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  • If you are a music lover who likes to discover new songs, listen to top hits, check out new remixes of your favorite songs then you might already have Spotify installed on your smartphone and PC.
  • How to download Spotify Music as Mp3. With this method you can download music from Spotify as mp3 files directly onto your computer.

Spotify is arguably the leading music streaming app today, serving 345 million users across 93 markets. It provides over 70 million tracks from artists all over the world allowing you to search and listen to for free. Spotify has free and premium plans, and it has over 155 million subscribers till December 31, 2020 according to latest Spotify record.

Spotify music can be saved and converted to mp3 using various applications. Now, this article will guide you how to convert spotify to mp3.

But, wait,
If you want to enjoy Spotify songs on the go, say with your MP3 player, is it possible?

Do you know the fact
0% of 345 million Spotify users could download Spotify songs to MP3 because Spotify doesn’t have such option.

Even you are a Spoitfy subscriber
Offline playback is the most attractive feature for users to upgrade to Spotify Premium account. But it doesn’t help when you need to rip Spotify to MP3 to listen everywhere.

So many Spotify users are trapped by such problem, here are some:

I just began using Spotify. Can I download music to my MP3 player directly or do I have to get it to Window Media Player? If I need to get music to WMP, how do I do that? Thanks – dugchevy from Spotify community
I have a Spotify premium account. Can I download songs I like as mp3 and play them anywhere? Is there DRM or anything like that? Will they work on my car radio (usb stick)? – robindegen from Reddit
Spotify songs can’t be played on my MP3 player. I am wondering are there any spotify mp3 downloader to download my songs as MP3s from my Spotify playlist? – Audrey from Superuser

Robindegen is right, all Spotify songs are inserted with Digital Rights Management (short for DRM) to stop you from listening to the songs outside Spotify app. So, how to download MP3 audio from Spotify songs to enjoy on the go? Which is the best way to do that?

You are in the right place. Check it out.

In the post, we will show you 5 effective ways to convert Spotify to MP3 with Spotify MP3 converters step by step. After that, you are free to burn Spotify songs to CD or transfer Spotify songs to USB stick…

The Best: Sidify Music Converter for Spotify

Type: desktop software
Platform: Windows & Mac

We strongly recommend Sidify Music Converter for Spotify. It is a professional Spotify to MP3 music converter, works on both Windows and Mac OS. It is used to convert Spotify song, playlist, podcast to other plain audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC with 5x fast conversion speed, retaining the ID3 tags. According to the latest update, the program adds AITT output support. It also filters the ads which is friendly to Spotify free users.

How to convert Spotify to MP3 with Sidify?

1. launch the program, drag and drop the Spotify song or whole playlist URL to the main window. You can also copy and paste the link to the Add box and click + to continue.

2. Click the Gear button on the upper right and choose output format from MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and AIFF. You can leave it as default, the default output format is MP3. In this section, you can also choose the conversion mode as well as audio quality.

3. Click Convert button to start downloading the selected songs from Spotify to MP3. After that, you could get the offline Spotify MP3 songs in your local computer.

With the advanced converting technology, Sidify could convert the Spotify music to MP3 in 5x fast speed.

Price: $39.95/lifetime


Key Features:

  • Support converting Spotify songs, playlists, podcasts and ratio to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF.
  • Keep ID3 tags including Title, Artist, Album and more after conversion.
  • Record Spotify songs at 5X faster speed with 100% lossless quality.
  • One click to burn Spotify music to CD.


  • Neat interface
  • Keep 320kps audio quality after converting Spotify tracks
  • Fast conversion speed while preserving all ID3 tags
  • Built-in smart tools to convert files between different formats, edit ID3 tags…


  • Not Free
  • Need Spotify installed

Convert Spotify to MP3 with Chrome Plug-in – Deezify

Type: Chrome extension
Platform: Windows & Mac

Deezify is an extension for Chrome that enables you to save and convert Spotify to MP3 directly for free. It gives you the ability to download music from Spotify, Deezer, Xbox Music without limits and ads.

