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With Spotify Family you can share your account with up to five family members. In this article we will explain to you how to set up and use a family account.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to set parental control on Spotify family accounts in 2021. This new feature by Spotify lets you give access to your kids but at the same time limiting their access to explicit contents, and I’m going to show you how to set all these up in just these simple steps. Apr 19, 2021 2 people living together each get their own Premium account for 1 discount price. Comes with Duo Mix - a playlist matching both tastes.

How to Set Up your Spotify Family Account

A family account used to be quite expensive as you had to pay an additional $5 for each additional family member. You could also only add a maximum of four people. In recent times, the costs have been slashed and the rules changed. You can now add up to 5 family members to the family account.

  • You do, however, still pay more than the base subscription price of $9.99 monthly for a single-member account. The monthly fee for the family account is $14.99.
  • You can set up your family account on the Spotify website. Simply press the “Get started” button.
  • If you already have an account, simply enter your account information and click the “Log in” button in the lower right. If not, click on the green text prompt reading “Sign up” to create an account.
Spotify 2 accounts without
  • Enter your payment information
  • Once it is verified and accepted, you can insert the e-mail addresses of the family members you want to add to send them an invite to the Spotify Family Account.

Removing Family Members

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It seems that Spotify has not formulated a direct method to remove family members and revoke their subscription from the Spotify Family Account. There is, however, a sort of workaround:

  • If you have all five spots filled, you can simply invite somebody new by sending out an invite via mail as described above.

Spotify For 2 People

  • This will kick one of the current family members off the account.
Spotify 2 AccountsSpotify 2 accounts without
  • It is also possible to invite people via an invite-link. If you create a new invite link when all spots are filled this, too, will remove one of the current family members sharing the account.

Accepting a Spotify Family Invitation

You need to first download and install the Spotify app on either your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  1. Open the mail and click on the “Accept Invitation” button.
  2. You are then re-directed to the Spotify website. There, you will have to log in to your account or create a new one.
  3. Instead of entering your payment information, click “Redeem” to redeem your family plan invite code. The code should already be filled in. If not, you can copy and paste the code from the invitation e-mail.

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Officially – no, however you can transfer your Liked Songs, playlists and followed friends fairly easily on a computer.

Unfortunately there’s no solution for merging the listening/taste data, as well as your personal library of two Spotify accounts. However you are able to transfer your Liked Songs, playlists and followed friends to a new account. You’ll need a computer for this one.

To keep your favourite tracks, find Liked Songs on the left panel, select all songs (CTRL + A or CMD + A) and create a playlist from this selection (right click – Add to PlaylistNew Playlist).

Merge 2 Spotify Accounts

Now your Liked Songs are in a playlist, you’ll want to make this playlist and any others you’re keeping public. Right click any playlists you want to keep in the left panel then simply click Make Public.

You’re now ready to log out of the old account and log in to the new one. Once logged in, search for spotify:user:[your old username], click PUBLIC PLAYLISTS to see a list of all the playlists you made public on the old account. Create a playlist from any of these by selecting all of the tracks and creating a new playlist (as above) on your new account. You’ll also find followed friends here under FOLLOWING and can easily re-follow.