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'Download WeChat free one of the applications with more growth in the United States and more followers in Asia. Learn how to download WeChat for PC in your laptop or personal computer. Know how to use WeChat in a few minutes.'

WeChat is free; an instant messaging application for free. Wechat a real app that makes the competition to WhatsApp in the United States and which dominates with an iron hand for the asian market with China between one of the countries with more presence.

Some users may want to login and use WeChat without mobile phone. Yes, you can scan the QR code to login the web WeChat on computer, instead of logging in WeChat app with an account and its password. However, some may fail to scan the code for some reasons. To fix this, you can: 1) Update your browser to the latest version. WeChat for Windows is the PC version of this Asian messaging service that lets you open conversations on your computer. You can easily send messages and other content to your contacts from its interface.

In a few minutes you can enjoy Wechat free download. Since a few years ago Wechat free download is commonplace among users and is already an app from messaging known at the global level. Wechat free download is as common as download Whatsapp.

WeChat is a free platform that allows you to make video calls, send instant messages and data with a high level of privacy. Today Wechat free download has become the main rival of WhatsApp.

Know some features available when WeChat free download

  • There are more than 500 million users who have chosen to download Wechat free

  • Download Wechat allows you to make video calls totally free

  • The creators of the application are betting on a continuous development innovating in new features. The market for apps for Android grows each year at the same speed as the number of users who buy Smartphone from brands like Samsung with Android system.

  • Galleries of stickers free next to a design very refined with talks fast without wait.

How to download WeChat from the developer's official website

The large amount of smartphone that launched the main manufacturers are the best showcase for new applications. Wechat wants to achieve part of this cake of new users of apps of messaging. Terminals as the Samsung Galaxy S9 are smartphone ideal to enjoy the instant messaging, make video calls and share your photos with the function moments of Wechat.

If you want to have an app from messaging very complete you can take a stroll around this web page. In addition I leave here the links to the official website of Wechat for that could download the app for all platforms disponobles. Do not wait any longer to enjoy Wechat free download on your PC, Smartphone or tablet with Android system or iOS. It is important to know that WeChat is also available for Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone.

  • Download WeChat for iPhone.
  • Download WeChar for Android.
  • Download WeChat for Windows Phone.
  • Download WeChat for Nokia.
  • Download WeChat for Blackberry.

Free Download Wechat

Sign in using your email address and password

If you decide to download WeChat in your device or smartphone you can add the icon on the screen or desktop of your device. You only need to access from the desktop and start the session di already have account or press the REGISTER.


Choose the country you live in, (it is likely that you aparaezca automatically). Add your phone number. Now only need to read the privacy terms and accept if these correct. After a few seconds you can start the second step.

Locate and add contacts

WeChat is able to access your address book and detect that friends have the app installed. In this way with your consent may add contacts automatically to the application from your address book.

Now you can enter the name that you want to see your friends. In addition to download Wechat free lets you link WeChat with Facebook and share your best moments in social networks

Once you have completed these steps you can insert your Profile photo from the option 'Set to Profile Photo'. Only you have to configure your ID of Wechat, this ID can be used for other people, users or friends can locate your profile. Do not wait any longer to enjoy this messaging application and visit the sections of WeChat for PC to know all the features of the application.

Do not miss all the novelties of WeChat.

Chat from your Mac to any device

Mac users can chat, message, and share files with other WeChat users without the need for a mobile device. The desktop version contains a limited number of features of the smartphone app.

Social interaction directly from your Mac

Beyond using just mobile devices, Mac users can keep in touch with friends and family directly from their laptop.

WeChat for Mac lets you send files and images straight from your Mac to other people using the program on any device. Like the mobile app, you can send voice messages and use a group chat. It’s free, and pushes out any ads that other programs are flooded with.

The beauty of this desktop version is that all you need is your computer. Just scan the QR code and be up and running. It’s great for people who want to avoid a download of the program to their phone. A bonus is that it requires very little storage space on the computer.

WeChat has some handy features. Use the screenshot tool to snap an instant image and send it on. It’s easy to get lost in a group chat, so this software gives members a notification when their name gets mentioned.

Quick messaging can lead to making mistakes. The program features a recall option. However, the limitation of this feature is that it is only relevant for the last one sent and within 2 minutes only.

The app is heavily used in China and across parts of Asia. Yet, it hasn’t had the same uptake globally as its competitors, making it a weak choice outside the key countries.

Where can you run this program?

WeChat runs across all platforms and mobile devices. A desktop version is available for Mac and Windows.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there is. WeChat is very popular in China. However, Line or WhatsApp are more widely used worldwide.

Our take

WeChat for Mac allows desktop users to access limited features of the smartphone app. Only recommended for users in, or with, an extensive network in China


Should you download it?

Download Wechat App For Desktop

Yes, but only if you want to use your Mac to contact users of Wechat. Otherwise, there are other options.

Wechat App For Desktop


  • Free
  • Runs across multiple platforms
  • Uses little storage space


  • Recall function is strict
  • Popular only in China
  • Limited features

WeChatfor Mac