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Top Music World – Spotify Most Streamed Songs Of All Time Best Songs Of All Time Best Songs 2017 Based on the data collected from Spotify weekly chart from to. Spotify is one of the best apps in recent times, however, it is not the perfect app for many users. It has some ads in free mode and also if you do not pay, you. Top 50 Playlists. 2Up & Coming Dance. 5New Indie Hip Hop. 8Finest Deep & Afro House. 11Rock Up & Comers.

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Online Spotify music downloader could let you listen to Spotify music conveniently.

  1. Your most played tracks and artists on Spotify of the last four weeks, six months or all time!
  2. As part of the company's #2020Wrapped campaign, Spotify has unveiled the top 50 most streamed artists of the year globally. Latin star Bad Bunny ranked at #1 for the first time, earning over 8.3.

Listening to music is not a difficult thing these days. There are literally hundreds of resources online to download a single track in MP3. Having a MP3 file of your favorite music on your devices is somehow very satisfying because you know it will stay in there for however long you want. But music streaming services like Spotify are giving a tough competition to MP3 music because of the offline listening feature, but it comes at a minor upgrade price.

Unless you are willing to pay Spotify for offline access to your music, there are some alternatives in which you won’t have to spend a penny and still, you’ll be able to download Spotify music. Here are top 6 Spotify downloader online or desktop programs to download Spotify music.

Sidify Music Converter

Sidify is a great software to download your Spotify music and convert it into different audio formats. Using this software is pretty easy and you just drag and drop your favorite Spotify music or playlist and start the conversion process in seconds. This software boasts of having 5x faster conversion speed, but that is not really the case because there was a noticeable difference when playlists were larger in size.

Spotify music can be converted into MP3, AAC, FLAC, or WAV. They makers also claim that it creates 100% lossless audio files. Mac OS and Windows supported.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

This software automatically detects any audio playing on your computer and records it. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is general purpose recording software which can detect the music stream playing on your computer and records it. Spotify is a part of its huge variety of supported platforms. It supports many streaming websites out there. You can easily record a whole playlist from Spotify and split the tracks with an intelligent splitting tool.

With it's easy to use ID3 tag editor, any ID3 tag can be modified to your liking. Recorded and converted files have almost the same quality as the original track. But there is an issue with their ads omitting feature. When you set it to omit ads, sometimes it puts a small bump in the track due to this feature and it is clearly spotted in the track. Files are converted to MP3 or M4A format.

Spotify VK Downloader

This is actually a Google Chrome app which can make your life a lot easier by searching for the relevant Spotify song in VK community database and if a match is found, it is available for the download immediately. Community database mostly contains the songs recorded from Spotify already so instead of recording the song itself, VK Downloader finds you an already recorded song. This type of extension is only possible due to some very dedicated contributors who constantly keep the community database updated with the latest tracks.

The only problem with this software is that you have to register on VK social network which can be very frustrating for first-time users.

Spotify Web Recorder

Top Spotify

Spotify Web Recorder is an open source solution to record and download Spotify music songs. The songs are then converted into MP3 or VBR. It can easily record songs from Spotify Web Player. This open source solution has a lot of advantages compared to some other software in the market with a hefty price tag. One main advantage is that it contains and integrated web browser to make it easier for you to use Spotify Web Player. Another good thing is that it can detect and skip Spotify ads flawlessly.

The only disadvantage is that converted audio files are of mediocre quality and there is no promise of 100% lossless audio.

Spotify Recorder

This is another open source solution to record Spotify music, but it is still in beta phase. It is currently working on Windows7 64 Bit and there is still a lot to be done. Functionality wise, this software is great and can perform exactly like Spotify Web Recorder. But due to its limited cross-platform support and occasional bugs, this software is not much preferred by the users. It’s simple and powerful interface is what makes Spotify Recorder worth mentioning.

Part 2. The Best Desktop Spotify Downloader Recommendation


This is the best software you can have to download Spotify music. iMusic is regarded as the best desktop software to download Spotify music. The software performs really well in all departments. User Interface is really easy, conversion takes no time and sound quality of converted tracks is the highest quality without any loss. Moreover, Spotify ads are skipped intelligently without producing any bump or distortion in the music.

