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Login to your Wondershare InClowdz ID. Step 4: On the homepage screen, you will find a list of actions you can perform with the app – migrate, sync, or manage files. Also, the list of cloud storage platforms supported is outlined on the top left corner of the app. Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, and One Drive are the main platforms available. Dropbox Transfer is a simple way to send files you don’t need to collaborate on. For example, you might use Dropbox Transfer to deliver a finished product or contract to a client. Dropbox Transfer gives transfer owners more control than sharing a folder because: Transfer owners can see the number of times a transfer was viewed or downloaded.

Posted on the 16 November 2020 by Thiruvenkatam Chinnagounder @tipsclear

In recent years, cloud storage has become a necessity that benefits millions of users around the world. Instead of storing data on your computer, Cloud Storage allows you to store data on the Internet. This way you can use the free space of your computer for something else. Cloud Storage also ensures that your data is not lost, which is a huge problem with computer storage.

In Cloud Storage, Dropbox and Google Drive are the most popular options. However, Google Drive is more preferable among the users because it offers more useful features. Therefore, over time, most users transfer Dropbox to Google Drive. So if you are one of those users who want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive but don't know the process, we've got you covered. In this article, we will tell you how to sync Dropbox with Google Drive or transfer data from Google Drive to Dropbox or vice versa.

Transfer Dropbox to Google Drive

1. Download and download

It's traditional method to transfer Dropbox is Google Drive. In this method, users need to download data from a cloud service to their local computer. Then, after the files are uploaded, users can upload the same data to another cloud service. So, if you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive using this method, here is how to do it:

  1. Open your Dropbox account and click on 'My files'.
  2. Now, log into your Google Drive account.

That's it; this is how you move Dropbox to Google Drive with the traditional method. Now the irritating thing about this method is that it takes time. Manually downloading files to your computer and then uploading them to another cloud service can be frustrating if there is a lot of data. If so, the best approach for you is to migrate Dropbox to Google Drive using Wondershare InClowdz.

2. Migrate Dropbox to Google Drive using Wondershare InClowdz (easiest method)


If you just want to transfer your data from Dropbox to Google Drive with less effort, then Wondershare InClowdz is there for you.

Wondershare InClowdz is a third-party application that allows you to transfer and sync Dropbox to Google Drive without having to download files to your computer. Additionally, InClowdz supports most of the cloud services available today. So if you want to migrate from Google Drive to One Drive, you can do it very well by following these steps:

  1. First of all, install the Wondershare InClowdz app on your system and create an account.
  2. Now click on 'Add Cloud Drive' and select the source and target cloud services.
  3. Once authorization is complete, navigate to the source drive (Dropbox) and select the files you want to transfer.

Sync Dropbox with Google Drive

Instead of migrating, you can also use Wondershare InClowdz to sync two different cloud services. In this way, you can manage files on both cloud services using one platform, making things a lot easier.

You can also use the upload and download approach to sync Dropbox with Google Drive. Basically, you will have to create a new folder in Dropbox and Google Drive. Then you need to manually move the files you want to sync to these folders. This would require you to download the files to your computer and then download them to another drive.

  1. Now select 'Add Cloud Drive' option and add Dropbox and Google Drive.
  2. Follow the on-screen steps for authorization to complete.
  3. Finally, you will be notified when the synchronization is complete.

However, by now you should know that this process can be a long and frustrating one. Instead, we recommend using Wondershare InClowdz, which allows you to sync different cloud platforms effortlessly. So, if syncing Dropbox with Google Drive via InClowdz seems more convenient, follow these steps:

Now you can use the manage option to manage both Dropbox and Google Drive accounts from a single platform. So that was pretty easy, wasn't it?

Transfer Files From Dropbox To Google Drive

Besides Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive, Wondershare InClowdz supports other online storage services like Box and Amazon S3. You can check the pricing for InClowdz by visiting this page.

What's amazing is that Wondershare InClowdz offers a free trial. Of course, the free trial doesn't let you migrate and sync different cloud services. However, you can still view, download, and upload your cloud data to preview the platform.


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