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Alt-Right sweetheart Joe Rogan took the money when Spotify wanted to pick up the show but declined to take some of the more toxic episodes. HuffPo: Episodes that have been removed include interview. On a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode, host and comedian Joe Rogan says he wouldn’t advise young healthy people to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Spotify is keeping the episode live. Spotify signed a massive contract to become the exclusive home of Joe Rogan's podcast, but now the streaming service is quietly removing some of his controversial episodes. According to a report by The Wrap, 42 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience have now been deleted from Spotify 's archive without comment.

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Spotify joe rogan censorshipSpotify Joe Rogan
So, apparently, Spotify has some big troubles with showing video-version of Joe Rogan and other podcasts!
People got used to watching Joe Rogan’s video podcasts on Youtube and they do not want to change their habit, but it seems that Spotify wasn’t prepared for that.
The thing is that if you install the Spotify app on your Roku TV, Xbox, PlayStation or on some SmartTV, then you won’t get a chance to watch a video of Joe Rogan's podcast.
And the mirroring from the phone on the TV also doesn’t work. Lots of people tried without any success.
So it seems that the only way to watch instead of just listening to a podcast is to use the mobile Spotify app or desktop version of the application. And don’t forget to write on Twitter how you're upset about it, so Spotify will make something about it!
Also don’t forget to write in the comments section if you also have troubles with watching Joe Rogan's videos on Spotify!
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Spotify Joe Rogan

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