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Within this post, I will illustrate How To Install macOS Unlocker For Vmware Patch Tool. While we have provided macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool on Windows, we will install macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool. Installing macOS Catalina or alternative versions on Windows can be very complicated and hard without VMware Workstation Player, especially a macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool. That’s why we’ve supplied VMware Workstation Player first, which is a pretty useful virtual machine program. There are two types of VMware Workstation. The first one is the VMware Workstation Pro, and the next one is the VMware Workstation Player. We are going to explain more and also make you more aware.

This is a Simple Guide on How to Install MAC OS X on VMWare Workstation running in a Windows host machine. VMware is useful for Installing Many Operating Systems, You can Install Windows, Linux, Mac Operating Systems on a Single Host Machine. Here I am testing on 10.11. Sep 28, 2017 SEE: Boost your Mac productivity with these 10 techniques (free PDF) (TechRepublic) 1. Access your ESXi host from the device or from a browser by navigating to the IP address of the host server.


  1. As you may know, starting with Version 5, vSphere supports Apple Hardware running Mac OS X Server as a guest operating system. So, this group is about all related topics to the Mac OS X Support as the guest operating system.
  2. MacOS X 10.12 Sierra VMWare Image macOS Sierra v10.12 (16A323) Multilingual Image For VMware SadeemPC.rar Admin Password: 123 Instructions: 1) Install VMware Workstation Pro (Do Not Launch) 2) Now Run “win-install.bat” As Administrator From Vmware Unlocker Folder 3) Open VMware Workstation Pro & Click On FileOpen OR Press CTRL+O.

The VMware Workstation Pro is the top edition of this VMware Workstation and is somewhat expensive. Here’s the URL to buy it. The VMware Workstation Player is your free version of this VMware Workstation, free for students or other personal use. When you install VMware Workstation Guru or Player, it will have to install macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool to install macOS. That is because, as we have mentioned previously, VMware straightly supports macOS on VMware in Windows. That’s because Apple does not let its operating system to be set up someplace else except on its hardware. That includes the complete of its operating system such as iOS, macOS, WatchOS.


Update following the update comes in Apple. Following macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, and then macOS Catalina. These upgrades come really late for Apple fans and even Windows macOS fans. The main reason is, Windows users may even install macOS High Sierra, set up macOS Mojave, and set up macOS Catalina on their Windows PC. All these are possible because of these essential tools, especially macOS Catalina VMware Unlocker Patch Tool, macOS Mojave VMware Unlocker Patch Tool, macOS High Sierra Unlocker Patch Tool. The only blackened tool which is important is VMware Workstation set up beforehand. Once the VMware is set up, it is pretty easy to install macOS VMware Unlocker Patch Tool on Windows.

While we have some idea about what’s VMware, it is kinds and also catch it in the previous post. Now it is time to Understand about VMware Unlocker Patch Tool for macOS (Unlocker for VMware). Here is everything you need to know about macOS High Sierra VMware Unlocker.

VMware Unlocker Patch Tool, which is also frequent as VMware Unlocker for macOS, macOS VMware Unlocker, macOS Mojave Unlocker, and Unlocker for VMware. These are the most common names of the Unlocker, which we know. That means if any of these is explained, you should likely they are calling off VMware Unlocker Tool. The VMware Unlocker Patch is actually a set of tools that’s a particular program like some other software such as VMware Workstation.


Although it isn’t required to patch VMware for installing macOS on Mac, even if it’s to a virtual machine, that’s because Apple supports installing macOS within Mac but not external. This specific tool or application includes a few and much more of the technical tools such as VMware-vmx, vmwarebase.dll, VMware base, which completely functions to spot and alter VMware Workstation’s configurations, options and also downloads the VMware Tools for your specific machine. In the end, it will help run and install macOS on VMware using all the options that macOS Unlocker does.

To install and operate macOS on VMware on Windows, we certainly need VMware Unlocker, in which case, we have provided macOS VMware Unlocker. Download VMware Unlocker Patch Tool for macOS (Unlocker for VMware). With this, there is no chance to install macOS Catalina on VMware. It is nearly impossible. So select a copy of this in the download link below.

This Unlocker for VMware works for any VMware version such as VMware Workstation 15, VMware Workstation 14, or other.

When you’ve downloaded it, extract it and proceed with steps to set up VMware Unlocker Patch Tool.