How it works:

1. Install the add-on Deezify from Chrome.

2. Open Spotify in the browser and play your favorite music.

3. Then Deezify will help get you the MP3 file.

Note: It seems not so stable. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, it does not.


  • Free
  • Fast download music


  • Built-in Adware
  • Download low quality songs

iSkysoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Type: desktop software
Platform: Windows & Mac

iSkysoft Audio Recorder is an audio recorder that aims to record music from 500+ music streaming websites including Spotify, iTunes radio, BBC radio… Escape from the Ad in music and automatically split tracks and separate audio files, record the sound and save in either MP3 or M4A format.

How it works:

1. Hit the “Record” button to make the program ready for working.

2. Go to Spotify application and play the song.

3. Then iSkysoft Audio Recorder will detect the Spotify audio and start recording Spotify song to MP3 or M4A automatically according to your setting.

Price: $29/lifetime


  • Record streaming audio from various music sites


  • Basic audio editing functions.
  • It only outputs MP3 or M4A format.

Convert Spotify to MP3 Online –

Type: online
Platform: Windows & Mac is an online service that enables you to convert Spotify to MP3 easily without installing anything. It allows you to download Spotify music to MP3 online with several clicks. And sure, you should have internet connection first.

How it works:

1. Open the website, paste the URL of the Spotify music to the blank box.

2. Click the orange Search button and wait for the site to analyze the Spotify URL.

3. After analyzing, it will generate the song lists with the Download button for each song. You only need to click the Download button to access Spotify music without hassle.

Price: Free is down due to server problems. If it comes back online, we will keep you updated.


Type: desktop software
Platform: Windows & Mac

iMusic is a comprehensive tool for you to discover, download, record and transfer music. It allows users to record music from Spotify and other internet music freely, and converts them directly into MP3 files, keeping metadata like artist, album cover, etc. It also filters the ads.

How it works:

1.Click “DOWNLOAD” in the “GET MUSIC” window.

2. Open Spotify, then copy and paste the URL of the song to the window of iMusic.

3. Check MP3 format and click “Download”. Then wait for the Spotify to MP3 downloading process completed.

Price: $59.95/lifetime


  • A classy, intuitive interface that encompasses various straightforward features.
  • It lets you discover, download or record music content, manage it on your computer, play it and transfer it to your preferred device with ease.
  • It combines different but music related features into one application.
  • It enables to burn music to CD in one click.


  • It only outputs MP3 or MP4 format.
  • It can’t transfer Apple Music.

Is it legal to download Spotify songs?

That depends. Recording music from Spotify for a person listening offline is legal in Sweden. Most tools search and download the Spotify songs from YouTube, not from Spotify server.

How to Choose the Best Spotify to MP3 Converter?

You could convert Spotify tracks or playlists to MP3 quite easily with any of the 5 tools above. For Spotify free users, I suggest the desktop Spotify to MP3 converter (Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, iSkysoft streaming audio recorder or iMusic), because these Spotify converter tools filters the annoying ads automatically which offer a better music listening experience.

For Spotify premium subscribers, the choice is wider. It depends on your specific requirement. If you have the demand of outputting Spotify songs to more audio format such as AAC, WAV, FLAC, Spotify music converter is the best choice. If you want to download songs from multiple music websites, not limited to Spotify, iSkysoft streaming audio recorder is better. If you prefer importing the converted Spotify songs to iTunes library or transferring to mobile phones directly, iMusic is the most suitable one.

Have collected several Spotify playlists and wanna transfer the Spotify playlists to MP3 audios directly? The Sidify Music Converter for Spotify fits the best. You can copy the Spotify playlist URL to Sidify, then the program starts to analyze and detect the songs, convert to MP3 in batch with fast speed.

Don’t want install any Spotify to MP3 recorder or Spotify converter application? You can still seek help from the online Spotify to MP3 downloader. But remind, the quality of the downloaded MP3 from Spotify is not as great as imagine, sometimes, it downloads the wrong track.

Video Tutorial: How to convert Spotify songs or playlists to MP3?

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'Is there any way to easily convert Spotify to MP3?

Converting Spotify to MP3 is a clever way to save music for offline listening. But must it be such a hard nut to crack? Yes and No! There are various Spotify converters for you, both online and offline. Only if you use the converter that truly works can you easily get your favorite tracks.

