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Playing games or editing videos on a PC is fun until you notice your system not responding anymore. You touch the CPU body to find that its temperature is way higher than normal. You wish that you knew some methods to monitor the temperature.

Real Temp is a very specific temperature monitoring application developed for all Intel processors. If you are using an Intel-powered CPU, this is the best CPU Temp Monitor app that you will find. This tool is able to adjust the temperature for each core of the CPU individually. It shows the real-time reports of the CPU temperature right on the system tray. So, Core Temp is another best CPU monitoring tool for Windows 10 that you can use right now. HWMonitor is one of the best and advanced CPU monitoring tool available out there which shows the current temperature of the Motherboard, Graphics card, CPU,. BIOS is the main program on the computer which helps to boot the computer properly using the harddrive. That is not the only thing it does but it also helps one to monitor the temperature of the GPU. Since the GPU is connected to the motherboard using a dedicated slot.

In the modern technological era, maintaining complex hardware resources and keep you busy round the clock if the source is not known. Keeping in check the minor heating issues can prove to be beneficial over time as it helps in protecting silicon soldered joints from damage.

The following article will be helpful to learn about the efficient methods to know PC temperature.

Who Needs CPU Temperature Monitoring

People in the field of gaming or graphic designing generally customize their computers to meet their needs. Generally, in the case of competitive gamers, they overclock their PC to make online games run smoother.

Sometimes CPU temperature can increase due to other reasons. Clogging of exhaust vents, virus attacks, and fan speed also affects temperature to a great extent. Over time, dust accumulation clogs the exhaust pores at the back of the CPU or in vents of notebooks can deter the outgoing heated air.

Virus attacks can trigger undesired applications to run in the background increasing temperature rapidly. These viruses include system infectors, macros, Trojan viruses like Backdoor, and worms. Official antivirus applications are necessary for defending the PC against these type of viruses.

The rotating motors of exhaust fans can output reduced power which decreases the rotations per minute of the exhaust fan. Speed reduction essentially reduces the transfer of heat from the processors to the outside.

Some applications like high-end video games, DVD burning programs or heavy database environment increases CPU temperature. As these are inevitable factors, try upgrading the cooling system of your PC or the processor and RAM to support these types of software.

What Is Normal CPU Temperature

Increase in temperature occurs when the CPU shifts from ideal state to an active functioning state and this is normal. The three ranges of temperature where the dangers faced to your PC are mentioned below:

  • 45 degrees to 50 degrees – This range of temperature is the ideal state temperature. No dangers faced for your PC.
  • 70 degrees to 80 degrees – This is the working temperature while your CPU is functional. Rendering high-graphic games or editing videos will raise the temperature momentarily and once completed, it should return to normal.
  • 80 degrees to 100 degrees – The extreme range of temperature where you should stop using your PC and shut it down. Prolonged use in this range will melt motherboard connections and harm the processor.

Overheating of CPU can potentially harm the sophisticated circuit components on the motherboard. The clock speed will significantly reduce and modern PCs prompt a warning you to shut down.

You must know how to check the current temperature of your device. The following segment sheds light on these tips.

Why Is It Important To Monitor Computer Temperature?

The maintenance of optimum temperature is essential in the healthy functioning of the system. Avoiding thermal damage is important not only for personal issues but also in industrial server rooms.

Reaching peak temperature on every use causes potential damage to internal sensors, processors, and integrated circuits on the motherboard. Cooling the system is required to prevent permanent damage to servers and motherboards.

List of Top CPU Temp Monitor Tools

1. SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor

This software is used in the professional field to keep watch on server temperatures. This Engineer’s toolkit raises an alarm when the server load is too intense.

2. HWMonitor

The HWMonitor is a real-time software that monitors CPU temperature. The supported operating systems are windows and android. The user-preferred feature is free but one can experience the pro version for free. This offer is only valid for a period of 1 month.

3. Open Hardware Monitor

This monitoring tool keeps an eye on clock speed, voltage input, and also temperature sensors simultaneously. The software is open source and can be worked on to fix bugs and add features.


This software is a free temperature and hardware monitoring tool. The options to customize alert systems and danger levels are available. The software also provides details on hardware components for easy access to the user.

HWiNFOR can effectively detect overheating, failure or overload. Report of the past events can be protected in XML, HTML, or CSV format. It is one of the top choices for providing exhaustive information about the system.

5. Core Temp

The amazing tool is free to use on Windows. The program displays vital information related to your current working system and also the processor temperature. The history panel also shows the previous records to check whether the CPU is subjugated to frequent temperature variations.

Core Temp is a simple tool to monitor processor temperature. This software reads Digital Thermal Sensor data to optimize readings and notify the user accordingly.

6. NZXT CAM Software

The NZXT cam software enables the users to keep an eye on processor load and bandwidth consumption. It provides a pathway to freely access and utilizes every good feature of your PC.

It can monitor current frames per second in an ongoing game, the battery level, and the GPU load as well.

7. Speccy

Speccy has a clean user interface to save the user time. Noticing every aspect of a PC is a difficult task but Speccy performs it smoothly.

Speccy displays real-time temperature data of crucial components. Important statistical data like RAM, GPU output, CPU clock speed, and temperature, etc. is laid out in an organized manner.

8. Real Temp

The temperature monitoring tool is targeted at Intel processor users. The single-core, dual-core, i7, and quad-core processors are all supported by this software.


The digital thermal sensors on various processor cores output their individual temperature. Real Temp reads this data to show against TJjmax which is the maximum safe temperature for a processor.

9. ManageEngine OpManager

This business preferred toolkit has hawk eyes on the networking devices. It monitors everything from a router to a server. Basically, it keeps a watch on all the elements of the network which has an IP address.

The fault can be troubleshot easily with simple strip-down of the recorded data.

10. SpeedFan

This software has a unique approach to operation. Reducing fan speed in case of ideal situations to reduce noise. It also keeps track of the temperature and voltage of the PC as well.

11. AIDA64 Extreme

The AIDA64 has a wide system compatibility range of over 250 types of sensors. It notices even a slight change in temperature, fan speed, power, and even clock speed.

Cpu and gpu temp monitoring software

Comparison of Top PC Temp Monitors

Software NameSupported PlatformPricingBest Usage forCategory
HWiNFODos and WindowsFreeDetailed hardware informationAnalysis, Monitoring and Reporting tool
Core TempWindows and Intel, AMD based processorsFreeShows temperature statistics and motherboard dataAnalysis and Monitoring software
NZXT CamWindows and MacFreeMonitors every application’s memory usageMonitoring tool
SpeccyWindowsFree but the pro version is for $19Monitor overall performance and take up-gradation decisionAnalysis
AIDA64 EXTREMEWindows and Windows Server 2016$30 after the free trial periodStress testing, watching the performanceReporting, analysis, and monitoring software


The final segment is quite accurate to provide an overview of the different software in the market that you can use. Overheating PCs and servers are a major threat to costly equipment and user data. Keep a close eye on the system performance.

Cpu And Gpu Temp Monitoring Software


We will be glad if the following pieces of information are proven helpful to you, as we have tried our best to provide you with the absolute knowledge within very lemony terms. If you are not confident as to why the PC is overheating, contact a professional to have a look.

The Best Cpu Temperature Monitoring Program

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