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Open Spotify and play something. Tap at the bottom of the screen. Tap START SESSION under Start a Group Session. Tap INVITE FRIENDS. Here you can: Share with any social or messaging app listed; Choose Copy Link to send your own way; Show them a Spotify code which they can scan to join; Invited listeners can choose to: Listen on their own device. Spotify Music offers two types of subscription - Spotify Free and Premium (individual $9.99 / family - 6 accounts $14.99 / student $4.99). One of those amazing features for Spotify Premium is to download your Spotify music to your devices or computer which enables you to listen the music when you’re offline.

While playing a game, you may want to listen to your playlist rather than the in-game music to get the most out of your gaming experience. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to alt-tab out of the game to control your music.

All Spotify Music songs are protected by digital protection, coding in special Ogg Vorbis formats. The special protection prevents users from truly downloading Spotify music to computer. Spotify Premium users are no exception. That is why the downloaded Spotify tracks are visible and playable in the Spotify app only. Spotify allows users to add local audio files for music not in its catalog into the user's library through Spotify's desktop application, and then allows users to synchronize those music files to Spotify's mobile apps or other computers over the same Wi-Fi network as the primary computer by creating a Spotify playlist, and adding those local. In other cases, Spotify might be using up a lot of disk space to cache media files. In those kinds of cases, it is better to clear Spotify cache. Once you delete the Spotify cache, any problems associated with playback and account settings will mostly be resolved. So, without further ado, let me show you the steps to clear Spotify cache in.

Spotify ComputerSpotify Computer

To make it easier to listen to Spotify playlists, you can use the Xbox Gamebar and its Spotify widget to control your music playback without ever leaving your game.

Before you get started, you will need to download and install the Spotify desktop app or the Windows 10 Spotify app.

Spotify ComputerUpdate

While playing a game, even in full-screen mode, you can open the Xbox Gamebar by pressing the Windows key ​simultaneously as the G key on your keyboard.

This keyboard combination will display an overlay on top of your game that lets you control the computer's volume, capture video, see a performance monitor, and shows a toolbar full of other widgets at the top of the screen.

To control Spotify while in a game, you need to click on the Widgets menu, as shown by the red arrow, and then select the Spotify widget.

Spotify Computer App Black Screen


If this is the first time you open the Spotify widget, you will be asked to log in and link the Xbox Gamebar with Spotify so that you can control the app using the in-game overlay.

Once you link your Spotify account, you will now be able to control Spotify, pause and play music, and select songs directly from within the game.

Spotify Computer Player

To get out of the Xbox Gamebar, simply click anywhere else on the screen or press the Esc button on your keyboard.

Spotify Computer

Your Spotify music will now play in the background while you are playing the game.

Spotify Computer Free

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