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My Second Life, Graniteville, South Carolina. 1,343 likes 3 talking about this. My Second Life- Furniture Restoration & Home Decor ALL SALES FINAL. Second Life Affiliate Program Linden Lab is a developer of digital entertainment that inspires users to create, socialize, share — and have fun. Second Life ( - First opened to the public in 2003, Second Life is the groundbreaking 3D virtual world, free-to-use and filled with the creations of its users.

Well, it's been almost 4 months since I hit that little orange button - PUBLISH. Oops! I really intended to be more of an up to date blogger! I write often, but sometimes the fear of judgment, political correctness, being embarrassed or simply being misunderstood can keep my writing in the drafts folder permanently. However, I am vying to step out and onward in whatever direction God points me too and do the things that keep my mind focused on the positive and one of those ways is blogging.
Sometimes, like a lot of times, this grown up stuff can be hard. I thought by 32 I would know what I want and be able to be more assertive with whatever that was. Nope. I feel more confused sometimes than ever on where my path will lead. Four months ago I was excited for a new partnership for our Second Life store and unfortunately life can throw you curve balls is not just a fun expression. I may have even got hit smack in the face with one! Lesson learned and I had to really focus my creative energy back into my crafts. I felt depleted and at the same time a huge weight lifted off my chest. It's funny how certain moments in your life you can feel two completely opposite feelings simultaneously.

Brivaplast This Is My Second Life

After some time though I have found my wings, okay not my wings, but my paintbrushes! As a stay at home mama to two having an outlet to express my creative side is such a huge blessing. If you have ever pinned something or come across a project you want to try - DO IT! There is a lot of therapy involved in crafting and if you are like me it can soothe the soul. And then take a pic and don't forget to tag me!
Second Life became so much more than a 'shop' or 'occasional sale', it really re-introduced me to some lifelong friends, friends who I love to channel inspiration from. We decided to continue independently as Second Life and head back to our roots, or in this case the garage and can't wait for our next sale and to really revitalize what we enjoy doing and sharing with others.

Because This Is My Second Life

We love that more and more shops of our nature are finally coming to light in and around our little state as we also love to shop these stores! One uniqueness about our sale is that we are twice a year type occasional sale so that means 3 days, endless finds and out the door prices! Please come welcome us home and at the end of April details below in the pic! Between now and our sale don't forget to find us on Facebook at Second Life Occasional Store and watch for some special sneak peeks!

Second Life Create


This Is My Second Life

This Is My Second Life

- This is the LONG POINT fingernails style.
- This product is RIGGED MESH, you don't need adjust nothing.
- This model works only in LEGACY BENTO HANDS. (try the demo before).
- This product is fully CUSTOMIZABLE and driven by HUD.
- Hands are NOT INCLUDED.



- 50 Manicure color/style options;
- You can custom fingers apart: (fingers count - 5, 3 or 1);
- Rings sets apart;
- 4 Metal textures;
- You can custom rings apart: (fingers count - 5, 3 or 1);
- You can hide rings apart: (fingers count - 5, 3 or 1);
- Nails jewelry apart;
- 9 Metal colors;
- You can custom jewelry apart: (fingers count - one per one);
- You can hide jewelry apart: (fingers count - one per one);



Because This Is My First Life Second Lead


Download Second Life Pc

Wear and enjoy <3

No refunds or exchanges.

Please notecard us for any issues so we can correct it.

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