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Vmware fusion ipv6 software

A big part of solution I take from here: Pfsense: How to install Firewall Pfsense Virtual on VMWare

Other part from my blog 2020.04.1 – Building a VMware vSphere Virtual Lab with VMware Fusion – Part 2: Deploy and Configure a pfSense VM

VMware Fusion 8, Workstation 12, Player 12 には、IPv6 NAT (NAPT)機能が提供されている。NAT配下のVMにULAを配布して、ホストOS IPv6アドレスを1つだけ持っていれば、ポート変換まで通信する事がで. VMWare Fusion IPv6 NAT Black Holes (rachelbythebay.com) 130 points by l1n on Mar 28, 2016 hide past web favorite 48 comments: readams on Mar 28, 2016. This is a bit of a shot in the dark but my guess here is that they're doing this because their stack is not able to properly deal with ICMPv6 packets on the return path. VMware Workstation and Fusion contain an integer overflow vulnerability in VMware NAT service when IPv6 mode is enabled. This issue may lead to an out-of-bound read which can then be used to execute code on the host in conjunction with other issues. Note: IPv6 mode for VMNAT is not enabled by default. 36 CVE-2017-4949: 416: Exec Code 2018-01-11.

Vmware Fusion Ipv6


This article is about creating a virtual machine firewall pfSense on VMWare Fusion virtualisation environment.

PfSense is Firewall open source, free for everyone. PfSense acts a firewall device and has full routing functionality as a high-end device

Prepare pfSense virtual machine installation file

Download pfSense.iso in pfSense homepage: https://www.pfsense.org/download/

My Hardware and Software I already using or I will use next:

  • I am using MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016):
    • macOS Catalina version 10.15.3
    • Processor 2,9 GHs Quad-Core Intel
    • Memory 16 GB 2133 MHsLPDDR3 (of RAM)
  • Installed and use VMware Fusion PRO Version 11.5.3: this allows the hardware assisted virtualisation feature of the CPU to be used in a virtual machine.
  • I will install pfSense-CE-2.4.5-RELEASE-amd64.iso

Instructions for installing pfSense on VMWare Fusion

Open VMWare Fusion software and choose + > New...

Leave the set Install from disc or image and click Continue

If needed click Use another disk or disc image… -> then search and click pfSense-CE-2.4.5-RELEASE-amd64.iso -> then click Open -> then click Continue

Let Legacy Bios and click Continue

Click Customise Settings

Chose your name into your already create folder. I save as pfSense.vmwarevm and select pfSense folder and click Save

Before powering on verify and configure what is needed

Verify the Disk size and modify if needed. I left is default!

Verify the CD/DVD Drive. It is there already

Focus to open and configure Network Adapter. Open the existing Network Adapter. It is already set to Share with my Mac. Click Add Devices…

Click Network Adapter and Add…

Select the needed Network for Internet access. I use vSphere network. Click Show all

Finished the starting external starting configuration. Close the Virtual Machine Settings…

Power-on pfSense

Click Accept

Click OK to install Pfsense

Click Select to continue

Vmware Fusion Ipv6 Software

Select Guided Disk Setup then click OK

The pfSense installation process is started….

Click NO and reboot

Choose option 2 to configure

Enter 2 to configuring for LAN -> set IP Address according to your needs. I use

In IPv6 section I do not need to configure anything. Click Enter

As everything is configured correctly, try to ping the LAN address from the Mac host.

All is ready to login to the firewall and do the final configuration steps.

Vmware Fusion Disable Ipv6

Type the LAN address ( into a web browser then enter the following login credentials:

Vmware Fusion For Mac

Click SIGN IN.

Click the Change the password in the User Manager link.

Vmware Fusion Ipv6 Address

Provide a new strong password, 2 times, scroll to the bottom and click Save

Click System and General Setup

I enter pfSense for the hostname and silvique.ro for the Domain, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Vmware Fusion Ipv6 Address

Click Accept

All is correct

Vmware Fusion Ipv6 Nat

It is possible to ping an external website like Google from existing EVE-PRO