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By now, you may have seen a Spotify Wrapped 2020 screenshot or two on your timeline. For those who don’t know, Spotify revealed their annual Spotify Wrapped stats on Tuesday, December 1. The feature allows users to view their most played artists and songs from the dumpster fire we now know as 2020.

Listen on Spotify: In the next year, you will be able to find this playlist with the next title: TOP 100 Songs of 2022 (Best Hit Music Playlist) Open App. TOP 100 Songs of 2021 (Best Hit Music Playlist) By redmusiccompany. Save Your Tears The Weeknd. Drivers license Olivia Rodrigo. HouseParty Ivan. Your most played tracks and artists on Spotify of the last four weeks, six months or all time! For Spotify, you can use My Top for Spotify website. Login to the website with your Spotify account, and you’ll be able to see your top artists and top songs. My top for Spotify site.

So how do you find and view your Spotify Wrapped 2020 music stats? Well, it’s simple: Go to and log into your Spotify account. Once there, you’ll see three categories: Your Top Songs 2020, Missed Hits and On the Record. “Your Top Songs 2020” is a playlist of your most 100 most played songs of 2020 in order of how much you’ve listened to them. “Missed Hits” are other songs that Spotify thinks you’ll like based on your top 100. And “On the Record” is where you’ll find podcasts recommended to you based on songs and artists you’ve listened to the most this year.

As for where to find the Spotify Wrapped 2020 screenshots that everyone else is posting, you’ll have to download the Spotify app on your mobile phone (it doesn’t seem to be available on the browser or desktop). Once downloaded and logged in, you should visit the same link, which will direct you to your Spotify Wrapped 2020 stats. Click on the box that says “2020 Wrapped; See how you listened in 2020,” and you should be able to find status such as your top 10 most played artists and songs of 2020, and if you’re in the top percent of any of the artists you listen to.

As for the most played songs or artists on Spotify in 2020 overall, here are those numbers. According to Spotify’s Wrapped 2020, here are the top fie tracks played in the U.S.

“The Box” by Roddy Ricch

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

Spotify My Top Songs

“Blueberry Faygo” by Lil Mosey


“ROCKSTAR (feat. Roddy Ricch)” by DaBaby

Spotify My Top Songs Of 2020

“Life Is Good (feat. Drake)” by Future

As for artists, here are the top played artists of 2020 according to Spotify.

Juice WLRD


Lil Uzi Vert

Post Malone

Taylor Swift

Along with music, Spotify Wrapped 2020 also includes tons of over stats, such the top podcasts of 2020 and the top audio shows of 2020. Happy listening.

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2 December 2020, 00:20 Updated: 2 December 2020, 13:29

Find out your most streamed songs and your artist of the year here.

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It's time. Spotify just launched their 2020 Wrapped feature and it's about to reveal your music habits over the last 12 months.

How to see spotify stats

Whether you spent your lockdowns and quarantines with the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, drowning your sorrows with a glass of red wine while listening to Taylor Swift's Folklore, or somewhere in between, Wrapped 2020 is about to expose it all.

2020's Wrapped categories include: Top genres, Song of the Year, Top Podcasts, Top Decade and Top Artists. Here's how to find yours.

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How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2020

As always, you can find your Spotify Wrapped stats on the Spotify website right here – or on the app.

The app will take you straight to the feature. The site will ask you to connect to your Spotify account from within the browser. Once connected, you'll be able to see your top 5 most listened to artists, your top 5 most listened to songs and a series of other categories that may have some very surprising results.

Spotify starts collecting your listening data from January 1st 2020 until October 31st 2020.

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How to find your personal top songs of 2020 on Spotify

Spotify's end-of-year wrap up even generates a playlist of your most played songs throughout the year.

On the Spotify app, you can find your Top Songs of 2020 playlist just under your 2020 Wrapped report.

Find your Spotify Wrapped here

Nothing but respect for our queens 👑
These female artists had the most streams across Spotify in 2020

— Spotify Charts (@spotifycharts) December 1, 2020Spotify My Top Songs

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