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Introducing Forecast Bar for Mac

  • Even with the Weather app adding Dark Sky-inspired features like weather alerts and upcoming precipitation forecasts, iOS users can still download Dark Sky from the App Store for $3.99 to enjoy.
  • Hey guys, FYI we got our fan control and temperature monitoring app, TG Pro to work with the new Apple Silicon Macs (starting with version 2.53). We're able to show quite a few of the sensors, including CPU, GPU, Power Supply, etc.

Included in Forecast Bar for Mac

Time Machine

Check the weather conditions up to 70 years in the past or future.



The Best Free Temperature Monitor Apps CrystalDiskInfo. If you are mainly worried about checking the temperature of your hard drive, then CrystalDiskInfo is the heat monitoring app for you. The app is a utility dedicated to managing the health of HDD’s and SSD’s. Best Free weather apps for Mac. If the need is too basic free applications are good enough to serve the purpose. Here is the filtered list of best free weather apps for Mac. If you are a beginner and want to try on, pick up the free one’s and upgrade later. In this video, we show 2 apps for the mac that are great for weather! Which one is better? Find out in the video!

Hyper-local, down to the minute preciptation forecasts make sure you're never caught in the rain or snow.

Macos Cpu Temperature

Daily Weather Reports

Receive personalized daily weather reports for any location, at any time you wish.

iCloud Sync


Automatically syncs your locations and settings across iOS, Apple TV and Mac!

Menu Bar/Dock App

Display the weather in your menu bar, or in your dock.


Monitor storms closely with our beautiful, built-in, animated radar maps.

Today Widget

Get quick access to your weather via the Today Center Widget.

Background Updates

Temperature App Mac

Forecast Bar automatically updates in the background ensuring you always have the most recent weather conditions.

  • Forecast Bar is the next best thing to having Dark Sky on your Mac. Keep it in the menu bar or let it sit in your Dock. Enable certain notifications and display a three-day, five-day or seven-day forecast — up to you. With its detailed weather and range of customization options, it should very quickly take your Mac by storm.
    - George Tinari, Cult of Mac
  • Put an iPhone weather app in your Mac's menu bar. A fully customizable menu bar utility with a minimal, clean interface, it places a premium on simplicity to deliver an excellent snapshot of the world outside your window.
    - Michael Simon, Macworld
  • It’s a pretty powerful little weather app that’s customizable enough that just about anyone can find a use for it.
    - Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker
  • Big fan of Forecast Bar menubar app for OSX. Clean and well done.
    - Paul Kedrosky

Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the best platforms for any people including student, office employee, web designers, etc. Nowadays, people use the computer for different purposes. For example, many people use a computer to build a better website. When many use the computer for gaming and watching movies. Having said that, if you want to check the weather on Mac, there are plenty of methods for that. Here are some best weather apps for Mac that you can use to get latest weather forecast before traveling to somewhere or planning something with friends.

Top 5 Weather Apps for Mac

Macbook Temperature App

1] Siri

Temperature App Mac

Latest Mac has Siri as a built-in tool, which helps people get the latest weather forecast. Not only your location but also you can get weather forecast for any location across the globe. You just have to ask Siri to show the weather report. It will do so on an hourly basis. For example, it will show chances of rain, highest and lowest temperature, hourly forecast, etc. The best part is you can pin a forecast of any location onto the Today Notification screen.

2] Weather Dock (free, In-app purchase)

Weather Dock is one of the best and free weather apps for Mac that comes at free of cost. In case you want to unlock all the features of Weather Dock, you can opt for the pro version that costs around $2.99. Talking about the features, you can find the 7-day weather forecast, detailed report of 3 days, forecast of more than one locations, animated icons and more. The advantage of using Weather Dock is you can get the weather update in every 1 hour. Not only highest and lowest temperature but also you can find humidity, sunrise and sunset times, wind speed and much more. Download

Macos cpu temperature

3] Weather Live ($4.99)

How To Check Macbook Temperature

This premium weather app for Mac helps users get all the latest information related to weather of multiple locations in one click. Apart from getting 7-days detailed report, Dew Point temperature, visibility details, sunrise/sunset times, you can find live weather scenes, local time of your preset location, and much more. Another useful feature is you can find the “Feel Like” temperature in the top menu bar of Mac. Regarding the compatibility, you can download this tool for OS X 10.8 or later version. Download

4] Weather 5 Days (Free, In-app purchase)

Weather 5 Days is a simple weather application for Mac OS X 10.6 and the later version that you can download for free. However, you can unlock the full version by spending $13.99. Regarding the features, you can find humidity, cloudcover, visibility, wind speed apart from the detailed weather report. It shows the weather forecast in 3 hours interval. This is needless to mention that you can find highest and lowest temperature in this app. However, the bad part is the UI, which is bulky and you may not like it because of the same. Besides that, it is a very useful tool. Download

5] CARROT Weather ($11.99)

When it comes to the best weather app for Mac, CARROT Weather app appears first because of functions, price, and user interface. The UI, features, etc. are so charming that everyone can opt for this tool. Although it doesn’t come with any special function, people still purchase this tool because of having a great UI and complete information. Talking about the features, you can find “Feels Like” temperature, wind speed, humidity, visibility, Dew Point, sunrise/sunset time, moon phase, etc. This is possible to find the weather forecast for multiple locations at a time using this tool. Download

There are more other weather apps for Mac. However, these mentioned tools are pretty good regarding available functions, UI, etc. Hope you would like them.