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Website Templates by Nicepage. Nicepage is a site builder, using which you can create templates, cms templates including WordPress themes, make a high-quality home, landing page website for support, contact, services, and terms according to the modern web standards.

Web page layout templates

Free Html Page Layouts

Simple web page template

Create any of your ideas on Web design layout

This web utility will assist you to kick start your website design and website layout using “Blended HTML” free online tool. The utility generates a complete HTML and CSS style sheet scripts based on graphical layout utility which accessible from editor tab.
The utility includes several features as described below and is provided absolutely free of charge.
The generated code has no hidden commercials, spam and etc. Using this tool you will be able to build the layout of the page from scratch by using simple and user friendly drag and drop gestures.
There is no restriction on the position of the DIV blocks on page. You can add as many headers and footers as you wish, moreover there is no tabular data in the layout, all elements are positioned purely in CSS in an external style sheet.
The layout generator is designed for enthusiasts, students as well as for experienced web designers who are looking to save the precious time.
Cutting Edge Technology - For best experience we advice to use the browsers as listed in 'Browsers Support'.
Downloadable website templates free

Free Page Layout Templates

By checking out our Website Templates that can be accessed in your Microsoft Word program. These ready-made templates have been designed to help you easily create a website header to help promote or amp up the presence of your website. HTML Layout Elements HTML has several semantic elements that define the different parts of a web page: - Defines a header for a document or a section - Defines a set of navigation links.