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After that, select the third option I want to install the macOS Catalina operating system later. Now you must select Apple Mac OS X guest option for macOS Catalina. Give a name for Virtual machine, voluntarily you can give a name for Virtual machine. Specify the storage amount for macOS Catalina on VMware Workstation. At the last step, click. VMware Fusion delivers the best way to run Windows on the Mac, and the ultimate development and testing tool for building apps to run on any platform. Ready for macOS 11.0 Big Sur, Fusion 12 supports macOS 10.15 Catalina and includes new features for developers, IT admins and everyday users. The VMware Unlocker Tool for macOS or macOS Unlocker for VMware is a VMware Unlocker for macOS Catalina or macOS Unlocker for VMware and other macOS to install macOS Catalina on VMware. Since VMware doesn’t support installing macOS on virtual machine, the installation process isn’t possible without the patch.

macOS Catalina 10.15 comes with some significant features to the public, and also you might sip the test. The features are more valuable than the features of the previous operating system. Like the big replacement of iTunes with other App, After this use your iPad screen display on your Mac PCs. The more important thing is the highest security improvements to Catalina 10.15. There is a big deal between Mac and Windows that you can’t ever install macOS directly as an actual operating system on beside Windows. Again if you are interested simply you can install it using Virtual machines. Which called VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.

However, we are trying our level best to find something new trick, and finally, we did it. We can easily install macOS Catalina on Mac using VMware fusion. For the installation, you need some requirements to complete. Like macOS Catalina VMDK Or ISO file. Also, be sure that your Mac computer is compatible with macOS Catalina.

Indeed while installation I faced a small issue that we got stuck at Apple Logo while going to install VMware Fusion. After many tries, I figure out the solution on how to bypass the Apple Logo. The same problem I faced on Windows PC too. I don’t know why this is happening but again, I will show you how to Fix macOS Catalina 10.15 Stuck on Apple Logo on VMware Fusion & Windows PC. We can call these kinds of problems common but it can cause sometimes makes us unable to rich to our point.

Fix macOS Catalina 10.15 Stuck on Apple Logo on VMware Fusion

Step 1. When the Virtual machine for macOS Catalina 10.15 on macOS or Mac created. After that, you want to start the installation. Suddenly, the Apple Logo will stick there than can’t continue to install. Therefore, you need some set to perform to bypass the Apple Logo from stuck. To do that, click on the top on “Virtual Machine” select from down list “Shut down”.

Shut down the virtual machine

Step 2. Once the Virtual machine shut down. Then click on the Setting properties, while the properties window opened simply click on General Tab.

Step 3. Once the General menu opened change “macOS 10.15” to “Microsoft Windows” be sure that the “Windows 10 x64” should be selected. Once it’s done close the General tab.

Select Microsoft Windows

Step 4. When the OS changed go-ahead and power on the virtual machine. Once the installation completed the virtual machine will restart quickly power off the virtual machine.

Step 5. OK, its done now virtual machine is off and the rest of the installation is remaining. Therefore, again click on setting>General tab. Once it’s opened, change the “Microsoft Windows” to “Apple OS X” and the version “macOS 10.15.

Vmware Fusion 11.5 Macos Catalina

Apple OS X

Fix macOS Catalina 10.15 Stuck on Apple Logo on VMware Workstation

Step 1. If you got stuck on Apple Logo on VMware Workstation on Windows PC. Then follow this guide, click on Edit Virtual machine setting.

Vmware Fusion 8 Macos Catalina

Edit virtual machine setting

Step 2. Once the virtual machine setting launched click on the “Options”. Then choose the General tab. If it is Apple Mac OS X” change it to “Microsoft Windows” and the version “Windows 10 x64” then click OK to save changes.

Step 3. Go ahead power on the Virtual machine and complete the installation. When the installation succeeds Power off the virtual machine.


Vmware fusion macos catalina

Step 4. Again click on Edit on Edit Virtual machine settings. This time change the “Microsoft Windows” to “Apple Mac OS X” and the version should be selected “macOS 10.15”. Once it is done click OK.

Step 5. When that is done click on Power on this virtual machine. Then continue to next step of the installation process.

Mac Os Catalina Vmware Player

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Vmware Fusion Macos Catalina

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