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Advertise with Every Door Direct Mail Our online mapping tool and Every Door Direct Mail delivery service make it easy and economical to plan and execute a mailing. Just create mailpieces on your own, select postal routes and pay for postage online, and bring them to us for delivery. If you’re gone a few days or a few weeks, we can hold your mail for you. Postal Service links. USPS home; Buy stamps & shop; Print labels with postage.

Today, direct mail has a better
response rate than email

Direct mail is back and we are here to
help you send results driven mailer.

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Features of Direct Mail

Direct mail postcards are an effective and affordable way for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects. Our starter templates offer all the benefits of a professionally designed mailing without he added cost.

Postcard mail is a great value

Marketing shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily stay top of mind with your customers through budget conscious mailing options. Benefit from the lower per-piece postage rates - without sacrificing quality and speed to market.

Reach your target audience

Postcard mailers let you be seen by interested parties. Almost 81% of households read or scan their mail every day according to the USPS Household Daily Study.

Higher response rate

Direct mail is an effective marketing tool. It enjoys higher response rates than email or social media so you get more customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, mail gives you more potential customers for the price and the best chance to turn them into buyers.

We offer many templates to get you started

Here's just a sampling or we can design one for you. You can even upload your own!

Us postal service direct mail marketing

We've made it simple to design great looking postcards

We guide you

You will be guided through creating your mailer by one of our helpful consultants or use our best-in-class online designer to build your mailer yourself today. It's used by Chrysler, Kia, and others! Hassle-free, question-free and worry-free.

We are experts

You'll send compelling and USPS compliant mailers without a trip to the post office or becoming a direct mail expert. You can do what you do best - run your business.

Our mailings work

Direct mail is an effective marketing tool. It enjoys higher response rates than email or social media so you get more customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, mail gives you more potential customers for the price and the best chance to turn them into buyers.

At any size or stage, customer acquisition is a top priority for businesses. With a myriad of ways to find and convert potential customers, establishing the most efficient and effective marketing method is vital to success.

For businesses trying to reach a specific audience, especially one in their proximity, Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) may be the answer.

What is EDDM?

This service from USPS® lets businesses send geographically and demographically targeted direct mail to households across the U.S.

Using an online mapping tool, businesses may choose postal routes within specific ZIP Codes™ and leverage U.S. Census data on age, household income and household size to hyper-target their audience. Any household on the route that fits the targeted profile will receive the mailpiece.

The process eliminates the need for a customer list, whether compiled or purchased, which saves businesses from extra costs and potential inaccuracies. Plus, it opens up a business’s reach: Any household that fits the filters comes into reach with EDDM.

EDDM is built for businesses with a local pool of prospective customers and is especially effective for businesses working to:

  • Acquire new customers, especially within a specific local area
  • Build awareness for a location
  • Drive traffic to a location, on foot or online
  • Spend efficiently on marketing

Direct mail is a simple way to reach high-potential customers in a way that works.


of survey respondents said that they almost always read advertisements that come in the mail.[1]


response rates, compared to the 1% or less response rate for email, paid search, online display ads and social media.[2]

Explore how the EDDM tool works, then read on for benefits and best practices of using this direct mail service.

The Benefit to Businesses

EDDM helps businesses drive awareness and traffic within their community to build a strong network of local customers.

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It is a method that works for new and established local businesses. While new businesses can use EDDM to introduce themselves and share their story with the community, established businesses can expand to other populations or spread the word about new offerings.

For any business, EDDM may deliver a valuable boost in key areas:

For an existing business looking to attract more customers and drum up sales, or a new business in search of an early audience, it pays to spread the message locally. Here are two successful case studies:

  • A car wash franchise with eight locations in Virginia used EDDM to find new customers and encourage them to visit the nearest location. The campaign produced a 20 percent increase in sales.
  • A remodeled fast-food location in Colorado saw a 7 percent increase in sales after using EDDM in conjunction with digital advertising.

Sending targeted messages to potential customers in your community may help solidify your market share.

Rather than investing in a mailing list that may be expensive and out of date, EDDM allows businesses to affordably connect with consumers in an area using> Key Takeaway

Every Door Direct Mail provides businesses with a cost-efficient way to spread targeted messages to potential customers in focus areas. In leveraging ZIP Codes™ and U.S. Census data, businesses gain access to a precise, hyper-targeted audience without having to compile, update or buy mailing lists.

Not only does this service help marketers avoid the extra costs and potential inaccuracies of old data, but an EDDM campaign done right may drive an increase in sales, a boost in awareness and a powerful ROI.

Ready to get started on an EDDM campaign?

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