Unaddressed Admail

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Marketing your small business does not have to be difficult. As a leading marketing agency, we use the leading industry tools and processes to help you determine your audience, clear message, and the methods to reach the audience and get measured results.

Unaddressed Admail

Marketing Leamington

Does the current approach leave you feeling frustrated or confused? Marketing does not have to be difficult and our Cowlick Studios marketing agency can help make it easy. Whether it is traditional, digital marketing or the right combination of both, our agency will help you build a marketing plan to get results for your small business.

Cowlick Studios’ Marketing Packages make it easy for you to choose the package that is most comfortable for your knowledge and budget. We have created these packages to make it easy for you to learn and grow in your marketing ability and ultimately improve your business.

  • When placing an order for unaddressed admail on SinaLite, you will need to select a Target Address. The mailers you order will be delivered to Canada Post for distribution to potential customers (residences or businesses) within the same postal route as the target address.
  • We are a “value added” service provider TO USERS of Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ (Unaddressed Admail™) services.We offer on a private commercial basis our expertise to both new and existing customers our industry experience. See our list satisfied customers.

The name 'red dot' refers to an internal marker used by Canada Post to indicate which households do not wish to receive unaddressed admail. In 2006, Canada Post refused to accept, as unaddressed admail, a flyer containing sexually explicit material from the Sex Party, a. What is acceptable as Neighbourhood Mail? Items must be unaddressed but may bear wording, such as “HOUSEHOLDER”, “OCCUPANT”, “RESIDENT”, “BUSINESS OWNER”, “MARKETING MANAGER”, “PURCHASING MANAGER” or “BOXHOLDER” without a destination address. Unaddressed Admail Use Unaddressed Direct Mail Advertising to Gain Customers and Increase Sales. We can make unaddressed mail advertising work for you by designing, printing, and mailing your colourful, attention-getting postcards to targeted consumers or businesses.

Traditional Marketing

There are many non-digital ways to market your business, unaddressed admail, promotional items, TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine to name a few. Our marketing agency can take care of the campaign ideas and production so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Digital Marketing

Getting people to your website by being at the top of Google searches and building a relationship with them through email, social media, and other inbound marketing strategies is a great way to grow a list of loyal brand ambassadors.

Our agency can help you bring together all the individual elements of an inbound marketing campaign to create a coherent marketing strategy that delivers your brand’s messaging to your ideal audience.

Email Marketing

Of all marketing channels, email has the highest Return on Investment. We use email marketing strategies that include segmentation, personalization and split testing to ensure that your emails get read and acted upon.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting to the top of Google searches is important. Google and YouTube drive the majority of traffic online. Our marketing agency use cutting edge SEO techniques to ensure that your website earns qualified traffic from search engines.

Canada Post Unaddressed Admail Size

Social Media

A significant percentage of your prospects, users, and customers are members of one or more social networks. Our marketing agency put together social media strategies to help you establish an active presence on social media that improves your engagement and increases your followers.

Marketing Automation

It’s rare that a first time visitor will buy from you. You need to nurture a relationship by engaging them with relevant content. Our agency can help with that by using marketing automation that can deliver the right message to the right recipients at the right time.

Unaddress Admail

What is Unaddressed Admail™? Unaddressed Admail is one of Canada Post’s targeted direct mail services. It consists of printed material and product samples that are not addressed to specific delivery addresses in Canada. Basically you can send mail to any postal code that you would like to get your message to the audience you want. Unaddressed Admail can help build Customer traffic, develop relationship marketing with groups of Customers, or advertise a special offer. Customers can easily measure the effectiveness of their campaign by including a Business Reply Mail™ card.

Cowlick Studios will work with you to create the best campaigns to reach your target market where they are at, using the marketing channels that will mose effectivley reach them.


Avoid website shame by implementing these 5 tips.

5 Things Your Website Should Include

Neighborhood Mail (formerly Unaddressed Admail)

  • Delivered by Canada Post
  • A More Personalized Marketing Experience - delivery to specific addresses
  • Minimum of 500 items
  • Cost - $$$

Neighborhood Mail Pricing

In order to access Neighbourhood Mail prices, the customer must meet all applicable requirements, including size and weight specifications, and mail preparation requirements for Neighbourhood Mail service.

Measurements - Size and weight

Items delivered by Canada Post Letter Carriers have different size and weight specifications than those delivered on Non-Letter Carrier delivery routes. Each Neighbourhood Mail item must meet the applicable size and weight requirements as outlined below.


  • 1: The metric unit is the official measure. Imperial equivalents are provided for reference and convenience only.
  • 2: Measurements include all inserts and enclosures.

What is acceptable as Neighbourhood Mail?

Canada post unaddressed admail maps

Items must be unaddressed but may bear wording, such as “HOUSEHOLDER”, “OCCUPANT”, “RESIDENT”, “BUSINESS OWNER”, “MARKETING MANAGER”, “PURCHASING MANAGER” or “BOXHOLDER” without a destination address. In order to provide maximum flexibility and choice, the customer’s advertising piece can take on a variety of forms and content, including, but not limited to:

Canada post unaddressed admail express order entry
  • Flyers
  • Newspapers
  • Community Newspapers
  • Cards
  • Coupons
  • Co-op mailings
  • Envelopes
  • Catalogues
  • Inserts and enclosures
  • Brochures
  • Single Sheets
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Samples
  • Magazines

Unaddressed Admail Cost


What is unacceptable as Neighbourhood Mail?

Canada Post Unaddressed Admail Maps

Items submitted as Neighbourhood Mail that do not meet the requirements specified for Neighbourhood Mail and the various mail preparation and other requirements outlined in this Agreement, may not qualify for Neighbourhood Mail service and prices. For information on unacceptable items, see Non-mailable Matter of the Canada Postal Guide at canadapost.ca/nonmailable or refer to the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations.