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I have 3 parcels that 4096 Sqm 1406 Prims for sale for $3200L in a very quiet friendly sim. Move in ready, Perfect to rent out. Getting your much needed Second Life Lindens here at PlayerAuctions is fast and easy! Minimal effort is required and everything is laid out for you to fill up on. With a community-style simulator like Second Life, acquiring SL Linden dollars are pretty hard to come by, thanks to our vast marketplace with over 250 plus games to choose from, you. Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab that launched on June 23, 2003 and is accessible via the Internet. A free client program called the Second Life Viewer enables its users, called Residents, to interact with each other through avatars.

I’ve listed a summary of where you can get free lindens in Second Life without camping for long hours, no escort service needed and most of all, no need to get a boring job. (I don’t like women or even guys pretending women, be so desperate on earning lindens and end up doing escort service because they have no choice when you can earn the same amount of linden dollars without doing that.)

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Everything in this list is what I’ve seen effective and easy base on my personal experience.

First Opinions Panel

First Opinions Panel is a non-profit organization thet gives 500L$ to 1000L$ per survey or research that you’ll answer. I’ve been earning more than 1000L$ every month just for filling 2 to 4 surveys they release every month. Personally, First Opinions Panel is the very reason why Chino Yalin (my character in-world) looks very realistic, handsome and have different sets of clothes and hair for different occassions.


Earn2Life offer surveys and just forms to fill-up that you can do for just 2 minutes each and gives you from 17L$ to 90L$ EACH! At Earn2Life you earn money by completing free offers. These offers will be to sign up with various companies online. You are only to sign up with those that you are really interested in. You will get paid L$20 – L$100 depending on which country you are from and your membership level for every offer you take.

World Stock Exchange

This is my main source of Linden dollars and my main source of REAL dollars (US $). WSE is a securities exchange with a fully integrated banking system based in the virtual world of Second Life. The WSE enables companies to raise capital while providing opportunities for investors to build their wealth and providing buyers and sellers with the ability to transact with confidence.


Sandy Holmer is giving away free lindens (100L$) for every person who will answer her “question of the month” which is just asking for your opinion on a certain topic. The question is changed every month which means you are guaranteed a 100L$ for your opinion on different matters each month.

Note: this summary will be updated everytime I see an offering and a network or research panel that won’t get too much time for you. This list will be constantly updated at this page.

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  • Who are Lindens?


An avatar with a username that ends with 'Linden' is an employee of Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. You may see them inworld at User Groups meetings, Linden Lab sponsored events, or on other occasions.

How to identify Lindens inworld

All Lindens have a username like firstname.linden, for example, philip.linden. You will see a person's user name below their display name, shown in their 'name tag' that floats over them (unless you have set your preferences otherwise; see Me > Preferences > General).

Be careful to distinguish between username and display name. For this purpose, display name is irrelevant; only the username indicates whether someone is actually a Linden.

You can also see a person's username by right-clicking on their avatar and choosing View Profile

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Impersonating a Linden

Any Resident who tries to intimidate you by claiming to be a Linden is violating Second Life's Terms of Service, and you should file an abuse report immediately.

An unscrupulous person may try to intimidate you by claiming that they are friends with a particular Linden, or that they are a Linden themselves. They may imply that they can ban your account or take your land from you if you don't submit to their demands. Real Lindens adhere to a strict code of conduct inworld, and will only ban Resident accounts and reclaim land under specific circumstances such as violations of the Terms of Service.

For example, Linden Lab may:

  • Ban a Resident's account for a violation of Second Life's Terms of Service
  • Place an administrative hold on an account that is delinquent, meaning that its owner has not paid all his fees on time.
  • Reclaim land if the owner's account is delinquent for a long period of time, or if the owner's account has been administratively reviewed and permanently banned.

Remember: If anyone threatens to ban you or take your land by force, file an abuse report against them immediately!

'Tester' accounts

Accounts with the last name 'Tester' or 'Unit Tester' are generally used by Linden Lab to perform timing and reliability tests inworld for actions like teleporting and wearing attachments. The statistics collected are used to monitor and improve system performance. 'Tester' accounts are almost exclusively part of an automated system, and should not interact with you in any way. They will likewise not respond to chat or IM. If you encounter objects inworld on your land that are owned by an account with the last name Tester, feel free to return them.

Free Sl Lindens

Whenever possible, Linden Lab tries to direct Tester avatars to sparsely-populated or infrequently-used areas in order to minimize impact on other Residents.

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