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Quick summary of the best malware removal software: 1.🥇 Norton — Best malware removal and overall protection in 2021. 2.🥈 TotalAV — Fast and easy-to-use anti-malware program with good PC optimization. 3.🥉 McAfee — Excellent scanner for total malware + virus removal.

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Which anti-malware app is the best in 2021? Based on my tests, I found the best anti-malware is Norton. It scores consistently well in malware scans and real-time protection tests. You also get an unlimited data VPN that keeps you anonymous while browsing and torrenting and gives you access to Netflix US. RogueKiller Anti-Malware is one more free portable anti malware software for Windows. It is an advanced anti malware software that uses the behavioral and advanced antimalware engine to detect hard to detect malware. It offers two simple scanning methods to find harmful malware present in your system. Actually, to compare real performance we selected the top 15 antimalware apps, including the ones mentioned above and some few more and put them to test. It demonstrated that in terms of scan time and detected threats, Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, Spybot ‘Search and Destroy’, GridinSoft were the most efficient. Norton 360, as the best anti-malware software in the market, has the best user experience and VPN technology. It has one the easiest to navigate user interfaces. To take the lead in anti-malware ranking, it has boosted its customer support system. You get timely and detailed email replies when you seek help.

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With the rising digital insecurity in 2020, it is necessary to use the best anti-malware software or seek an alternative. Here’s the reason:

The onset of the fourth industrial revolution has seen work and other business activities switch operations to the online market. Sadly, most of these tech consumers have little knowledge of ‘staying safe online’.

Hackers and other malware developers are taking this advantage to promote cyberbullying, online scams, and other sorts of crimes. You need enlightenment to evade such threats. A typical solution is to use an anti-malware. However, there’s a catch:

Malware removal software reviews

As anti-malware companies seek to secure their customers, developers of malware up their game to override the security systems.

Top Anti Malware Free

Top Antimalware

Does this mean anti-malware technology is dead or alive? Are you helpless? No. Here are options of anti-malware to give a try. Check which one anti-malware software is the best, and to make it simpler to settle for a particular anti-malware, read on to find out the ranking parameters.

Norton is the best anti-malware software in 2020 because it has the most updated security and best user experience. What are its features? What are its alternatives? Let’s take a deep dive below.

Parameters for Ranking the Best Anti-Malware Software in 2020

Due to the demand for a better user experience, 2020 demands extra features besides security. These include:

Detection Time

As a consumer of the gig economy, your computer usage revolves around browsing the internet, downloading, and sharing files. This calls for real-time malware detection. Real-time detection simply means ‘detect and malware and react immediately’.

The anti-malware tracks the websites and links you visit. It scans the links before you click them. Whenever it detects ‘danger’, it stops your browser from communicating with the threats.

The simultaneous reaction is a huge boost from the former culture of waiting for the malware to access the sensitive files of your computer, then notify or try to fight the malware that is already interfering with your sensitive documents.

Password Management

Since every hacker attacks your files for some gain, most malware strives to grab your passwords for two reasons. First, the password is a gateway to sensitive files. Secondly, the password unlocks your bank accounts and credit cards.

To boost storage and browsing confidence, Norton 360 and other world-class anti-malware take the responsibility of managing your passwords.

Cloud Backups


To improve security, the best anti-malware ensures everything occurs at lightning speeds. Instead of using local storage, companies utilize the efficiency and security of cloud storage.

They are, then, faster in the identification of malware and feeding the data onto cloud servers. The data retrieve process also happens at the speed of light.


They proceed to back up your internal files with the cloud databases. In case of a severe malware attack, you can retrieve your sensitive files from the cloud version.

Works in Various Environments

The best anti-malware software for 2020 works on many types of devices and operating systems. Examples of the typical operating software are macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Again, it does deep scanning of the system for a variety of malware. Examples of malware are trojan horses, spyware, worms, and viruses.


2020 demands an anti-malware software that allows your computer to load sites faster. This calls for consuming less of your computer’s memory. Reason?

With the fast-paced gig economy, product consumers, employers, and most clients need immediate feedback. Consequently, it is useless to have an anti-malware that is ruthless with malware but slows your computer speed.

To speed up the machine, anti-malware software like Avira has in-system acceleration tools to propel your computer’s speed.

Other Services?

Malware Removal Software Reviews

Top Antimalware

Norton 360, as the best anti-malware software in the market, has the best user experience andVPN technology. It has one the easiest to navigate user interfaces.

To take the lead in anti-malware ranking, it has boosted its customer support system. You get timely and detailed email replies when you seek help. To better user experience, they offer VPN services— enabling you to access censored networks.

Top Anti Malware

Other Anti-Malwares to Consider

You can as well dedicate the third eye to Malwarebytes. Its premium version gives you an ocean of benefits, typical for protection in 2020. Alternatively, check Kaspersky and Avira anti-malware.


For all-in-one malware protection, check out Norton 360 anti-malware software. Alternatively, consider Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and Avira anti-malware software.

The software gives you the best security, usability, and a world-class support system. More importantly, Norton 360 adjusts quickly to the changing malware forms.

Works with: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Free Anti Malware Download

HitmanPro offers a fully functional 30 days trial.

Anti Malware For Windows 10

HitmanPro is an antivirus software package developed initially by Surfright. The company was later purchased by Sophos in 2015 and the HitmanPro product offering has continually been offered by Sophos since then. HitmanPro is not what is considered a traditional antivirus software package, rather it is what is called a second opinion scanner. Such programs are designed to provide an added layer of security while working with the antivirus already installed on the computer. This added layer of security detects malware that traditional antivirus packages cannot or struggle to detect. HitmanPro is not the only second opinion scanner on the market, however, it is considered one of the best. Many other options on the marketplace today are free. This means that it is logical for the consumer to ask if the price, 24.95 USD according to their website, is indeed worth the cost over its competitors. It is perhaps prudent to first look at why adding an extra layer of security to a computer today is important.