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With first generation of Apple silicon chips, namely the M1, Apple has made significant performance and efficacy improvements, with claims of “Up to 2.8x CPU performance; Up to 5x the graphics speed; Up to 11x faster machine learning; And up to 20 hours of battery life” on a new 13” MacBook Pro. Two of the leading VM packages are Parallels and VMware Fusion, both of which have stated that their current iterations don't support M1 devices. The Parallels sites reports, 'It is important to.

Virtualbox apple m1

Vmware Fusion Apple Silicon

The latest version of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (20.11) requires Rosetta 2 on Macs with new Apple Silicon hardware.

However, we have recently discovered that the new 'M1' Macs may not always have Rosetta 2 installed by default on macOS, especially after a wipe and reinstall. If installing an Intel-only compiled binary like Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub before Rosetta, the app will fail to launch. This is a behavior we did not encounter during early beta cycles as Rosetta was pre-installed.


12/16 Update

Apple m1 virtualization

To mitigate this potential scenario, we have released a 20.11.1 patch for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on December 8, which will perform a check during pre-installation. This check will determine whether the device has an Apple Silicon architecture and Rosetta installed.

If Rosetta is missing, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub will run the following command to initiate the installation process:

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

After installing Rosetta, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub installation process will proceed.


Virtualbox For M1

A note on Universal macOS binaries

For an app to run natively on Apple Silicon hardware without the need for the Rosetta translation layer, Apple has provided developers a way to rebuild apps as Universal binaries, which can run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

Vmware Fusion Apple M1 Chip

VMware is actively working on converting the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and all other Workspace ONE apps for macOS to Universal binaries.
12/16 Update - VMware is still actively committed to building Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as a Universal app. Our primary blockers for doing so is the release of a FIPS compliant OpenSSL library that is Universal compatible. We're actively tracking the development of the module to be completed ASAP.