After you download your favorite Spotify music, you can easily transfer it to any Apple iDevice with iMusic because downloading Spotify music is one of many features of this software. It is also a music manager for all of your Android and iDevices. You won’t have to go through the hassle of separating the files and transferring through iTunes or similar software. This software is available for both Windows and Mac.

iMusic - Best Spotify Downloader for Both Windows and Mac Computer

  • Download music from more than 3000 music sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Hulu, Spotify, and much more through copying and pasting the URLs.
  • Transfer music between a computer, iPhone, iTunes Library, iPad, iPod and Android phones making it easy to share songs.
  • Record music from radio stations and streaming sites and gets the identification of the songs including the title, album artist, and genre.
  • It acts as a management toolbox that lets you manage iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android phones iTunes Library through options like backup iTunes, recover iTunes Library, fix iTunes music tags and covers as well as remove music DRM protection.
  • Batch download of files is supported where you can download up to 100 songs at the same time.
  • 1 click to transfer downloaded music and playlist to USB drive to enjoy in car.
  • Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists to CDs easily.

Step by Step Guide to Download Spotify Music:

Step 1: Download iMusic software and install it following the on-screen instructions. After the installation, run the software and click on “Get Music” tab. Inside Get Music, there are 3 options. ‘Discover’, ‘Download’ and ‘Record’. Click on ‘Discover’ and then click on ‘Top List’. Latest and hottest music from Spotify will appear with a download option.

Step 2: You can also download Spotify music from a website link. If you like some track on Spotify online, just copy the link and click on ‘Download’ option inside ‘Get Music’. Paste the link and the track will be downloaded.

Step 3: If you are using iDevices, then all of your Spotify downloaded music will be transferred to iTunes playlist.

You can also record music with iMusic. Click on the ‘Record’ option inside ‘Get Music’ option. Now play your favorite Spotify music and iMusic recorder will take care of the rest. Recorded music will be converted and saved in your iTunes or iMusic library.

Who doesn't love Spotify?

It's the easiest way to listen to music you love while also discovering some pretty incredible artists you might never hear of by only listening to the radio.

But there's so much more to Spotify than meets the eye. Did you know you can replay a song on your mobile device even if you don't have Spotify Premium? Or that you can keep your listening sessions private? Or even that you can create a collaborative playlist? Yes, you can.

Scroll below for seven helpful hacks that'll make you appreciate this app even more!

Replay a Song

If you have Premium, you are already aware that you can do this with the greatest of us. For those of us who aren't as privileged, this hack will blow your mind. Turns out you can replay a song even if you don't have Spotify Premium. To do so, pause the song when there are only a few seconds left and press Shuffle Play at the top of the playlist you're listening to. We immediately tried this hack the second we found out about it and it worked three out of the five times we tried it.

Top Spotify Playlists

Stop Gapless Playbacks

If you're not a fan of listening to the white noise that occurs between two songs, there's a hack for that. Go into Settings and click on Playback. From there, you can adjust what's known as the Crossfade to create seamless transitions between all of your tuns.

Keep Your Listening Sessions Private

For those of you who aren't too keen on the idea of people being able to see what you listen to and when you listen to it, we've got just the hack for you. Go into Settings and click the Social tab. From there, you can create a Private Session. If you want to keep things even more secretive, you can make sure what you're listening to isn't shown to your followers by turning the Publish Activity tab off.

Recover Deleted Playlists

Accidentally deleted a playlist? We've all been there. But did you know you can actually recover any and every deleted playlist? Now you do! This hack requires you to log into Spotify's website from your desktop, so you don't need to open the app for this one. Once logged in, you'll see a Recover Playlists tab on the left-hand side. Clicking on the tab will then show you all the playlists you've deleted. Find the one you want to revive and click the Restore button on the right-hand side.

Listen to Spotify on Your TV

Top Spotify Artists

This one only works for premium users, but if you have a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can log into your Spotify account from your TV and listen to music there. We highly recommend using this when you have people over or if you're stuck cleaning the house.

Make Playlists Collaborative

Top Spotify Countries

Want to share your music with friends and listen to the songs they're crazy about, too? Make a collaborative playlist! After making a new playlist, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select the Make Collaborative tab. You can even make existing playlists collaborative by doing the same thing.

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Save Your Discover Weekly Playlists

Top Spotify Artists 2021

Every Monday, Spotify brings us a new Discover Weekly playlist. It's definitely annoying when it refreshes before you can save a song you liked. But thanks to the handy-dandy app IFTTT, you can save your Discover Weekly playlists in one place. All you have to do is sign up, connect your Spotify account and that's that.

Top Spotify Songs For Me

Now that you have these hacks handy, make the most of them while listening to THIS fall playlist.