When installing macOS is simple with those tools, there’s no reason not to take action. It doesn’t make sense. Irrespective of which Windows version and VMware Workstation, the VMware Unlocker is the best instrument to help us set up macOS Catalina on VMware. Regrettably, installing macOS on VMware on AMD does not operate for now. But it works on VirtualBox for many. We’ve established an exclusive tutorial on How to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows.

To set up VMware Unlocker Tool, initially, installing VMware Workstation is demanded. Just VMware Fusion doesn’t work, and many others like VMware Workstation and Player works.

Whenever the VMware is set up, shut it if it’s open.

Vmware Os X

Now browse to the VMware Unlocker documents and click on win-install, and select Run As Administrator.

This can run the command prompt and will automatically close.

Great! The VMware has been patched, and it is now ready to do the job.

Fire up VMware and click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

Next up, click on the magician.

Then select I’ll set up the operating system later.

So there it is! The Apple Mac OS X is currently there with its version in the drop-down menu. Select macOS 10.15 or 10.14 or anything version and click on Next.

Following this, then proceed with the setup from the tutorial we have provided below.

Vmware Download For Mac Os X

That was about VMware Unlocker Patch Tool. With all these, we end up this post now. I am hoping it works, and it should help. When something we’ve left or might love to include or create some nice suggestions, we are delighted to hear.

In this article, I will show How to Install VMware tools on Mac OS X El Capitan on VMware on Windows. Have ever tested or installed Mac OS X El Capitan on your computer or any latest version of the Mac operating system on your computer. Such as MacOS Yousimet, MacOS X, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, or macOS Mojave with it’s latest version. If you are using Mac OS X El Capitan so in here I will show you to install it’s VM tool, or if you have the problem in installation of other macOS operating so in below I will give the link to have more information about it. If you are using Mac OS X El Capitan perfectly on VMware Workstation or VirtualBox, VM tools install the missing drivers and download the Kext in your Virtual machine, then don’t worry follow the steps of the article.

Install Mac OS X El Capitan on VMware & VirtualBox

Install Mac OS X El Capitan VM Tools

Before going to install VM tools on Mac OS X El Capitan firstly you should know the methods of installation in VMware and Virtualbox. Therefore, if you want to install VM tools on Mac OS X El Capitan firstly install the operating system.

And Mac OS X El Capitan is the twelfth major release of Mac and Apple company, that Mac OS X is consist of high performance and outstanding features. However, you can install this operating system on Mac computer, Macintosh, and the beta version in VMware and VirtualBox.

Install VMware tool on Mac OS El Capitan

Step #1. To install VMware tools on Mac OS X El Capitan, you ought to have a clean installation. After that, run the VMware Workstation and click on Power on this virtual machine.

Power on Virtual machine

Step #3. In this step, click on VM on the taskbar, Removable, CD/DVD (SATA) and settings go further for more settings.

Step #4. In this step, after that, you clicked settings in here select CD/DVD (SATA) and click on Use ISO image file and browse for VM ISO file.

Browse for ISO file of Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #5. In this step, navigate VM Tool and click open to insert the ISO file into the Mac OS X El Capitan.

Select VM tools


Step #6. In this step, you will see the VMware tools that appear on the screen of Mac OS X El Captain. Therefore, double click on that and navigate to Install VMware and right click then click Open.

VM tools

Step #7. In this step, Introduction just clicks the Continue button.

Step #7. In Destination select you are gonna select the dist where you want to install the VMware Tools software, I recommend you to do nothing and click Continue.

Destination select

Step #8. In this step, if Installation Type if you want to change install location, therefore, you can bring changes and if not simply click Install.

Step #9. In this step, a warning will pop up to give the installer permission to install the new software. Type your password to allow this and click Install Software for some seconds to install VM Tools on Mac OS X El Capitan.

Installer if trying to install software warning

Now Restart Required?

Step #10. After that, the installation of VM Tools is successfully done then you need to restart your Mac OS X El Capitan on VMware Workstation.


Step #11. After that, the installation is rebooted now you will have a view of Mac OS X El Capitan. It will work automatically it resizes the screen size.

+You can watch the video Also


That’s all about How to install VMware Tools on Mac OS X El Capitan on VMware. However, if you faced any kind of problem feel free and comment on the comment box, and don’t forget to give us feedback and subscription for the latest post of our website.