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If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the 3-month trial, you will automatically become a recurring monthly subscriber to Spotify Premium and charged for the monthly price ($9.99). Please read the full Spotify Terms and Conditions applying to signing up for a new Spotify account here. This promotion is provided to you by Spotify. How much does Spotify cost? Learn about free Spotify options, as well as the cost and extra features associated with a paid subscription to Spotify Premium.

If you’re still on the fence about subscribing to a streaming music service, wondering if you’ll actually consume enough tunes to justify paying at least $10 a month, Spotify is once again promoting its regular offer of a three-month subscription to its paid tier that will set you back just a dollar.

If you sign up before June 30, you can enjoy three months of Spotify Premium for only 99 cents – a deal that, we should note, doesn’t apply to anyone who canceled their subscription and would like to come back at this temporary rate. However, Spotify is offering a sweetener for those users by letting them come back for three months for just $10 total.

An offer like this will certainly help the company keep up the momentum that saw it recently tout the addition of its 100 millionth subscriber. That’s compared to Apple Music’s 50 million or so subscribers. When your promo period is over, you’ll start paying the normal $9.99 a month unless you opt to cancel and enjoy Spotify’s free tier.

The paid tier’s features include unlimited skips when you want to go to the next song, the ability to play any song even on mobile, song downloads and, of course, no ads.

We should also mention that Spotify has a deal for students, as well. If that includes you, you’ve got through June 30 to sign up for three months of Spotify Premium, and you also get Hulu and Showtime thrown into the mix. Three months of that bundle will cost 99 cents, at the end of which time students will pay just $4.99 a month.

All of this comes at a time when Spotify is working to differentiate itself and its offerings, which includes investing half a billion dollars to build a robust inventory of podcasts. The streaming giant also constantly experiments with new features, one of the newest being an Instagram-like “Stories” element that we told you about here. Basically, they’ll be cards that show factoids and annotations about songs.

How to save $5 a month on Spotify’s premium service! Two methods for receiving the 50% off are covered in detail. Also receive 3 months FREE. The Spotify premium upgrade removes ads, lets you play any song you wish, gives unlimited radio skips, and offers high quality 320 kbps streaming.

How to save 50% off Spotify Premium Service: Pay with a Quicksilver Credit Card

Until April 2018, you can save 50% on Spotify premium account fees simply by paying with a Capital One Quicksilver credit card. You will receive a $5 credit (50% of the membership fee) back as a credit on your credit card statement. This is an offer that Spotify and Capital One worked out together. While you may not want to sign up for a credit card just for $5 off for one year, if you already have a Quicksilver credit card there is no reason not to pay for your Spotify subscription with it.

How to get this deal: Simply pay your monthly account fees with a Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card. Details on Spotify’s website here.

Spotify 3 month free trial

Get 3 Months Free Spotify Premium for Capital One Credit Card Users

If you’ve never used Spotify Premium before, you can sign up and get your first 3 months free. You just have to use a Capital One credit card to sign up and be a new member. This is for U.S. residents only. You must sign up through this link: (this is not a referral link)

How to get this deal: You must sign up through the provided link AND also use a Capital One credit card. Sign up link here

Alternate Method to Save 50% – $5 off Spotify Premium for Students

If you are a college student, or student of an approved school, you can also receive $5 off. There is no end date to this promotion and I can verify it works just fine. If you attend a major university, you should be able to automatically get approved for this. If not, you can manually submit information like a scan or photo of current student ID or a letter from the college.

Spotify Premium 3 Months Free

As a side note, if you have recently graduated or recently attended college, you can probably get the deal for a year or two if you submit the manual verification and pursue it a bit. The service that checks your info may reject your first submission, but keep trying and you should be able to get the discount.

Spotify Premium 3 Months Trial

How to get this deal: Be a student and submit verification of current enrollment. Details at Spotify’s website here.

Spotify Premium 3 Months

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I hope this helps some readers. These deals are not a big secret, but I’ve found that most people are not aware of it. Having access to almost unlimited music is great. Paying $10 a month is not so great. The Spotify ads aren’t that big of a deal, but for only $5 a month it may be worth it to pay for their premium service. I’d also like to clarify that this is NOT an advertisement and this website has no referral or advertising association with Spotify. This is just a tip that will hopefully help out some users. If you want to help this site, its hugely appreciated if you’d shop on Amazon using one of our links like this:

Spotify Premium 3 Months Free 2021

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