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Virtualization company VMware Inc. is offering a new and improved version of its Fusion software that emulates a PC environment on a Mac, allowing customers to have both OS X and Windows running side by side.

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One of the hottest-selling virtualization solutions on the Mac, VMWare Fusion gets constantly updated with new features, tweaks, and fixes, and this update is no exception to the rule.

VMware Fusion 6.0.3 build 1747349 fixes an issue where connecting USB devices while Fusion is running would cause the Connect to Mac prompt to appear. USB devices can now connect to a virtual machine, and performance with USB audio and video devices has been improved. Same goes for compatibility with various types of hardware.

For customers where the virtual machine crashes when the Mac comes out of sleep mode, these instances “have been reduced,” but not completely eliminated. Don’t expect a flawless experience, in other words.

The black-screen issue incurred when locking the system then returning to the Mac OS X 10.9 desktop while the virtual machine is running should no longer occur.

An issue that could cause the default web browser to be reset in a Windows 8 virtual machine has been addressed, and resizing a Windows XP VM window will no longer cause it to go dark.

Vmware fusion 6.0.6

Full-screen virtual machines no longer display a black bar at the top, Winlogon.exe now works properly with Windows XP in Boot Camp, virtual machines no longer show a black screen when using Apple TV as an external display, and Fusion no longer stalls when using a restricted VM without Internet.

The release notes also state that “single mouse clicks are interpreted as double-clicks when running Windows XP virtual machines on OS X Mavericks.” It isn’t clear if this was an issue for some, or what changes have been made in this department.

Vmware fusion 6 review

Vmware Fusion 6.0.6

The ability to use two monitors with the same virtual machine is improved. When VMware Fusion is not open, VMs can be started and shut down from the VMware Fusion menu now.

Any compatibility issues between shared folders and QuickTime for Windows have been resolved as of version 6.0.3 Build 1747349, and the graphics for Solidworks and JavaFX applications have been improved, according to the developer.

Download VMware Fusion 6.0.3 on any Mac with a 64-bit Intel processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or newer), with a minimum 4GB of RAM, 750MB free disk space for VMware Fusion, and at least 5GB for each virtual machine.

VMWare Fusion Editor's Review

VMWare Fusion is a virtualization application that gives you the possibility to use multiple operating systems at the same time.
VMWare Fusion is the direct competitor of Parallels Desktop. Basically, they do the same thing, but the difference between these applications is in some of the features that you can't find in both of them.
The first thing that the application requires is a serial number. Even though this is a public beta build, it won't work without a registration. You can register for free on the producer's Website. Even though the key is the same for all users, I won't publish it here in order to avoid legal issues.
After the application is properly installed, you can start right away to use your fresh virtual machine. The first thing that I looked for was to run the installed copy of Windows XP from this Mac via Boot Camp. Unfortunately VMWare doesn't have this kind of support. This kind of functionality is available only for Parallels.
The good thing about VMWare is its distribution of pre-configured operating systems that can be run by this application. I've downloaded a pre-configured copy of a Open Source Operating System, Ubuntu Edgy Eft. The virtual machine worked quite well during the tests.
Since Edgy Eft is a desktop distribution, I tried to simulate an every day usage of this OS. The guest operating system behaved quite well. The speed of the guest OS was quite good.
VmwareVMWare Fusion has a very flexible hardware configuration of its virtual machines. Behind its interface, the application hides a quite strong engine. VMWare Inc. has a lot of experience with virtualization software for Windows and Linux. This product looks like a strong one, but in its early time of development.
VMWare Fusion uses the set of programs called VMWare Tools on this version too. With VMWare Tools installed, the guest operating system has a better integration with the virtualization software, a better speed and stability, and, of course, better driver support.
Pluses: it can run operating systems as a virtual machine, it has good flexibility, it can use operating systems that are freely distributed over the Internet.
Drawbacks / flaws: it can't run an operating system that has been installed via Boot Camp, the current operating systems sometimes have poor driver support for VMWare.
In conclusion: if you need a virtualization application, this is a quite good solution. On the other hand, Parallels Desktop does a great job, and some of the stuff that's available in Parallels you won't get in VMWare Fusion. Since the testing is free, you can decide by testing them which one suites you best.

Vmware Fusion 6


Vmware 6 Client

version reviewed: 1.0 (BETA)