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I have an Mega Account with a little more than 2 TB and a Unlimited GDrive. Is there any easy way to transfer between them? I know about multcloud. In this video, I have shown you how to Transfer Data From One Cloud Storage To AnotherCloud Storage #mega #onedrive #googledrive #cloudtransfer giveaway Link.


Many People Want to Transfer MEGA to Google Drive

Can you transfer mega to google drive

Today, more and more people prefer to store files in the cloud rather than local hard disk. Manyfamous computer or Internet company developed their cloud drives. Such as Amazon Cloud Drive,Google Drive. There are also many new companies provide cloud services. For example: MEGA. Oneof the biggest advantages of MEGA is that you can get up to 50 GB free storage once youregistered an account. While you can only get 2GB on Dropbox, 15GB on OneDrive and Google Drive.But why still many users want to transfer MEGA to Google Drive?

There are various reasons. The security protocol of MEGA and Google Drive are different. Price isalso different - MEGA: 200 GB for 49.99 $/year, Google Drive: 100 GB for 23.88 $/year. OneGoogle account can log in all Google services. In a word, file interchange between differentcloud is a common thing.

Transfer MEGA to Google Drive with MultCloud

Next is a core problem, how to move MEGA to Google Drive? Due to MultCloud, this is no longer atrouble. MultCloud can connect MEGA and Google Drive together. Transfer between them is in thesame interface. Right click target files you want to transfer from MEGA to Google Drive, “Copyto” or “Copy” option will help you copy from MEGA to Google Drive. About exact differencesbetween these two selections, I think if you try it yourself, you will understand easily. Infact, you can add unlimited MEGA into MultCloud. Managing multiple MEGAaccoounts is easy via MultCloud.


More about MultCloud

From above screenshot, you can see that MultCloud supports not only MEGA and Google Drive, butalso many other cloud drives. Read more: Transfer MEGA to Dropbox. There areseveral main interfaces of MultCloud, one is Cloud Explorer as above shows, another is TransferServices as following shows. This interface is mainly for scheduled file copy.

Google Drive Megamind

Under Cloud Sync interface, you can sync MEGA to Google Drive.

Transfer Files From Mega To Google Drive Reddit

When you plan to transfer MEGA to Google Drive automatically, you can switch to this panel.Upgrading to unlimited traffic is easy and also free, just click the top right gift icon and usepoints system. We think the potential for MultCloud is enormous. And now MultCloud has a Google Chrome app. If you use GoogleChrome browser, we suggest you install this extenstion.