files), rumors or annoying ads and any violations of laws.
  • You’re using a virtual phone number not a fixed(real) phone number for registering and you made it.
  • Suspicious behavior.
    Such as you can not log in and log out in many devices in a short time, or attempt to change your password in a short time, even help verification with others too often, etc.

    If you’re using a virtual number to register successfully, your account will be blocked sooner or later. In that case, you should prepare for blocking or you can link your fixed(real) phone number to your WeChat account before it’s being blocked.

You will get more details on How to link/change your phone number to WeChat?

  • other reasons.
  • Block for no reasons.
    You know what, it hanpped that you just create a new account and you didn’t do anything wrong and WeChat account blocked for no reason. As for blocking reason that WeChat says is ” unnormal registration” or “Sending too much request” or any other reason.

    Actually, the reason that WeChat gave you was totally insane. Because you didn’t do anything relative that. Maybe you create account today and blocked tomorrow or in three days. In this case, you need to send feedback to WeChat support team to let them know your account was blocked for no reason.

How to unblock my WeChat account?

There’re three types of account blocked, One is temporary block and can unblock by yourself. The other one just can’t unblock by yourself, you need to ask WeChat to help you unblock it. Or you need to wait for one or two weeks to unblock it or it will be unblock automatically. As for the last one is permanently block, there’s no way to unblock it, as you’ve violated the terms of WeChat so much.

Way 1 :unblock your WeChat account by yourself.

When you entered your WeChat account and password, you were told your account has been blocked as for abnormal activity or other account security issues. Actually, this happened to many WeChat account. For most people, you’re so confusing. Because you didn’t do anything abnormal things. And then you try to would google the answer but still unable to.


NOTE: Trust me, if your WeChat account didn’t link to your phone number. Link it right now, or your account will be blocked sooner or later.

As the image says, abnormal activity has been detected and for account security, this account has been blocked. But the good thing is you can unblock it by yourself.

The start of the unblocking is to click on [OK]. And then you will see the account penalty details, blocking type and reason.

NOTE: If your account has been blocked, and your WeChat Pay account still contains funds or other assets, WeChat will automatically open the assets entrance. You will still be able to log in to WeChat to withdraw funds from your Balance. You need to tap the [withdraw any remaining funds left] text in blue and follow the instructions.

You need to click on [Read and accept] to continue unblocking. Then you will be requested to Drag the slider below to the puzzle piece.

Next, WeChat needs you to enter an available phone number to unblock. You can say that it’s to confirm your identity. So you can select your region code by tapping [Select region] and then enter a phone number.

You had better enter your own number or the number has linked to. If you’ve lost or changed your old number, you can enter another number. As you can see, only an available phone number needed in here. Available means it can receive or send SMS code and shouldn’t be a virtual phone number.

Click on [Next], and then you need to use the phone number you entered the previous step to send SMS code. As for the content and receiver, they are all shown below on the screen. The content should only contain the SMS code you were given.

I assume you all know how to send SMS messages. And the result should be like this, as the image shown below.


After that, you need to go back to click on [Continue After Sending SMS].

Now, here is the most frustrating thing. You need a WeChat user to help you to verify your identity. This WeChat user who you need to ask for help need or doesn’t need to be your WeChat friend. It all depends on what kind of block reasons. And please read it carefully before you’re asking for help.

If it shows need to be your WeChat friends, then you can only ask your WeChat friend for help. I’m sure that most of you don’t have friends meet the requirements and you did violate the terms. Then you should try to contact WeChat support team.

But this WeChat user should meet the requirement below.

  • Is friends with you on WeChat (Or doesn’t need to be your friends on WeChat.)
  • User registered at least six months ago and has continued to use their account regularly.
  • User has not already verified an excessive number of other accounts (Once per month, two accounts per six months, three accounts annually).(The requirements might be different from other countries, please read it carefully.)

NOTE: Different kind of blocking type needs different requirements, please read it carefully!!!! And as for asking Chinese for help, you need to know WeChat only allows they to help verify 2-3 times in one year.

You need to get this user’s phone number(has linked to their WeChat account). And then select the user’s region and entering the phone number. After that click on [Next].

Do you think this is the last step? The answer is NO. What you need to do now is telling this user to help you with verification. If you have read my blog on how to sign up WeChat account. You must know how to verify.

How to verify someone on WeChat?

Following steps are for that WeChat user(Your WeChat friend not you). If they don’t know what to do you can share this article to them.

  1. Ask that WeChat user(Your WeChat friend) to open WeChat.
    First thing first, you need to enter your WeChat friend’s phone number(has linked to WeChat) on your end. And then ask your friends follows the steps as below.
  2. Search “WeChat Team” in the search bar, or find out “WeChat Team” on their contact lists.
  3. Tapping [Account] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Clicking [Help Friend Log in].
    If you need someone to help your create WeChat account. Which means verifying you to register WeChat account. Then need to tap [Help Friend Register].
  5. Make sure that users not a fraud and then click on the green Word below.
  6. What you need to do is tapping [identity verified(by call or other methods)]What if I can’t contact my WeChat friends, as I only have theirs WeChat info. But now my WeChat account has been blocked. In this case, if your account need to be verify only by your WeChat friends. Then there’s no way to get it back as all process need to follow the instruction as WeChat says. If you can’t get throung it, you’re not able to unblock your account.

After the user doing that, your WeChat account should be activated and you can log in to WeChat now. If you’re required more than one WeChat users to help with you, make sure the number is enough, you can check how many users have helped you by click on [Refresh]

Way 2: Unblock WeChat via WeChat support on website.

If you can’t unblock your WeChat account by method one. Then you can try this one. Once your WeChat account has been blocked, there are no other ways to get your account back unless asking WeChat support for help.

However, if your account has been blocked permanently due to a serious violation of the WECHAT TERMS OF SERVICE then you will never get your account back. Which means you can not use your old WeChat account anymore. But you can continue to use WeChat services by sign-up a new WeChat account. If you want to register WeChat account then you can head to my guide on how to sign up WeChat account.

  1. Click here(WeChat support), go to the Account Recovery channel.
  2. Select “Banned WeChat Account” type. Select an ID type. There are four types of account for you to choose(WeChat ID/mobile number/QQ/Email). After selecting your ID type, you will be asked to enter your ID type according to your choosing before. such as entering your WeChat ID/mobile number/QQ number/ Email. If you chose a mobile number type, then you should select your country/region and enter your phone number.
    NOTE: This phone number was linked to your account.
  3. Select “Send verification code”: Select your country/region and enter a phone number. NOTE: This phone number can be yours or your friends’, obviously this phone number is for helping unblock your account.
  4. Entering “CAPTCHA Characters”.
  5. Click on “Send Verification Code” button.
  6. Select “Unable to Login” at the categories section. you will see other section listed near the categories. You should select “Account Blocked” in this field.
  7. What you need to do next is telling your problem with detailed information in the “Description” section. It will be easier to help you unblock WeChat account that uploading a screenshot of the problem. And tell them, Account Recovery page didn’t work for you to unblock your WeChat account.
  8. Select the type of contact at “Prefer Being Contacted by” section. This must be an email address.
  9. Submit the form.

NOTE: WeChat got tons of feedback everyday, so they will not read every feedback, would missed out some feedback. you can send again after wait for one or two weeks. And you need to wait for at least one or two weeks until you get a notification.

Way 3: Unblock WeChat via WeChat support on Phone device(WeChat App).

If you don’t have your PC by your side. You can seed feedback to WeChat support team on your phone via WeChat App. it will be easier for someone who can’t access the PC or Mac right now.

First, you need to you click on [More Options] on the bottom right corner of the screen. And then you need to tap on [WeChat Help Center].

After that, you will see [Send Feedback] icon. Click on that.

Then you need to click on [ Send Feedback] Now, you can select yout mobile device platform, region, issues type, etc. just like the previous steps.

Please provide your issues in detail. And don’t forget to upload screenshots of the issues. Besides, leave your contact info, your WeChat account ID and Email. Or prefer being cotacted by WeChat.

The last step is click on [Submit], then your feedback is done. There’s an important thing you need to know. WeChat might not reply to you immediately, you need to wait for a couple days or weeks. And then you try to login again.

