Spotify 3 Months 9.99

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Now, all Spotify Premium users will pay $9.99/month and have access to Hulu's television and film content. Spotify Premium is also available with an optional Hulu add-on for $12.99/month. Without Hulu the service is $9.99 a month. The three-month free trial became officially available yesterday for both.

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Spotify premium 3 months 9.99

In my opinion, there's nothing more frustrating than being interrupted by ads while you're listening to music. That, my friends, is why I love Spotify Premium so much. Not only does the service wipe commercials from your listening sessions, but it also lets you pick and choose which songs and playlists you want to listen to. If you haven't given Premium a try yet, now's the perfect time to do it. That's because the 99-cent Spotify Premium deal is here, and it'll help you score three whole months of unlimited music and podcasts for less than a dollar (aka less than your morning latte).

I'm not kidding: This Spotify Premium offer — which is back by popular demand — will get you three months of uninterrupted content for 99 cents. That's an incredible deal, especially when you take the original Premium price into consideration. Usually, the unlimited service costs $9.99 per month. By trying Premium's three-month trial while it's available, you'll save almost $30 on music, podcasts, and more.

When the trial's over, you'll be able to decide whether you want to move forward with Premium (for its usual cost), or cancel it completely and continue listening with ads. It's a convenient and affordable way to figure out if you like the service or not.

If you're still deciding whether you want to sign up for the discounted deal or not, you don't have to rush. According to Spotify, the Premium promo will be running until June 30. With that being said, you have a decent amount of time to figure out what you want to do. Just keep in mind that the three-month trial is only 99 cents, and you can cancel at any time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that only 'Spotify free' users and first-time Spotify users can take advantage of the 99-cent deal, per the company. I already have Premium, so the discount didn't appear for me on the registration page (found here). If you haven't tried Premium yet, you should see the 99-cent offer on your screen.

FYI, it should look like this:

How Much Is 3 Months Of Spotify Premium

That's not the only offer up Spotify's sleeve, though. If you're someone who's tried Spotify Premium and cancelled before April 15, you can take advantage of a different deal. According to the company, you'll be able to score a three-month Premium trial for $9.99. If you like it, then you can continue the service for its normal price.

If you're a student who needs more convincing, get this: The current 99-cent Spotify Premium deal also applies to Spotify Premium for Students, which typically costs $4.99 per month. That means you can try the Students package for three months and move forward with that plan if you enjoy it. As always, you can cancel whenever you want (so there's no pressure).

Spotify 3 Months 9.99 Online

If you end up trying Spotify Premium and loving it, you'll be able to enjoy perks like skipping through songs, listening without phone service, and bypassing the ads. Plus, if you don't like it after spending 99 cents on the three-month deal, you can cancel your subscription and listen to music the way you want to. Everyone wins.