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Migrate Your Dropbox User Accounts and Permissions to OneDrive. You will need to map your user accounts and permissions to OneDrive. Permissions are implemented very differently between Dropbox and OneDrive. These will either have to be manually added in the new account or with the use of a dedicated migration tool. Log into your OneDrive and open the folder which you’d like to move your DropBox files to. If you’re making a new folder (Example: making a “DropBox Files” folder), go ahead and do this first by clicking “New”, “Folder”. To move just one individual file, click “Upload” in the top pane of OneDrive. Sync modified files between OneDrive and Dropbox. By Microsoft Power Automate Community. Make sure your modified files are in sync in both Dropbox and OneDrive. Copy all modified files in OneDrive to a specific folder in Dropbox. Connect Dropbox to OneDrive to unlock powerful experiences Do more with Dropbox by connecting it to OneDrive, and hundreds of other apps and devices, with IFTTT. Copy files between OneDrive and Dropbox. When a file is added to your OneDrive, make it show up in Dropbox. 2137 Try it now. Work less, do more. Connect your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks. Explore Microsoft Power Automate. See how it works.

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  3. Transfer Files From Dropbox To Onedrive

“I am so tired of transferring my files from my work account to my personal account, I just kept downloading files and then uploading them again and again, it is absolutely a tedious job and it also wasted a lot of my precious time! Is there any workaround?”

I have heard this type of questions so many times, it is just like there are always some people are troubled by the cloud storage problems. How can I migrate my files between cloud storage easily? Is it possible to migrate my files between cloud storage? Here in this article, a perfect solution to migrate data from Dropbox to OneDrive will be introduced to us all.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is an entirely web-based app, the major functions are the Cloud Explorer feature, the Cloud Transfer feature and the Cloud Sync feature. It allows users to do the operations between cloud storage, like moving files from one place to another.

Speaking of the Cloud Explorer feature, it is just like the Windows Explorer that allows us to manage files by clicking a couple of buttons. The difference between them is we will be mostly managing our local files via the Windows Explorer and now, we can manage our online files across clouds via the Cloud Explorer of MultCloud.

As for the Cloud Transfer feature and the Cloud Sync feature, the whole migration will be running in the background if we launch the task successfully, which means we don’t have to wait in front of the computer. That would be amazing if we can close the page or even turn off our computer while transferring files.

There are numerous cloud storages supported by MultCloud, including Google Drive, OneDrive, G Suite, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, MEGA, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Photos, Box, MediaFire, pCloud, MySQL, Flickr, HubiC, Egnyte, Putio, SugarSync, Backblaze, Evernote, Alfresco, WebDav, MyDrive, ownCloud, Yandex, CloudMe, HiDrive, Cubby, ADrive, WEB.DE, and BaiDu.

How to Achieve Dropbox to OneDrive Migration via MultCloud?

The very first thing that we need to do is to sign up for an account. Both temporary accounts and permanent accounts are available, you are free to choose the “Sign Up Now” or “Guest Access” option. For the security of your account, I’d suggest that you bind your email address to it.

Solution 1. Cloud Explorer

Step 1. Choose the files/folders that need to be transferred from Dropbox;
Step 2. Right-click on the files/folders;
Step 3. Select “Cut/Copy” or “Copy to”;
Step 4. Paste them in OneDrive or choose OneDrive as the destination path.


When we use “Copy to” to transfer files, there are two customized options: “Move” and “Multi-selection”.

Transfer dropbox to new computer

By choosing “Move”, the files/folders will be removed from the source cloud storage when the transfer is done. By choosing “Multi-selection”, we are able to migrate the files/folders to multiple destination cloud storage at one time.

Solution 2. Cloud Transfer

Cloud Transfer is a quite handy feature to help us transfer files. During the migration, all of the files and folders will be transferred from the source path to the target path, including the root folder. For example, I need to transfer my Dropbox files to OneDrive, then the structure after the transfer would be OneDrive/Dropbox/My Files.


Step 1. Choose Dropbox as the source path;
Step 2. Choose OneDrive as the target path;
Step 3. Click on the “Transfer Now” button to start the task.

Solution 3. Cloud Sync

Transfer Dropbox Files To Onedrive

Cloud Sync is a little bit similar to Cloud Transfer, they are both used to migrate our files from Point A to Point B. However, there’s something different. After the migration, the files and folders in the root folder will be synced to the target path, but the root folder itself is not included. For example, I need to sync my Dropbox files with OneDrive, then the structure after the synchronization would be OneDrive/My Files.

The One-way Sync and the Two-way Sync are both optional in Cloud Sync, also, there are in total 7 customized modes included in the One-way Sync, which are Simple Sync, Mirror Sync, Move Sync, Cumulative Sync, Update Sync, Incremental Backup Sync, Full Backup Sync.

Transfer From Dropbox To Onedrive

Step 1. Choose Dropbox as the source path;
Step 2. Choose OneDrive as the target path;
Step 3. Click on the “Sync Now” button to start the task.

Final words

Transfer Files From Dropbox To Onedrive

MultCloud is indeed a useful tool that helps us manage our cloud storage. With this browser-based manager, we can migrate our online files from one place to another easily without downloading and uploading them. Except for the features mentioned above, it also has other features like Encryption, Quick Search, URL Upload and so on, you may explore this charming app all by yourself.