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Spotify sounds amazing with Premium. Unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 50 million songs.; Play music without an internet connection.; Travel abroad with no limitations. If you’re one of the 28 million subscribers in the US, you’ll be forking out $9.99 per month for a Spotify Premium cost account. However, Spotify Premium price and fees differ in some countries. If you’re signing up for the Premium account in the UK, you’ll be paying £9.99 monthly, or equivalent to $12.47 at the moment of writing. Spotify said HiFi would be considered an add-on to its regular Premium account, which is $10 a month in the US - meaning Spotify HiFi is likely to cost about $10 in addition to the regular.

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Spotify Premium Cost

Spotify freeSpotify Premium
Over 50 million songs
Podcasts and audiobooks
Travel abroad with your music

For up to 14 days.

Pick and play any track on mobile

Available on select playlists.

Ad free music
Download music
Download podcasts
Highest music quality

The right Premium plan for you

Premium Individual

All Premium features just for you.

Price varies between countries.

Premium Student

Students get 50% off Premium for up to 4 years.

Note: Renew every 12 months (up to 3 times).

Comes with access to Hulu's ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME at no extra cost.

Premium Duo

2 people living together each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price.

Comes with Duo Mix - a playlist matching both tastes.

Premium Family

6 people living together each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price.

Premium Family comes with:

  • Spotify Kids - an app packed with singalongs, soundtracks, and playlists made just for kids.
  • Family Mix - a playlist based on the tastes of everyone on the plan.
  • Explicit filter - the plan’s manager can choose if members get explicit content.

Premium trials

If you never had Premium before, try any plan for a reduced rate or even free. Click below to view the deal in your area.

For free trials, you still need to enter a valid payment method to sign up. This is so we can confirm your country or region and process payments if you want to keep Premium after the trial ends.

Partner Premium plans

Spotify Premium Cost Family

Some companies (e.g. phone and internet providers) offer Spotify Premium as part of their own plans. You can use your existing Spotify account, or create a new one as you sign up.

The partner manages the plan, so you need to go through them to:

  • Activate the plan
  • Cancel the plan
  • Get payment help

Find information about our partner plans on partner websites.

Note: If you subscribe direct with us, you first need to cancel to get Premium with a partner.

Music is a universal language, and I enjoy listening to almost any genre. Whether it’s on my iPod, my phone, or my computer, I always have music on hand.

In the past, I used iTunes to find the best new music available. With new songs frequently costing $1.29 each, however, I had to find a better way. I turned to Spotify and have been extremely happy with the decision. Though I started off with the free version of Spotify, I recently decided to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Here’s why I think it’s worth it.

The Benefits of Spotify Premium

If you purchase music each month, Spotify is an excellent service. When I signed up for Spotify Premium, I got the first month for free. After my first month is over, I’ll have to pay $9.99 per month.

The biggest difference between their free service and the premium option is that you can listen to your playlists offline. This means you can have any song you want without an internet or data connection. The offline mode also allows multiple users. Once playlists are downloaded onto a device, one user can use the offline mode at the same time as someone logged on to another device. Furthermore, the free service is only available for computers, while the premium service can be used on any device.

Why It’s Worth It

I’m always looking for ways to save money. Since my wife and I enjoy listening to music often, we used to spend a good amount of money on CDs and mp3 downloads. While these run between $.99 and $1.29, Spotify has a one time monthly fee of $9.99. This means if I purchase between 7 and 10 new songs a month, Spotify’s paid for itself. We typically purchased between 15 and 20 songs per month online, which means Spotify could save us anywhere from $112 to $190 per year.


Spotify Premium Cost Per Month

The great thing about Spotify is the ease of use on any device and the fact that the songs are available at any time. I can download a song onto my phone then change to offline mode, so my wife can do the same on one of her devices.

Is Spotify Premium for You?

Spotify Premium fits my situation, because my wife and I love and enjoy all kinds of music. The service allows us to get any music at any time, for a low monthly fee. This will save us a lot of money throughout the year.


If you’re a true music lover, you should consider Spotify Premium. It can save you money and expand your musical selection. If you’re only a casual listener, the free version of Spotify should suit you just fine.

Have you tried Spotify Premium? Did you think it was worth it?

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