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Fae Child's Spotify Playlist: Fae Child Ambient: Lo-fi/Chill Beats: feeling qui. Bloodlines is a multiplayer roleplaying game in Second Life®. Visit Bloodlines Haunts, and click the Haunt signs to get info on them, number in one day.

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Many of you have asked about hybridism in our family. It is the blending of vampire and lycan stock to produce our elite cast of doubly-cursed for they suffer from midnight draining of both vital blood and lumens each Second Life midnight.


Sl Bloodlines Blog

Some might wonder why anyone would take on such a burden under those circumstances but let’s not forget that Bloodlines is a complex game and knowing how to use more game huds can be a fun and engaging challenge.



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Those who choose to really learn might consider hybridism as just one more step to fully realize a gamut of bloodthirsty fantasies. To be able to howl at the moon and track down victims by its light through our forests… to be able to fly… transfigure… become invisible… to bite and claw victims… gorge lustfully in all sorts of ways… Oh yes! To become Hybrid can be truly fascinating.