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Our collection of paper and card stocks is the perfect option for countless projects. Paper Wholesaler ✅ The quality and colors set the tone for the message. The products are available for. We carry a wide selection of paper, envelopes, cardstock, & wide format paper. Find the perfect brand, mill, color, size, and weight for your business and home needs. Colorplan is a premium uncoated colour paper, available in an inspiring range of 55 colours, and beloved worldwide for its versatility. Features: FSC-certified, Fully recyclable, Bio-degradable. Cut is black solid line; Perforating is black dotted line; Scoring is gray solid line. The A7 envelope is available in over 105 matte and metallic colors. The euro-flap style has a distinct, deep, pointed flap as opposed to the square-flap.


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Vellum white colorplan paperColorplan

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Cardstock is a paper variety that’s widely known for its versatility. Due to its thickness, cardstock is an excellent paper option for countless projects. From homemade cards, scrapbooking, origami, and everything in between, cardstock paper is the perfect option. At Announcement Converters, we believe that paper and cardstock are the carriers of the printed word which is why we provide our customers with one of the largest, assorted cardstock selection for immediate sale anywhere in the country.


Paper Wholesaler Paper and Cardstock Best Cardstock Paper Products

For all of your paper and project needs, Announcement Converters supplies customers with an assortment of cardstock paper that ranges in color, size, finish, and more. Our assorted cardstock comes in a variety of colors ranging from Brown Bag Kraft to a stunning Merlot. For our customers who love to add a little sparkle to their work, we have an inventory of Glitter Cardstock that’s perfect for all their bright projects. Additionally, many of our cardstock paper is available in different finishes--gloss, grainy, foil, matte, metallic, etc. Most of our assorted cardstock come in bulk packaging; choose from sheet packs of 50, 100, 250, and more. Announcement Converters even offer customers with cardstock paper that’s printer compatible. Many of our cardstock paper options are compatible with Laser, HP Indigo, and Inkjet. So, if you need to print out a fun invite or greeting card, Announcement Converters has just the cardstock for you!

Colorplan is the premier option when your job requires a heavy weight colored paper. With an unrivaled palette of 44 color spectrum spanning selections available in 91# text, 100# cover and 130# cover, as well as 200# cover in a few select colors stocked by Announcement Converters, there is finally a colorful option available for every application including letterpress, offset, scrapbooking and invitations just to name a few. Many Colorplan colors stocked by Announcement Converters are a perfect match to Basis colors allowing for an even wider range of options on weights and envelopes.

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Vellum White Colorplan Vinyl


Vellum White Colorplan Sheets

A truly iconic paper developed by G.F Smith, the range started life in the late 1960s
and arrived as the front rooms of Britain changed from the flicker of black and white
television to glorious Technicolor. The collection eventually launched under the name
Colorplan in 1972 with a founding principle that it would constantly evolve and always set
standards others would have to follow. It remains one of the most comprehensive and
versatile ranges, available in a palette of 51 beautiful colours, 25 distinctive embossed
textures and 8 weights.

Colorplan is available in the following colours:

  • Adriatic
  • Amethyst
  • Azure Blue**
  • Bagdad Brown*
  • Bitter Chocolate
  • Bright Red**
  • Bright White**
  • Candy Pink**
  • China White
  • Citrine**
  • Claret**
  • Cobalt
  • Cool Blue
  • Cool Grey
  • Ebony***
  • Emerald
  • Factory Yellow
  • Forest**
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Harvest
  • Ice White
  • Imperial Blue***
  • Lavender**
  • Lockwood Green
  • Mandarin
  • Marrs Green
  • Mid Green
  • Mist**
  • Natural**
  • New Blue
  • Nubuck Brown
  • Pale Grey
  • Park Green
  • Pistachio**
  • Powder Green
  • Pristine White***
  • Purple
  • Racing Green**
  • Real Grey
  • Royal Blue
  • Sapphire**
  • Scarlet
  • Smoke**
  • Sorbet Yellow
  • Stone
  • Tabriz Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Vellum White
  • Vermilion
  • White Frost***


320 x 460
460 x 320
480 x 320
640 x 482
720 x 508
510 x 720

Vellum White Colorplan Pages

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Vellum White Colorplan

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