If still failed to, that could be they didn’t see your feedback. Or your account can’t be unblocked by WeChat support, for some blocking type, there’s no way to unblock by WeChat support team, the ony way is following the process as WeChat says.

I recommed you seed feedback more then once, because they got tons of feedback everyday. They might missed out your feedback.

What should I do if I’m unable to unblock my WeChat account?

  • If your account has been blocked because of the virtual phone number or your phone number is operated by a virtual network operator. Then you should use another phone number(a real/fixed phone number) to unblock.
  • If your WeChat account has been blocked more than once, and you are trying to unblock again, then the phone number you are using to unblock your WeChat account should be the same phone number which you used to unblock your WeChat account last time
  • The phone number you are using to unblock your WeChat account may have reached the maximum number of the times to unblock account.
    In this case, you had better not attempt to unblock again and again with the same phone number. you should wait until next month before attempting to unblock again.
  • The registered region of the phone number you are using to unblock your account may not match the registered region for the WeChat account.
    In this case, you’re recommended to use a different phone number with the same country code that matches with the registered region of your WeChat account.
    For example, if the country code for the phone number used to register your WeChat account is the U.S. (+1), the country code for the phone number used for unblocking should also be the U.S.
  • Your WeChat account has been registered for 14 days or less:
    It’s recommended to use the phone number currently linked with the WeChat account to unblock for which just registered within the last 14 days.
    If the linked phone number is unavailable, wait until 14 days have passed since registering and use another phone number to unblock your account.
  • The friend’s WeChat account you provided may not be qualified:
    Enter the phone number for other WeChat friends who meet the conditions below to unblock your account. The invited WeChat account must meet all of the conditions below:
    1) If you registered your account outside of mainland China, you can ask both mainland China users and users outside of mainland China to help confirm your identity, but the conditions below should be met:

    a. You can ask any WeChat users outside of mainland China (not just WeChat Contacts) to aid in unblocking your account.
    b. You can also ask mainland Chinese users who must already be Contacts in your WeChat account to aid in unblocking your account.

    2) If you registered your account inside mainland China, you may only request aid from other mainland Chinese users in unblocking your account, and the conditions below should be met:

    a. You can ask users who aren’t already contacts within your WeChat to aid in unblocking as long as users registered on WeChat from the same province with you.
    b. You can ask WeChat users from any province in mainland China to aid in unblocking your account as long as they are already contacts within your WeChat.

    Note: Whether a blocked account is registered inside or outside of mainland China is determined by the registered region of the account (not the region stated in the user’s profile); the user assisting in unblocking your account must be a WeChat user who has registered for more than six months and is operating their account normally. Users who have registered less than six months or were blocked recently are not able to assist others in unblocking accounts.

What if you’ve tried every method but still can’t unblock your WeChat account?

Many people ask me is there any way to contact WeChat support? And you might want to contact them since every method you’ve tried seems didn’t work at all. In this case, you can try to give feedback to the WeChat support.

Click on the links above and then you will go to the WeChat support Center.

Wechat Id List Philippines

step 1: Describe your questions and suggestions.

  1. Select your device platform(Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Mac, PC etc).
  2. Next, select your region.
  3. Then, you need to select the categories.
    Such as Unable to login, Account registration, Account Security. If you read this post I think most of you should select unable to login.
  4. After that, you can choose the questions you want to fix.
    (Account blocked, freezed, Password retrieval, etc)
  5. Provide description.
    The more details you provide the more chance you can fix your problem.
  6. Click on Upload screenshot to let them know your problem well.

Step 2: Leave your contact info.

  1. Provide your contact info, so they can contact you when they’re trying to help you.Enter your WeChat ID or Linked phone number.
  2. Enter your email.
    I recommend you to select the email option. It will be more helpful if you can’t login to WeChat account.

The last step is to click on the [Submit].

The last way is to contact WeChat support team on Facebook.

You definitly need to know how to avoid WeChat account being blocked. please check it out.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you found this blog is helpful please share with your friends. if It helped you out please let me know ( My WeChat ID: xsY7654321 ) and if you have any questions please comment below.

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