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Date: June 7, 2011

Though weather is just one factor, it can really affect your travel plans, especially when you are planning a longer stay in Bar Elias. The hottest months are usually July and August with an average temp of 77°F, while the coldest months are January and February with an average of 47°F. Weather Forecast On Demand Video Nahant Receives $3 Million Donation To Help With Legal Fees Related To Land Fight The town of Nahant just got a big boost in its land fight with Northeastern. Major cruise company may avoid Florida if state doesn't permit COVID-19 vaccination checks, CEO says CNN; A bowling ball crashed through a New Hampshire school bus window. Probability: 5%. Precipitation: 0 mm. Highs 18 to 20C and lows 11 to 13C.

Gilahina Fire Quiet Despite Warmer, Drier Weather

(Copper Center, AK) – After several cool and sometimes wet days, weather conditions have changed. Monday at the Gilahina Fire, temperatures rose into the 60ºs and the relative humidity dropped to 31%. Today is forecasted to be warm, dry, and windy. A Red Flag Warning has been issued for the Copper River Basin, indicating fire conditions are high or extreme.

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Despite the changing weather conditions, the Gilahina Fire showed very little activity yesterday. The fire continued to burn, but with little increase in visible smoke and no increase in acreage. Most of the smoke was observed on the northeast side of the fire, well inside the Limited Fire Management area. Burning in a wilderness area, this low-intensity natural fire will improve the health of the land and vegetation.The Whiskeytown Wildland Fire Module is continuing to monitor the fire and looking at possible options if the fire starts to spread too quickly. Aerial observers will also be checking the fire for possible flare-ups.

The Whiskeytown crew is also assessing the fuels around the Gilahina Trestle. This trestle was built in 1911 and is 890 feet long and 90 feet high.Over time, brush and trees have grown up around the trestle. If a fire spreads into this fuel, it could destroy this historic structure. The crew will develop and implement a plan to thin out some of the overgrown vegetation to reduce the chance of fire spreading to the trestle.

The State of Alaska Division of Forestry and National Park Service are managing this fire cooperatively. The public is requested to be extra careful with all fire and potential ignition sources during this dry weather. The Gilahina Fire was caused by lightning, but most fires in Alaska are caused by humans.

The Gilahina Fire is five miles north of the McCarthy Road. There are no restrictions on the McCarthy Road.Pilots are reminded to watch for fire related helicopter and fixed-wing traffic, and be aware of the possibility of heavy smoke. The local victor frequency is 122.90.

For more information about fires statewide, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Center at 907-356-5511, or visit

By Issam Abdallah

BAR ELIAS, Lebanon (Reuters) – Hussein al-Khaled and his family have lived in a makeshift hut in Lebanon for a decade since fleeing the war in neighbouring Syria, but this year COVID and economic collapse are making it even harder to spend Ramadan away from home.


Khaled, his wife and their 11 children share a two-room hut made of wood and tarpaulin in an informal refugee camp in a field in the Bekaa Valley town of Bar Elias, and are now reliant on aid donations because there is no work to be found.

“Our spirits are down this year. Ramadan is here and we don’t know what to do for the kids,” said Khaled, 50, who has not had a job for the past six months.

His wife, who goes by Um Ahmad which means mother of Ahmad, said the family could no longer afford enough oil to fry potatoes for dinner when they break their daily Ramadan fast at sundown.

Gone are the days of Ramadan feasts and new clothes for the children, when the family lived comfortably at home in Aleppo and Khaled had regular work in construction, laying tiles. The war destroyed their house and put an end to that life.

“I never would have expected this. My children’s future is gone,” he said. “They ask me about many things. ‘Baba why don’t you get me this?’ How can I buy things for them?”

The family are among up to 1.5 million Syrian refugees who have poured into Lebanon since 2011 and are estimated to make up almost a quarter of the country’s population. Most have languished in severe poverty in tented settlements.

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Many refugees like Khaled used to be able to work to eke out a living, but daily wages have been slashed as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Lebanon into repeated lockdowns.

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Compounding the problem, Lebanon’s unprecedented financial meltdown, which has pushed most Lebanese into poverty since 2019, has sent the price of staple foods soaring.

“Everything is 10 times more expensive – rice, bread, a can of Pepsi,” said Khaled. “Things are very tough, on us and on the people of this country.”

Still, in spite of all the hardship, Khaled says the family remains wary of returning to Syria for now because of security fears. Um Ahmad says it is painful to think of life at home before the war.

“Today, we’ve been displaced for 10 years,” she said. “From living in our home to sitting in a tent, it’s the difference between the sky and the earth.”

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(Writing by Ellen Francis, editing by Estelle Shirbon)

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