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435 votes, 305 comments. 400k members in the civ community. And now it's 4 AM! Just one more turn. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My friend is Turkish and has pretty much the exact same skin color as the Firaxis version of Tamar. And I do think the 'fixed' version looks a lot. Tamar is the leader for Georgia in Civilization VI 's Rise and Fall DLC. 1160 – 18 January 1213), commonly known as Tamar the Great, was Queen of Georgia from 1184 to until her death, presiding over much of the Georgian Golden Age, a period of great military and cultural achievements. She leads the Georgians in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

A capital in Sid Meier's Civilization VI is the city in a civilization which contains its palace. The first city a civilization founds serves as the capital of the civilization, will continue to do so until either barbarians, an enemy civilization, or an enemy city state captures or destroys it. A civilization's capital tend to be the largest city as well. In the expansion Rise & Fall, A civilization's capital will have the label Original Capital of [civilization],cannot be destroyed, and If it is not controlled by the founder, will be labeled Captured by [enemy civilization].

The capitals of Each Civilization include:


Tamar Civ 6

Civilization & LeaderCapital
America Teddy RooseveltWashington
Arabia SaladinCairo
Australia John CurtinCanberra
Aztec MontezumaTenochtitlan
Brazil Pedro IIRio de Janeiro
China Qin Shi HuangXi'an
R&F CreeMikisiw Wacîhk
R&F Netherlands WilhelminaAmsterdam
Egypt CleopatraRa-Kedet
England VictoriaLondon
France Catherine De MediciParis
R&F Georgia TamarT'blisi
Greek Gorgo / PericlesSparta / Athens
India Gandhi / R&F ChandraguptaDelhi / R&F Patna
Indonesia GitarjaMajapahit
Japan Hojo TokimuneKyoto
Khmer Jayavarman VIIAnkor Thom
Kongo Mvemba A NzingaMbanza Kongo
R&F Korea SeondeokGeonju
Macedonia AlexanderPella
R&F Mapuche LautaroNgulu Mapu
R&F Mongolia Genghis KhanQuaraquorrum
Norway Harald HardaraNidaros
Nubia AmanitoreMeroë
Persia CyrusPasargadae
Poland JadwigaKrakow
Rome TrajanRome
Russia PeterSt. Petersburg
Scotland Robert The BruceStirling
Scythia TomyrisPokrovka
Spain Phillip IIMadrid
Sumer GilgameshUruk
Zulu ShakaUlundi

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