So, I write this post to show you the most popular Spotify to MP3 converters, whose pros & cons are clearly displayed. With deeper dig out, I also list ones that cannot help you. Now, check it out and start your music feast!

Part 1. How to Convert Spotify to MP3 Online

Part 2. Spotify to MP3 Converter That No Longer Works

Part 3. Five Impressive Spotify to MP3 Converters (Software)

Part 1. How to Convert Spotify to MP3 Online

This section includes online methods that make it possible to download songs from Spotify to mp3, free or paid.

No.1 Spotdl

Soptdl is a website that can help you convert songs from Spotify to MP3 with no download. And it says €36 for the 12 Months Membership. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of song downloads per month. Just copy and paste the Spotify link, you can start converting to MP3.


A very significant benefit is that it does not require you to download software to your computer, just converting on its web page. In addition, the steps are very simple. And you can download songs as much as you want.

The downside is that it is slightly more expensive than other services.

No.2 VK Music Saver

VK Music Saver, another Chrome extension, is also a popular tool to free you from converting Spotify to MP3. With it, you just need to log in the VK social network to find the music you want. So, just make sure you add it to Chrome on your computer.



It's easy to download music with a VK account. However, its music reserve is very limited. Sometimes Random and Wrong will be downloaded because some tracks are not available. Additionally, Artists, albums, and other music tracks will not be downloaded along with the song.

Part 2. Spotify to MP3 Converter That No Longer Works

When I browse through the search results, I notice that old posts have misleading messages, which introducing tools that are no longer able to convert Spotify tracts to MP3. So I list some of them while updating this post.

No.3 Deezify

As a Chrome extension, Deezify was able to serve as a Spotify MP3 Converter when you listen to your music on a web player. It's a Spotify downloader online that allows downloading music from Spotify to MP3 without any ads and charge. You must admit that it was great even though not all tracks are available to download, (Don't be surprised if a couple of songs is not found on the server). And the album, artist, lyrics, etc. are not attached to download music.


But the old days are gone for good. You can no longer find it from the Google Store. Can't help missing the days I can convert Spotify music to Mp3 without paying.

No.4 Mp3fy

Mp3fy is also a handy website for converting online videos (from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.) to MP3. Hence, please know that it doesn't support download Spotify songs to MP3. In the test, I tried to enter a Spotify link and convert, and here is what I've got: 'LOADING: Please wait a few seconds' and then nothing.


Does not help me to convert Spotify songs. However, as a video to mp3 converter, it does an excellent job. First and foremost, free of charge and no extra software is needed to install. But please forgive it for taking plenty of minutes to search and download. And don't be too picky about sound quality. I mean, hey, because it's free.

Also, the steps are easy to follow as well. What you need to do is copy & paste the URL of your playlist into the search bar in the middle of the interface.

No.5 Playlist Converter is another web converter which can help to convert your audio files among various music servers such as Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and so forth. Only when you sign in with your Spotify account will the website automatically detect your playlist and data, and then you can get a list of music, but in TXT.


Yep, Playlist-converter offers free help to convert playlist online and share Spotify music with friends efficiently. However, it doesn't give you files in MP3 format. Instead, it generates a list of your songs, in .txt, so that you can save it and share.

For more ways to download music from Spotify without Premium and enjoy music, let's keep reading.

Spotify To Mp3 Converter For Free


Part 3. Five Impressive Spotify to MP3 Converters (Software)

Apart from the above sites and extensions, we will turn to introduce in a total of 5 Spotify to mp3 downloaders. They all can perform Spotify DRM removal. And their advantages and disadvantages are carefully listed. Besides, you can simply download Spotify playlists to mp3. After converting, you can put music on device for offline listening.

Before we get further, let me briefly introduce them with the result of the comparison.

No.6 DRmare Music Converter for Spotify (Top Pick)

Here we recommend DRmare Music Converter for Spotify, which is really an amazing and cost-effective Spotify to mp3 converter. Hopefully, you don't need to worry about tags of your music because this software offers a service to attach all of your tracks (including title, albums, gene etc.). And it's easy to rip songs from Spotify and transfer between your devices and computer.


