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  • Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.
  • Spotify Premium - Spotify (HK). Spotify Premium is a digital music service that gives you access to millions.
  • According to the SEC filing, in total, Tencent Holdings controlled 16.63m shares in Spotify at the end of 2019. The bulk of these shares (9.08m, or 54.6% of Tencent’s stake) were owned by Image Frame Investment (HK) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent Holdings Ltd.
  • To help you ring in the New Year with a banging playlist, Spotify has rounded up a list of the most streamed songs and artists of 2020 in Hong Kong.

Listen on Spotify. About HK Running - the official running playlist. The best running or workout playlist around.

The country or region of your Spotify account is based on where you were when you signed up.

You can change it, but you might not need to if you have Premium.

Got Premium?

You can travel anywhere without having to change your account settings.

If you still want to change your country or region, you need to update your payment method to one that's issued there:

SpotifySpotify Hk
  1. Log in to your account page.
  2. Under Your plan, click UPDATE next to your payment method.
  3. Enter a new payment method that was issued in your new country or region.

The changes will take effect from your next billing date.

Don’t have Premium?

You can use Spotify in a different country or region for up to 14 days.

To use it for longer than 14 days, change your account settings:

  1. Log in to your account page.
  2. Click EDIT PROFILE.
  3. Scroll down to Country or region and select your new one from the dropdown list.
    Note: Your new country or region only shows when you’re actually there.
  4. Click SAVE PROFILE.

Note: If you created your account with Facebook or Apple, you also need to change your country or region settings with those services.

Get Spotify in Hong Kong? Spotify is a music streaming service that it is likely to become highly popular soon. Spotify offers you legal and free access to a huge library of music. All you need to do is create an account and download our streaming music player.

Although Spotify is “the best desktop music player ever,” the revolutionary music service is only available for people located in UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France or Spain. You can’t get it in the Hong Kong.

This is enforced by Spotify by checking your IP Address and making sure that you are in one of those countries. will get a message that Spotify is “Not available in your country yet.”If you are coming from a country that is currently not supported by Spotify then you will see the following message:

How to Get Spotify in Hong Kong

Spotify Hk Student

To access Spotify from Hong Kong, for example, you need to get an IP address from one of the countries where the access is allowed (UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France or Spain). As UK users do not need an invitation to be able to create an account, trying to get an UK IP address is the first way to go.
Spotify Hk
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Spotify Hong Kong

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