Vmware Fusion Big Sur M1

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VMware Fusion是VM在macOS平台上的虚拟机软件,现已支持M1机型,并且VMware Fusion Player针对个人用户已经免费。 一、VMware Fusion版本对比. VMware Fusion的player版本和pro都支持快照功能,并且在此基础上,pro版本多出了: 创建/管理加密虚拟机. Ready for macOS Big Sur. Run nearly any operating system on macOS 11 Big Sur without rebooting. Fusion now has added support for operating entirely without Kernel Extensions on Big Sur, making it more secure and ready for the future of macOS, all while continuing to perform on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Fusion Player (previously Fusion Standard) is now free for personal non-commercial use. Support macOS 11 Big Sur. Run macOS 11 Big Sur as a host operating system. Run macOS 11 Big Sur as a virtual machine. DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 Support. Support has been added for DirectX 11 (DX11) and OpenGL 4.1 in the guest operating system.


  • However on Big Sur systems, Fusion operates entirely without kexts. This Tech Preview is the first release of us operating in this new mode and we’re eager to hear your feedback. This Tech Preview supports macOS Big Sur 11.0 Beta 2 for both Host and Guest. For example, you can run Big Sur VMs on macOS Catalina, as well as on Big Sur hosts.
  • Two of the leading VM packages are Parallels and VMware Fusion, both of which have stated that their current iterations don't support M1 devices. The Parallels sites reports, 'It is important to.
  • Requirements
    • macOS 11 host and guest
    • VMware Fusion 12.1
  • Download and install VMware Tools 11.2.5 or later
  • Edit the VM’s VMX file
    • Right click the VM
    • Hold the option key
    • Click Open Config in Editor
  • Add appleGPU0.present='TRUE' and svga.present='FALSE'
  • Enjoy

The Story

I was testing something out today in a Big Sur VM and getting really frustrated with the absolute terrible performance. I had seen a Michael Roypost a while ago about Fusion being able to utilize Apple’s Metal framework to speed things up and I remembered reading Emily’s post on how to enable it. So I figured I’d give it a shot!

I reviewed Emily’s post and added

to my linked clone’s VMX file. On boot I could immediately tell a speed difference. However there was one glaring problem: the resolution was stuck at 1024×768. Even though I specified 1920×1080 in the config no matter what I tried I couldn’t get any other resolution.

Quick side note: turning on Accelerated 3D Graphics at this point super broke VMware Fusion. I had to force quit the vmware-vmx process.

After some searching I came across this post with a tweet that I hadn’t seen before stating that a newer VMware Tools could auto-resize Fusion windows with these new appleGPU0 config settings:

Also, install VMware Tools 11.2 in your Big Sur VM with the paravirt GPU and you’ll have auto fit working nicely, no Fusion update required 🙂

Vmware Fusion Big Sur M1

At this point I tried reinstalling VMware Tools via Fusion, but nothing changed. Eventually I found my way to VMware Tools download page (note: pretty sure you need to be signed in to access this.) From here I downloaded VMware Tools packages for OS X v11.2.5 (as of writing this) and installed it.

Vmware Fusion Big Sur Download

Voila, it worked! I’m getting excellent performance and a resizable Fusion window 🎉