· Easily drag and drop OR copy and paste to convert

· X5 Faster to download Spotify songs and playlist

· Get high-quality tracks (320kbs)

· Enjoy offline without limitation

· Output as MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC


· Can't record sound

With it, to convert Spotify playlist to mp3, you only need to do 5 steps.

Step 1. Start the converter and run Spotify

Download, install and launch DRmare on PC. (Note: Do not play Spotify songs or turn it off during the conversion process.)

Step 2. Add Spotify songs and playlists to DRmare

Option 1: Drag songs from Spotify to this software

Option 2: Copy and paste the Spotify link to download

  • In Spotify, right-click to get the link.

  • Then, paste the link into the empty area and click 'Add Files' button '+' on the right.

Wait for seconds to get the music loaded.

Step 3. Set converted format as MP3

Go 'Menu > Preferences > Convert'. By default, the output format is 256kbps MP3. You can set the Spotify conversion Bit Rate to get high-quality songs.

Step 4. Convert Spotify URL to MP3

Simply click the 'Convert' button to start the conversion of Spotify to MP3. All ID3 tags, such as song titles, artists, albums, etc., will be retained.

Step 5. View downloaded song history

After that, click on the History icon and open the folder to find the MP3 songs.

After converting, since you are exporting songs as MP3, you can put music on various MP3 compatible devices, Android, Tablet, PSP, Sony Walkman, Kindle Fire and more. Additionally, you also can add them to iTunes and create playlists so that you can sync songs to iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle/Classic, as well as iPhone and iPad.

No.7 iMusic Aimersoft

iMusic can not only download music from Spotify to MP3 format but also record Spotify with high quality. It's easy to use and install both on PC and Mac. General formats are supported. And you can transfer converted tracks to other devices with it simply.

Step 1. Download and Install iMusic

Step 2. Choose the Mode You Like for Downloading. There are three modes: DISCOVERY, DOWNLOAD, and RECORD in the 'GET MUSIC' interface.

Step 3. Copy & Paste Link to convert Spotify songs to MP3

After converting Spotify to MP3, you can transfer the mp3 tracks to your Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

No.8 Sidify Music Converter for Spotify

Another amazing Spotify tracks to mp3 converter is Sidify. This software is also a good choice for you because it keeps your music high quality after conversion. Also, you can enjoy a 5X faster speed. Moreover, no ID3 tags will lose during the conversion process.

Step 1. Just drag the songs and playlist from Spotify to the software interface.

Step 2. Click on the 'Download' button in green

Step 3. Finally, you can find your new music files in the destination folder a few minutes later.

No.9 Ondesoft Spotify Downloader

Ondesoft is also a convenient Spotify mp3 converter and recorder. The editing feature will help you remove the unwanted ads and parts of music. But please know that it only gives you 4 output formats - MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC.

To use this, you can:

Step 1. Drag songs, playlist, album etc. from Spotify to the interface directly or click on 'Add Files' button on the up-left corner to add songs by yourself.

Step 2. Then follow the instruction and click 'Convert'

Step 3. Get your music at the destination folder.

No.10 Allavsoft

The last one is Allavsoft. It is compatible wiht Mac and Windows and supports batch direct convert Spotify playlist music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, AAC, WMA, etc. in 320kbps. Besides, it also can convert videos. But for a lifetime license, the price is higher than other Spotify to MP3 converters. You can find it easy to download Allavsoft .

the steps to use this:

Step 1. Paste the Spotify music URL to Allavsoft

Step 2. Pick the exporting format (Optional)

Step 3. Start downloading Spotify music to MP3

Spotify To Mp3 App

The Bottom Line

We have introduced several ways to convert Spotify to MP3, in various forms, like online websites, browser extensions, and software. DRM is not invincible! For sure you can download music from Spotify to MP3 with the help of Spotify playlist downloaders.

Spotify Playlist Downloader online, free Mp3

Spotify To Mp3 Android

So that's all for this page, if you have any feedback or other helpful solutions, please let us know. And we will very appreciate your comment.