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Due to the recent revokes and apps instability, the following guide was written. Here’s how to get the Spotify Premium for Free, which features unlimited skips, no ads and better sound and full Spotify version for free without Jailbreak or Computer on any iPhone on iOS 11, 12 and up! Spotify++ Premium not only gives the ability to listen offline but also introduces full spectrum of premium features to your free Spotify account, so you can enjoy the total maximum from it. Let’s learn how to install it on your iPhone:

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  2. Spotify Premium Free Ios 12
  3. Spotify Premium Free Ios 2021
  4. Spotify++ For Windows
  5. Spotify Premium Free Ios Reddit

The best way to get free Spotify Premium on iOS is to download a modified Spotify app, called Spotify. You can get help from TweakApp, AppValley, or Cydia Impactor, etc. No jailbreaking. Here, we will take TweakApp as an example to show you how to do it. Spotify Premium is available on various platforms and devices such as (Android, iOS), Computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), Smart TVs, Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa / Google Home), Console (PS4 / Xbox One), etc. Spotify Premium’s data sync allows you to control the music playing on one device via another device (for example, controlling the music playing on your PC via smartphone), which is.

First, visit the page in your Safari Browser: or use the button below

  1. Click on “Download App”
  2. Click on “Install on your device”
  3. Launch the App from your HomeScreen
  4. Select the Second tab from the bottom menu
  5. Go into “Tweaked” Apps Category
  6. Select “Spotify++” from the list of Apps, if it doesn’t install – try Spotify++ 2 or 3 below it, they are signed with different certificates.
  7. Click on it and click “Install”
  8. Now, you can find it on your homescreen
  9. if it says: untrusted developer: go into Settings-General-Profiles and Device management – select this app and click trust! Enjoy

Now you can enjoy all of the great features of the Spotify Premium! This method will increase your chances to get Spotify++ even if some source is not working, because apps4iphone always has multiple versions of these ++ Apps on their app.

Spotify Premium ++ Features:

  1. Unlimited Skips – skip as many times as you want and play any song.
  2. Extreme Sound Quality for maximum experience.
  3. Offline Mode for listening without wifi or cellular.

Spotify Premium Free Ios 13

After Installation:

How to fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer?

  • Go inside Settings – General – Profile & Device Management
  • Look for the certificate on the page and select it
  • Click trust and confirm
  • Now the app should be ready to be launched

Let us know if you have any issues during installation! Enjoy Full Spotify++ Plus on your iPhone! If you are looking for other games or tweaked apps, you can get them using our tutorials:

Download SpotiuM Cydia Tweak and Get Free Spotify Premium Features

After a lot of tests and beta releases, Apple released iOS 10 final version with brand new features and supports. iOS 10 brings a lot of new features along with countless possibilities of apps, games and services for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Spotify iPhone app developers have just announced and released brand new and redesigned Spotify iOS 10 iPhone app yesterday. Now, you’re no longer away of real videos and podcasts using new Spotify iPhone app. The new version brings numerous features and improvements. No doubt, Spotify iOS 10 app is the best iPhone app for now.

All the icons and features have been redesigned with brand new Spotify iPad app. Yeah, it’s compatible for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch too. But, how to get all these premium features for free, because the company charges fees for their services.

Don’t worry, there is a Cydia tweak known as SpotiuM brings all these features for free for your iPhone that runs on iOS 10 or iOS 10 devices. But, wait. You need couple of things to download SpotiuM iOS 10 Cydia tweak on your iPhone. Read what you’d get using SpotiuM Cydia tweak.

SpotiuM tweak is created for Spotify to get premium features for free. But, which are premium features…

Spotify Premium Free Ios 12

  • Unlimited Songs
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Can go backwards
  • Can seek
  • Enable for All countries
  • No shuffle at all
  • Can restart songs

Yeah, SpotiuM Cydia tweak brings these features for you, if you’ve installed Spotify iOS 10 app. To use SpotiuM jailbreak app, you need to install Spotify iPhone app from AppStore. Normally, to get all above features, you need to pay a high mounting charges to the developers.

So, once you installed Spotium app, all these features you can get for free. You can enjoy unlimited songs, unlimited skips and a lot more features using SpotiuM iOS 10 Cydia tweak.

  1. After installation you can play unlimited number of songs using Spotify.
  2. If you don’t like any song, you can skip it. Do these skips unlimited times using SpotiuM.
  3. If you wanna go backward, you can go easily.
  4. all other features listed above.

How can you install SpotiuM Cydia tweak on your device…

1. Without jailbreak, you won’t able to use SpotiuM, because SpotiuM is jailbreak app.
Spotify premium free ios 2021
2. Cydia installer app is must to get this app installed on your iPhone after jailbreak.

Spotify Premium Free Ios 2021

3. BiteyourApple repository address should be added to the repo source list.
4. You must install Spotify iPhone or iPad app before using SpotiuM Cydia tweak.

So, before thinking about installing SpotiuM to your iPhone, you must jailbreak iOS 10, if you’ve iOS 8.4 jailbroken, you can go forward. One more thing, you must install Spotify iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad to use SpotiuM.

Spotify++ For Windows

This Cydia tweak is available 100% free on BYA repo source, you just need to add BiteyourApple repo source, that’s it. If you feel confusion, let us know and we’d help you out adding repo source to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Spotify Premium Free Ios Reddit

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